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QQ Account Registration Process and Guideline Via App & Website

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– QQ Account Registration –

The aim of this article is to guide you on how to do your QQ Account Registration and also create a QQ account to connect with millions of Chinese people who use QQ like you. 

QQ Account Registration

QQ is the most popular social media app in China and Asia at the moment, and you can do several things with this app including networking and chatting with Chinese people for business and relationship purposes.

QQ is now very easy to access. Initially, it worked only on desktop software but now, you can access it on your phone.

However, it will be more difficult to sign up for a QQ account than ever before. Sometimes, it would happen that when you go into the sign-up page, the language is in Chinese.

You know nothing about Chinese and you have no choice but to turn off the page. Or the page keeps showing service is busy, when you are trying to create a QQ account; it says you have too many attempts.

So, in this post, I will throw in some things you might encounter while trying to do a QQ Account Registration and how to resolve them.

How to Create a QQ Account

Do you need help to open a QQ Account? Here are some quick guides for you!

  • Go to the QQ registration page.
  • Click on the top right-hand corner to select a language if the page is not in the language you understand.
  • Enter your “Nickname” and “Password”. The password must not contain space, must be about 8-16 characters, and must be secure enough.
  • Select your region/country. Note that it does not require where you live but where your phone number belongs to.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click on the “Send”.
  • Enter the verification code that will be sent to your phone.
  • Then click on the “Sign up” box below. A page will appear showing your sign-up successfully and you’ll need to save your QQ number. Note that you must log in to your QQ account in three days or your account will be recycled.

Also, you can open a QQ account using the APP or Website, so the steps you need to know are also available here for you!

How to Sign Up For a QQ Account Using the QQ App

You must complete the following steps in order to sign up for QQ using the app:

  • Install the QQ app on your phone
  • If the website is not in the language you understand, open the app and pick a language
  • Click the “Register” button on the home page to begin the QQ registration procedure
  • Please provide your cell phone number
  • Finish the authentication procedure
  • Please double-check your mobile phone number
  • Enter the verification code that was provided to your phone
  • Finally, decide on a username and password

How to Sign Up For a QQ Account Using the QQ Website

  • It’s also acceptable if you choose to join up for QQ on your PC. it’s a lot simpler! As a result, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Go to QQ’s desktop sign-up page to get started.
  • Confirm your account information.
  • Register for QQ.
  • Verify your account by entering a one-time passcode and validating your mobile phone number. Your QQ account will be registered.

But keep in mind that only the desktop version of QQ is in English; the app isn’t. As a result, wherever workable, we recommend using Chinese QQ on your PC.

Why Does QQ Keep Saying “The service is busy,” and “Too many attempts?”

QQ Account Registration

When you are told that “the service is busy right now” or “too many attempts”, please try again later. Then you should wait a little while and try again.

Do not attempt too many times to sign up with your IP and your phone number even you are from China. Or it will say that there are unusually high amounts of sign-ups from your IP address or your phone number.

When you have tried over three times but still failed, I recommend you clear cache and cookies in your browser and try again later or the next day. Or change the IP you are using to create the QQ account.

If you have created over one QQ account with your IP, then I recommend you change your IP to sign up for another QQ account.

What if you cannot Receive SMS Verification Code?

QQ Account Registration

If you didn’t receive a verification code while trying to create your account, the reasons may be:

  • The country/region you selected is wrong. Please confirm that the country/region you selected for your phone number is correct.
  • Check whether the phone number you entered is correct. NOTE: there is no need to enter the country code again.
  • Make sure your phone can receive SMS messages. You can ask your friend to send you a message, check whether your phone can receive a message.
  • If your phone still can’t receive messages, it could be a poor network connection, your number is roaming/out of credit/out of service, etc. please check it, and try again later.
  • Check whether your phone has blocked SMS messages from unknown senders or not. Or you have any anti-virus App which may block SMS messages.
  • If so, you can turn off the blocking feature temporarily, and request another SMS verification code again. Alternatively, you can also opt for “Verify via phone call”.
  • It could be your phone number issue. Do not use a virtual number to register QQ or WeChat. Sometimes, if your phone number is operated by a virtual network operator, then your phone number may be blocked by mistakes.

If your phone still cannot receive the verification code, you may use other phone numbers or mobile phones to register.

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