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Must Have Entry Level Skills for Your Job Interview in 2022

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– Must Have Entry Level Skills –

If you are preparing to go for an interview and you are hoping to get picked for employment, there are some basic skills which your employee will be expecting to see in you. There’s such a wide variety of different companies, industries, and job functions, that there’s no way to please everyone.

Must Have Entry Level Skills for Your Job Interview in 2020

So in this article, we have made a well detailed review on some of the top must have entry skills which your employer will be expecting you will have, in other for your to be employed.

Top Must Have Entry Level Skills

We got the inside scoop from career coaches, recruiters, HR professionals, and business owners on which traits and abilities they look for the most. Add these to your resume, and get ready to take your application to the next level.

1. Communication

By far the most common skill mentioned by the HR and career experts we reached out to was the ability to communicate.

Communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, affects every aspect of your professional life. From how your ideas are viewed to your relationship with co-workers, communication skills are essential.

The best way to achieve these skills is to gain awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, ask for feedback, observe and listen to those who have an exemplary rapport with others, and practice the skill development in all relationships.

2. Microsoft Office Expert

Microsoft Office and equivalent programs such as G Suite and iWork have become absolutely critical to a functioning workplace, and as such, employers expect entry-level employees to have a mastery of them — especially when it comes to basic programs like Word and Powerpoint.

One program that can serve as more of a differentiator, however, is Excel. If you are a power user and show examples of sophisticated, multi-page spreadsheets you have created, it is a bonus.

If you need to brush up on your Excel skills, “[there] are several online courses you can buy to learn more, but if funds are low, there are several tutorials available on YouTube for free.

3. Prior Experience and Knowledge

These days, many employers will require even entry-level employees to have professional experience, such as internships, externships, part-time jobs, etc.

To set yourself apart from other candidates, you can also focus on projects, volunteer work, and get involved in leadership.

But don’t discount relevant coursework, either. It’s a lot easier to say I have an interest in being a financial adviser as shown by my relevant coursework in my finance program at X school as opposed to saying you have an interest in being a financial adviser but do not have any factual support to back up that interest.


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4. Analytics

Once upon a time, a working knowledge in analytics was only required in the most deeply technical roles. But in the Age of Information, everyone from data science to marketing and even human resources is expected to have an idea of how data impacts their organization.

“When I interview people who say they are in those fields, but they don’t understand something like a conversion rate or click-through rate or the analytical tools that go with their job — companies get turned off since it shows a lack of depth of knowledge.

A quick Google search will help give you an idea of what metrics and analytics platforms will be most valuable to your field. From there, courses specific to those areas can be easily found online.

5. Ability to Learn Quickly

Technology is a moving target. Companies need to be reassured that job candidates are versatile; should the technology change you will roll with the punches…

Being able to demonstrate that you can easily come up to speed is often more valuable than just being an expert in a single application,” Cohen says.

And hand-in-hand with the ability to learn quickly needs to be “a willingness to ask and ask and ask questions (e.g. intellectual curiosity), and not mistakenly think it shows [a] lack of knowledge.


Coding may not be a necessity for every job, but it’s increasingly important — and required for more positions than you may realize.

“HTML and CSS are now expected for graphic designers and digital marketing positions,” Hopkins says, so anyone applying to those roles should have some experience in programming.

But even if it’s not listed as a job requirement, HTML and CSS “gives you a huge edge if you do have them,” and “you can easily take reasonably priced courses online through various companies on the basics.”

7. Organizational Skills

In school, it’s not uncommon for particularly bright people to skate by on their intelligence, even if their organization skills leave something to be desired. But in the workplace, organization is an absolute must.

Things like frequently updating and prioritizing your to-do list, organizing your inbox, keeping track of important documents, and project management are all essential for workplace success — so if you need to hone these skills, the time to start is now.

8. Social Media

With most people applying to entry-level roles being Millennials, many employers assume that a strong knowledge of social media is a given.

“Entry-level employees are expected to be adept at research on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) as well as using them to communicate.

Not only is it important to be aware of current events that show up on the feed,” adds Grace “You can also utilize these skills on behalf of the company.

Whether you’re a self-professed social media expert or not, you may, simply by virtue of being a digital native, be asked to chip in on a company’s social media strategy — so come prepared with a good understanding of industry best practices and social analytics.

9. Punctuality

Know how annoying it is when your friend shows up 30 minutes late to dinner over and over again? Yeah, employers aren’t a fan of that either. They want “employees who will always arrive at work on time and get to meetings and appointments early.

10. Drive

From the work we have done, and feedback we have received from companies following the completion of the projects, the number one ‘skill’ is the drive to get the work done. This is important, because it includes so many of the other hard and soft skills.

The career launchers who have consistently [done] the best job are those that have the intrinsic motivation to get it done, and leverage everything at their disposal to accomplish it. These are soft skills.

They also look beyond the immediate tactical aspects and appreciate the larger implications and benefits to them.

11. Customer Service

Many entry level jobs are client-facing, so customer service skills are a great thing to list on your resume. Thinking on your toes and a keen focus on delivering exceptional service, to both your co-workers and customers, is immediately noticed and valued by hiring managers.

This skill is best honed via practice. As you talk to friends and colleagues, practice being helpful and offering solutions to their problems. But don’t be afraid to take a page out of the books of well-known companies either.

12. Positive Attitude

Skills are one thing, but attitude is the tie-breaker between you getting the job and another young person with comparable skills getting it.

This includes, among other things, a cheerfulness; not being dour (you don’t have to be full of jokes but you should be full of good cheer),” “honesty: do what you say you’ll do no matter what; no shading the truth,” and “confidence… (even if you don’t exactly feel it).

No one feels confident always, they are just good at camouflaging their insecurities — you should too,” according to Benton.

What your take on this? I believe this article was informative and insightful, if you have any other quetion, do not hesitate to use the comment below on the Must Have Entry Level Skills for Your Job Interview.

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