Spectranet Data Subscription Plans and Current Prices for Lagos & Abuja

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Spectranet one of the Internet service providers in Nigeria, has many affordable subscription plans and prices to choose from in Lagos and Abuja. With its LTE service, it makes it one of the fastest internet service providers in Nigeria. Learn more about the available subscription in the next section.

Spectranet Data

Find the various internet plans, prices, access time, and speed of the services the spectranet provides in Lagos and Abuja below. To subscribe to any of the plans below you can log into the Spectranet self-care.

Spectranet Subscription Plans & Prices

Plan NamePlan/DataPlan CostAdditional BonusValidityAccess
Mega Value 25GB25GBN10,235Free Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly25GB – Day
Mega Value 60GB60GBN15,355Free Unlimited Night BrowsingMonthly60GB – Day
Plan NamePlan CostPlan/DataAdditional BonusValidityAccess
Always On 50GBN13,30550GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing
  • Always On @512 kbps speed post 50GB – Abuja only
Monthly24 x 7
Always On 100GBN18,42515GBAlways On @512 kbps speed post 100GBMonthly24 x 7
Always On 100GBN19,960100GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing
  • Always On @512 kbps speed post 100GB


Monthly24 x 7
Always On 200GBN38,390200GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing
  • Always On @512 kbps speed post 200GB
Monthly24 x 7
Always On 300GBN56,820300GB
  • Free Unlimited Night Browsing
  • Always On @512 kbps speed post 300GB
Monthly24 x 7
Free Night means Unlimited Free Night Browsing Between 1 am – 7 am
All Nite Plans have 24-hour access on weekends and Public Holidays OTHER DATA PLANS
  1. MAGIC VALUE: 10GB Plus  up to 10GB Magic Data – N6,000/Month
  2. UNIFIED VALUE NITE: 40GB Night Data (7 pm-7 am) – N11,000/Month
  3. DATA TOP UP: 1GB Valid as per Base Plan – N500
  4. MINI PLAN: 15GB (9GB Bonus) – N4,000/week

Spectranet Self Care

You can easily access the Spectranet self-help platform. if you need help with something.

Spectranet Contact Details

Here is how to easily reach the spectranet.
Phone: 07002345678, 08002345678, +23415010000
email: [email protected]

Check Spectranet Data Balance

This is how you check your data balance on Spectranet.

  • Visit https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng
  • Insert your login ID and password and then click the login button
  • Your dashboard should load up. Scroll down to the Data Rank line.
  • The figure on your right-hand side is your remaining data.

You need to bear in mind that all Unlimited Data plans provided by Spectranet Limited are truly Unlimited with great Speed and FUP limit.

CSN Team.

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