Missed Calls Balance Enquiry Number for Banks in India

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Indian banks have made it easy to check accout balance with the missed calls balance enquiry number. Banks have provided different ways for customers to make daily checks in their own convinience without visiting the bank branch. Learn more in the subsequent section.

Missed Calls Balance Enquiry Number

It is important for customers holding an account, especially a savings account to keep a track of the balance in their account.

By doing so, customers first will maintain the minimum average monthly balance requirement and avoid the penalty for non-maintenance as well as know the funds in their account.

Customers have to also check their account balance to see if there is any fraudulent activity – resulting in money being debited for no known reason by the account holder.

While Indian Bank customers can check their account balance via the online banking facility and the mobile app of the Indian Bank. 

More so, for those customers that do not have an internet connection when they wish to check their account balance, they can choose to check their balance through the missed call facility.

Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number

The missed call balance enquiry number with the Indian Bank is 1800 4250 0000. An Indian Bank customer has to dial this number from his/her registered mobile number. After a few rings, the call will disconnect itself.

The customer won’t have to worry about any call charges! Once the call disconnects, the Bank’s service will respond with an SMS.

However, they will send an SMS containing the Account Balance details to the registered mobile number of the Indian Bank Customer.

Indian Bank Missed Call Account Balance Enquiry Number

Missed Calls Balance Enquiry Number: People at Indian Bank call it their “Just Dial Facility”. I’d like to call it the “Missed call Balance Enquiry Service”!

In this article, I will provide the phone number, using which, one may check out his/her Indian Bank Account Balance!

All one has to do is dial the number. The call will get disconnected automatically and the system will respond with an SMS containing Account Balance details.

Yes, this is a very useful feature since it saves time and makes the balance enquiry process simpler (one won’t have to visit an ATM anymore to check Account Balance!).

Important Notice about Indian Bank Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number

The missed call balance enquiry process is simple. It definitely makes life easier for Indian Bank customers. But to make use of this service, the customer’s mobile number must be registered with the Bank.

This service will work only when the call to the above number is placed from a registered mobile number (of a customer).

If they have already registered your mobile number with the Bank, you may call the above number and make use of the service immediately (since they have associated your mobile number with your CIF).

In case your number has not been registered yet, you may approach your home branch and get this task done.

Some Easy Balance Enquiry Methods for Indian Bank Customers

Instead of making a missed call, you may also make use of another toll-free number and get account balance details, Cheque Status, etc. This service is called the “Phone Banking” Service.

To make use of this service, one must register for it at the home branch. Approach the Bank and fill up the form for Phone Banking. After filling in the correct details, apply at the home branch.

If all details have been filled in correctly, you will receive a T PIN after 7 working days. T PIN stands for Tele Banking Personal Identification Number. This PIN has to be kept private.

This PIN number will come in handy during all future Tele Banking activities of the customer.

What to do After Registering for the Phone Banking

After successfully registering for Phone Banking, a customer may dial the toll-free number- 18004253425. Once the call connects, the IVR system will ask the customer to enter CIF (Customer Identification Number) number.

After entering the correct CIF number, the IVR System will come up with different options (like Balance enquiry, Cheque Status, etc).

The customer just has to press the relevant number key and they will provide the information to him/her!

Other Provisions Made by Indian Banks?

Indian Bank also provides an SMS-based Balance Enquiry service too, called the “Mobile Banking” service.

But it is time-consuming when compared to the above method since a customer will have to type in a message to get the task done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about Missed Calls Balance Enquiry Number:

Q1: Are There any Charges for Using the Indian Bank SMS and Missed call Facility?

Ans: For the Indian Bank SMS facility, regular SMS charges will apply. Other than that, Indian Bank does not charge for both the SMS and the missed call facility.

Q2. Is it possible to check the balance of another Indian Bank Customer?

Ans: No, that would not be possible. You can only check the balance of your account.

Q3: Do I have to Register my Mobile Number for the Online Banking Facility and the IndPay App?

Ans: Yes, when registering for the internet banking facility and the IndPay app, register your mobile number.
By registering your mobile number, you can change your password, and will receive notification messages for every transaction made using your internet banking account and IndPay mobile app.

Q4. How do I Check my Missed call Balance?

Ans: The format is- REG<space>your account number. Send this SMS from the registered mobile number to 09223488888.
Bank will notify users as soon as registration for the service is complete via confirmation SMS! Now for balance enquiry by missed call, use this number- 09223766666.

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