111 Positive Affirmations for Men

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We all want to advance in life. However, there are times when we need someone or something to help us grow. Men are no exception, they also need something that can help them to boost their growth. 

Affirmations for Men

Positive affirmations for men are more powerful than you think. If you choose the right affirmations and use them in the right way then it can make a big difference.

Always choose the affirmations according to the areas in which you are not doing well.

Men, like any other human being, must take care of their own well-being, and I hope that these affirmations will help you.


Positive Affirmations for Men

1. I am doing the best that I can do.

2. I am honest with myself.

3. I take care of my emotions and my well-being.

4. I value my emotions and my life.

5. I am a successful and happy person.

6. I am whole and complete.

7. I am worthy just as I am.

8. My life is a miracle and I belong here.

9. I am a good person.

10. I deserve to be respected.

11. I deserve the best things in life.

12. I choose whom to give my time to.

13. I deserve to have a good life.

14. I will invest in my development today.

15. I am taking care of myself.

16. I release stress.

17. I value my well-being.

18. My emotions are valid.

19. I am free to choose the palette of my emotional sky.

20. I can easily manage my emotions.

21. It is okay for me to feel my feelings.

22. My feelings are valid.

23. I love my life.

24. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

25. I can make myself happy.

26. I look at the positive perspective in every situation.

27. I define my day with its good moments.

28. I am doing well in life.

29. I appreciate myself.

30. I am grateful for my small wins.

31. Life is beautiful.

32. I am blessed to have another beautiful day ahead of me.

33. I dictate how my day will go.

34. Every day is important, either as a memory or as a lesson.

35. I deserve to be loved.

36. I am doing my best.

37. I bring out the best in people.

38. I value the people in my life.

39. I always try to understand the other person.

40. I am empathetic.

Daily Positive Affirmations for Men

41. I am strong and resilient, I can handle every situation.

42. I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

43. My strongest desires are being fulfilled now.

44. My world changes with my mindset and thoughts.

45. I am enough talented and I know how to sell my talent

46. I wont let people take advantage of me.

47. I am not controlled by the opinion of others.

48. I am confident and powerful.

49. I know how to be confident in social situations.

50. I am satisfied with what I have and Ill keep working for what I want.

51. I am very smart and good at my job.

52. People enjoy my company.

53. I am confident about my body and look.

54. I am growing stronger every day.

55. I am very close to achieving my goals.

56. I am worthy of wealth and Peace.

57. I always fight for my beliefs.

58. I am getting more confident about myself with every new challenge.

59. I am sexy and attractive and I radiate good vibes.

60. I don’t fake my identity to impress people.

61. I am compassionate and warm to my body.

62. I promise to love and cherish my body.

63. I am exactly who I need to be at this moment.

64. I accept myself just as I am.

65. I choose to love and accept myself.

66. I bring consciousness instead of judgment to myself.

67. I am willing to accept my wholeness.

68. I choose wholeness.

69. I greet this day with confidence and ease.

70. I have all I need to make today a great day.

71. I always see the good in others and in myself.

72. I am self-sufficient, creative, and resilient.

Positive Affirmations for Men to Boost Self-Esteem

73. I am witty and smart.

74. I see myself as a strong and confident man.

75. I am a leader and I always focus on my goals and desires.

76. I embrace my masculinity.

77. I am in love with my true self.

78. I am proud of who I am becoming.

79. I like who I am.

80. I value my worth.

81. I am worthy of love, peace and happiness.


82. I deserve to be successful.

83. I am worthy of love and a lot of people value me.

84. If you dont respect me, you dont have a place in my life.

85. Ill never give anyone a right or power to destroy my self-esteem.

86. I can speak up for myself.

87. I attract wealth and successful people.

88. I believe in myself.

89. I am attractive and good looking

Morning Affirmations for Men

70. Today I am feeling healthy and strong.

71. I am deserving of everything good that comes my way.

72. I recognize my inner strength and own my power.

73. I am permitted to take up space.

74. My beautiful dreams are worthy and deserving of me.

75. I am confident and fearless in my own abilities.

76. I’m so thankful to be alive. I enjoy being here.

77. I respect my own life path.

78. I am thankful for everything, good and bad, because it formed me.

79. I will be eternally grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

80. I am deserving of a happy and loving life.

81. I’ve decided to shift my focus to positive experiences.

82. Good things keep happening to me.

83. I lovingly care for my mind, body, and spirit.

84. Every day, I express my gratitude for the small steps I take.

85. All of the good in my life comes from my willingness to find happiness in each moment.

86. When something does not serve me or help me grow, I can say no.

87. I only require my own approval.

88. I am free to evolve and let go of anything that hinders my growth.

89. I allow myself to feel deeply and to cry when necessary.

90. I put forward my opinions and beliefs with confidence and bravery.

91. I make a difference in this world with my presence and my voice.

92. I take time to nourish my whole self.

93. I am a priority in my own life.

94. I choose to live in the moment and take things one day at a time.

95. My self-care is worth making time for every day.

96. I take great care of my body, for it is a temple and I treat it with respect.

97. I have the authority to meet all of my needs.

98. I am responsible for looking after myself.

99. I can overcome any challenge.

100. I have faith in myself and my intentions.

101. Everything I set out to do, I can do.

Affirmations for Men

102. I am confident and self-assured.

103. I am confident in my abilities.

104. I’m on my way to greatness.

105. I have enormous potential.

106. I control my destiny.

107. I love my body as it is today.

108. I am nourishing my body with healthy food.

109. I am choosing to do kind things for myself.

110. I am witty and smart.

111. I see myself as a strong and confident man.

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