Impact of Industrial Conflict on the Performance of Workers in the Government Parastatal

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Impact of Industrial Conflict on the Performance of Workers in the Government Parastatal.


Title page                                                                                i
Approval page                                                                        ii
Dedication                                                                               iii
Acknowledgement                                                                 iv
Abstract                                                                                  v
Table of contents                                                                   vi
1.1    Background of the study                                               1-4
1.2    Statement of the problem                                             5-6
1.3    Objectives of the study                                                 7
1.4    Significance of the study                                              7
1.5    Statement of Hypothesis                                              8
1.6    Scope and limitations of the study                               9
1.7    Definition of terms                                                        9-10
References                                                                   11
2.0    Literature Review                                                         12
2.1    Historical development and nature
of industrial conflicts                                                     13-18
2.2    Types of industrial conflicts                                          19-21
2.3    Sources of industrial conflicts                                      22-25
2.4    Causes of industrial conflicts                                       26
2.5    Industrial conflicts grievances, disputes
and its settlement procedure
conceptual clarification                                                27-32
2.6    Forms and manifestation of industrial
conflicts                                                                        33-39
2.7    Consequences of industrial conflicts                           40
2.8    The impact of industrial conflicts on
performance in the Nigeria National
petroleum corporation (NNPC)                                     41-43
2.9    mechanisms of conflict resolution                                44-47
2.10  The labour management corporation
strategies                                                                      48-50
References                                                                   51-53
3.0    Research methodology                                                54
3.1    Research design                                                          55
3.2    Methods of data collection                                           56
3.3    Sample size                                                                  57
3.4    Sampling techniques                                                    58
3.5    Data analysis and techniques                                     59
References                                                                   60
4.0    Analysis and data presentation                                   61
4.1    Data presentation                                                         61
4.2    Data analysis                                                                62-67
4.3    Test of Hypothesis                                                       68-69
4.4    Research findings                                                        70-73
5.0    Summary, recommendations and conclusion             74
5.1    Summary of findings                                                     74-76
5.2    Conclusion                                                                   77-78
5.3    Recommendation                                                         79-82
Bibliography                                                                 83-86
Appendix                                                                       87
Questionnaire                                                               88-93


1.1   Background of the Study
Conflict is a normal phenomenon and can occur any level in a workplace in every work place, there is bound to be some form of interaction and different interests in the process of achieving organizational goals.
Some of them occurring daily while others in frequently on special occasion though may result in open antagonism. It is therefore, these inevitable among formal management) and informal (labour) group that by the ground for conflict in organization/industries,
Conflict is likely when one persons or groups goals jeopardize others where there is open antagonism between the people or group and when rules and procedures regulate their behaviour when this happens, the goals becomes extremely vital, antagonism increases and the rules procedure are violated. Thus, an attempt to satisfy ones goal leads to the frustration of the other.
According to Okenwa and Ugbo (2003) conflicts are of five basic types –intra personal interpersonal, inter group, inter-group and inter-organization conflicts. In this study we are mainly concerned with inner-group conflict especially those occurring between management and labour at the industrial level.


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