Management of Government Media Houses

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This study focused on the organization of government media houses with a view to finding the major problems militating against their performing efficiently using NTA and FRCN Enugu as case studies.

It was hoped that when these problems are detected and located, solutions will easy to proffer. The researcher carried out a survey study using sets of questionnaires to gather data from 245 respondents.

The response rate was 100% because the researcher had to visit some respondents several times before they were moved to fill the questionnaire. The tools used for analyzing data are frequency tables or percentages.

Sequel to a meticulous analysis of these data collected in the study through questionnaires, the following findings among others were made.

  • Most of the staff has low involvement in decision
  • There are staffs who have overstayed their
  • There is inadequate availability of
  • The majority of the staff are dissatisfied with the general working conditions.

Subject to these and other findings,  the researcher recommended the following among others.


The study is essentially concerned with the management of government media houses in Nigeria with the Nigerian Television Authority, Enugu and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Enugu as reference points.

It is perhaps very difficult to imagine what today’s organizations would have been like without management. It may not even be possible to have such organizations where groups of people come together for a common purpose.

This is because for them to come together requires the coordination of the various resources-human, material, financial, and informational.

Indeed, organizations would have remained a mere figment of imagination without management because that would rob it of the backbone upon which it is built. Even the basic family structure would have been destroyed before its very beginning was management to be isolated.

The above scenario shows that management is not only as old as a man but also pervasive. It cuts across all activities as long as there is a group of people who have come together to achieve a common purpose.


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