Poor Attendance and its Effect on Primary School Pupils Performances in Gada Local Government Area, Sokoto State

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Poor Attendance and its Effect on Primary School Pupils Performances in Gada Local Government Area, Sokoto State.


The study investigated the effect of poor attendance and its effect on primary school pupils’performance in Gada local government area, Sokoto State.

Data was collected from (185) respondents, proportionate sampling technique was used to collect data and data obtained were analyzed using percentages and frequency tables.

It was discovered that poor attendance affects primary pupil’s performance in Gada local government area, Sokoto.

It was also discovered that factors affecting pupils attendance to school in Gada local government includes; School, Students, and Parents.

It is therefore recommended among others that headteachers, teachers, parents, stakeholders should encourage primary school pupils to attend to school in order to enhance their education.


Title Page i
Certification ii Dedication iii
Acknowledgements iv
Abstract v Table of Contents vi


1.1 Background to the study 1
1.2 Statement of the problem 2
1.3 Research questions 2
1.4 Objectives of the study 2
1.5 Significance of the study 2
1.6 Scope and Delimitations of the study 3


2.1 Introduction 4
2.2 Concept of school attendance 4
2.3.1 Excellent school attendance 5
2.3.2 Poor school attendance 5
2.4 Causes of poor school attendance 6
2.5 School attendance and pupils performance in the Primary schools 7
2.6 Summary of the review and uniqueness of the study 9


3.1 Introduction 10
3.2 Research Design 10
3.3 Population of the study 11
3.4 Sample and sampling techniques 12
3.5 Instrumentation 12
3.5.1 Validity of the instrument 12
3.5.2 Reliability of the instrument 12
3.6 Method of data collection 12
3.7 Method of data analysis 13


4.1. Introduction 14
4.2. Background information 14
4.2.1 Respondent by sex 14
4.2.2 Respondents by age 15
4.2.3 Respondents by class 15
4.2.4 Respondents according to school 16
4.2.5 Respondents According to Responsibility 16
4.3 Answering research question 17
4.4 Summary of major findings 19
4.5 Discussion of findings 19


5.1 Summary 22
5.2 Conclusion 22
5.3 Recommendations 23
References 24 Appendix 26


1.1 Background to the Study

Attendance to school is very important during educational activities or academic studies. The issue of school attendance of primary school in rural areas has been a problem affecting the performance of student.

School and home factors affects students’ attendance, the social status and educational level of parents influence school attendance. (Ogherbvu 1999, Alio 2003 66-69)

Primary education is the initial stage of education, and has its basic aim to create, establish and offer opportunities to all children regardless of age, gender, or country of origin, to achieve a balance, cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development.

The importance of primary education can be seen in the sense that all beneficiaries of other levels of education by necessity have to pass through this level.(Oni 2008). Success and failure of the entire educational system as determined by primary education. (Oni 2008)

Some parents wouldn’t send their children to school because of the fear that western education would disrupt their Islamic way of life and the preference for the local language.


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