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Complete Guide on How to Apply for a Driver’s Licence 2022 Update

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– Apply for a Driver’s Licence –

Driver’s License serves as a means of identification for Nigerian citizens. You could use it in place of the National Identity Card or Permanent Voters Card.

Apply for a Drivers Licence

How to Apply for a Driver’s Licence

  1. Visit the FRSC Nigeria new driver’s license page on the official FRSC website
  2. Fill the driving license application form presented to you on the page
  3. Be careful when you choose the FRSC location you wish to “capture” your picture. Make sure it’s close to where you live to reduce stress.
  4. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page
  5. Review the new page that appears with your data. Click the PRINT button to print out a copy for yourself. (Record your driver’s license application ID number in the form in a safe place. This is the number you will use for all transactions relating to your driver’s license).
  6. Click the PAY NOW button
  7. Click the pay button after reviewing the amount you’ve been billed. You will be taken to the pay4me website for payment completion (see steps for making payment in the payment section above)
  8. Visit your chosen FRSC photo capture center to ask for the capture date (or wait for official FRSC notification to come for photo capture).

FRSC Drivers License Procedures for Bank Payment

  1. Visit this link
  2. Select APPLY NOW in the window that opens
  3. Click the MOTOR VEHICLE or MOTOR CYCLE option
  4. Confirm your existing license or nil and click the respective button.
  5. Click the CONTINUE button
  6. Review the window that appears on the new page that loads
  7. Enter your driving school certificate number.
  8. Click continue, present your documents and proceed to the payment menu.

N/B: Collect your validation number from the bank after making payment. This is absolutely important!

FRSC Drivers License Procedures for Online Payment

  1. Select the eWallet button in the window that opens (after clicking the PAY button in step 11 above)
  2. Click the CONTINUE button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the REGISTER link at the bottom of the eWallet login form
  5. Fill the registration form that appears
  6. Complete the registration process by filling in your security questions in the page that appears
  7. Login to your email address
  8. Click on the activation link in the email sent by (this action activates your online account with
  9. Login into your account after they activate your account
  10. Fund your account with your Visa card or MasterCard using the proper tab in your pay4me account (this creates equivalent credits equal to the amount you load in your pay4me eWallet account).
  11. Pay your driver’s license bill with the credit in your eWallet account.

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