How to Start a Profitable Poultry Business in Nigeria

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Chicken rearing has become one of the most promising ventures among all types of agriculture in Nigeria. A very common and broad place in the diet is poultry that includes chicken, eggs, turkey, ducks and so forth but the startup is as important as making sales. Read on to learn a thing or two. 

Poultry business in Nigeria stands as a means of livelihood for several outstanding groups and it became a daily provider of earning for a lot of Nigerians.

Although some of the people have made various contributions in this business, there is a shortage of chicken products in the country. 

It is safe to say frozen chicken, now a foremost implication is that most poultry farmers work in a small-scale operation system and as a result having difficulty in satisfying a large number of consumers. 

If the main goal is to earn more profit, a piece of such commercial agriculture is essential.

How Can One Start a Poultry Business?

Starting a profitable poultry business in Nigeria is achievable with these simple steps:

1. Research: Get knowledge of poultry production, customer preferences, and competitors in Nigeria.

2. Business Plan: Prepare a thorough business plan containing your goals, available money, and the marketing strategy for your products or services.

3. Location: Decide on a place that is sunny with enough space, an optimal distance to the water source, and near the markets.

4. Housing: Configure or assemble a housing structure to shelter your poultry, in which air circulation, lighting, and hygiene must be well considered.

5. Equipment and Stocking: Get quality equipment and necessities for nursery work (feeders, drinkers, and so). Also, get healthy chicks or eggs from dependable vendors and observe vaccinations and biosecurity procedures accordingly. 

6. Feed and Health Management: Enough Feed with a high nutritional content is a way of boosting growth and productivity. So, poultry health must be religiously checked and a vet is to be visited when he is needed.

7. Marketing: Construct very well, a marketing strategy that will make sure you have the chance to conquer the target customers and your product receives the proper publicity.

8. Financial Management: Maintain an adequate record of cash intake, expenses, and profits so as to sustain your enterprise financially.

By doing so, and not deviating from your plans, you will be known as the front runner in poultry farming in Nigeria.

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Poultry Business

Before starting a poultry business, consider these important factors:

1. Research the demand of the poultry industry in your location; find out whether the local demand is for poultry products like eggs and meat.

2. Select the type of area that is close to water and can be used by cars, as well as has nearby markets.

3. Getting yourself knowledgeable and complying with the legal requirements, permits, and regulations dealing with poultry production.

4. Calculate the financial figures for equipment, residence, feed, wages, and commit funds towards suitable and productive housing for your poultry’s health and well-being.

5. Select only your suppliers that specialize in the chicks, feed, and other additional supplies by buying only from them.

6. Develop a health management frame, and it should include vaccination strategies and measures of diseases’ prevention.

7. You should also prepare marketing and sales plans for the poultry business that intend to provide the product to customers. Make sure your labor matches your work availability and source of skilled labor resources.

8. Determine possible hazards, like epidemic, market volatility and weather effect, and so necessary plans will be made.

To that end, we draw attention to the value of careful assessment of these factors, because this will help increase the chances of success in your poultry business.

Which Poultry is the Most Profitable in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, most poultry farmers prefer ‘chicken broilers’ to be the most profitable rearing with a shortcut which is the first to be the smallest one. 

The broilers are grown specifically for the reproduction of living fowl, which have a shorter growth cycle period as compared to layers (native chickens which lay eggs) and other poultry types.

It is also profitable due to several factors like:

1. Quick Returns: It takes only 6-8 weeks for broilers to reach market weight, hence, the quicker turnaround can be translated to more profit to investors.

2. High Demand: Consumption of meat in Nigeria is always high, so a broiler is a profitable product to produce.

3. Market Price: The area in which broiler meat really sets the tone is the price tag commanded against other kinds of poultry products in the market is the most exorbitant.

4. Intensive Management: Dense chicken farms with capacity to capture spaces and improve efficiency can be established.

5. Feed Conversion: Broiler is known for its feed conversion ratio that reflects the ratio of the conversion of feed into meat is good.

Whether these businesses will be profitable or not is an issue of market behavior or some managerial inputs like disease control, input costs, etc. 

It is always good to conduct an extensive research then develop a strong business plan before starting a broiler farming enterprise for the goal of success in the end. 

How Much Do I Need to Start a Poultry Business in Nigeria?

How Much Do I Need to Start a Poultry Business in Nigeria?

Starting a poultry business in Nigeria may require you to part with different amounts ranging from the kind of entity you decide to register it as to the location if you are opting to begin before finally setting it up for production.

One can set up on a small scale and this means, a poultry farm of 500 birds and less, you would need about ₦200,000 to ₦500,000 to cater for the construction, good equipment, buying chicks, the initial feed and so on.

There’s also medium scale which will need an infrastructure and capital investment for that 2,000 to 5,000 birds poultry farm at medium-scale level could be about N1,000, 000 to N5,000,000.

Finally, the large scale with up to 10,000 birds can vary significantly from anything between ₦10,0000,000 to even ₦50,000,000 or more, depending on the cost of the land, housing, equipment, birds, feed, labor and operational expenses among many other factors.

So, conducting a proper feasibility study and preparing a detailed business plan are vital as they will point out your specialized dark figures associated with the startup of poultry business in Nigeria.

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