Summer Volunteer Programs in the United States for College Students 2024

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Are you wondering how to get summer volunteer programs in the United States? Here, you will find how different places to express and put your humanitarian capability into effective use. Volunteer abroad programs cover an enormous variety of opportunities you can explore.

Summer Volunteer Programs

With all these involved during your stay as a volunteer, the United States should be a location to be considered when it comes to volunteering.

Volunteering abroad in the United States will also show you the important differences between the regions (New England, east and west coasts, the South) and will give you a unique experience that can be quite different from one state to another.

1. Internship in the USA

Location: Washington, United States

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Animals, Arts, Economic Development, Environment, Social Services

Duration:1-2 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months

Program Description: I.C.E. internships are for exceptional individuals walking the path less travelled.

Whether you are a High School graduate taking a time out before college, a college student seeking to earn internship credit, or a professional in search of a new career direction, we work with only the finest organizations that contribute to society and the environment.

Cost: Four Weeks:$1895 Six Weeks: $2600 Eight Weeks:$2970 Twelve Weeks:$3850 Thirteen Weeks: Contact I.C.E. Staff

Setting Description: Work directly with Dr. David Adams(Director of I.C.E) * Knowledgable and caring in-country contact persons * Airport pickup and site tour * Guaranteed private room * Immediate callbacks and email support * Limited number of clients accepted * Custom placements

2. Global Routes

Location: Washington, United States

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Social Services

Duration: 1-3 months, 4-6 months

Program Description: Global Routes is a pioneer in the world of value-driven, experiential-based, international programming. Since 1967, we have partnered with over 10,000 volunteers throughout Africa, Asia, Central, and South America.

We believe that an authentic, fun, and impactful program abroad is directed by service, deepened through immersion, broadened with adventure, and contextualized by leadership.

The skills, knowledge, and friendships that you develop with your peers and supervisors create an exciting and supportive foundation for your community service project and homestay ahead. Community Service & Homestay: Living and volunteering in a rural village is the cornerstone and highlight of your program with Global Routes.

3. General English Course in Miami at EC School

Location: Miami Beach, United States

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Education

Duration: 1-3 months.

Program Description: At EC you are offered a choice of studying the English language, six locations in the USA’s top cities, a flexible course selection, and the best learning facilities.

EC possesses many years of experience perfecting its teaching methods and curriculum, to help you learn more effectively and efficiently. You will need to work hard but you will also have a fun and exciting time with us

EC’s mission is to give you the skills and experience to communicate with confidence in your new language around the world. With a focus on fluency, the

General and Semi-Intensive English courses allow you to improve your English skills giving you a practical understanding of the language and how to best use and ait.

You will focus on the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You will improve your level and maximize your ability to use English.

Program Requirements

There are certain requirements you will need to meet to enrol in this program, these requirements are

  • An English level required: High Intermediate
  • A Minimum internship of 4 weeks + minimum 4 week English course)
  • A Course Starts: Every Monday
  • And Minimum Age of  18

Cost: The General English Course in Miami goes for 360 USD a week.

4. Full and Part-Time English Classes

Location: Calgary, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Miami Beach, United States; Toronto, Canada

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Education

Duration: 1-3 months.

Program Description: Sol Schools International courses are taught by certified, native English speakers. Choose general English, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Business English, and conversation.

Classes are very flexible and have full and part-time schedules during the day, evening, and on the weekends.

It can also provide private tutoring for your personal goals. Setting Description: Modern classrooms in the historical downtown Toronto Mansion make this school very unique. It is quite close to Wellesley station.

During the day, students have access to a full cafeteria. There is a student lounge, free internet access, and computers for students to use. There are also  Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian speakers to help students.

5. Xploreo Volunteer with Locals in the USA

Location: Arizona City, United States; Miami, United States; Vermont, United States

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Environment, Social Services

Duration: 1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months.

Program Description: Xploreo volunteering is the most flexible, affordable, DIY non-credit immersion option out there.

Take the uncertainty out of your experience abroad by browsing its pool of vetted NGOs around the world and selecting to start a conversation with one that fits what you’re looking for.

If you meet the criteria they’re looking for and it’s a match, you can book directly with the charity.

That means any fees will go directly to them, not a placement agency. Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for? Xploreo Volunteering is happy to help recommend volunteer experiences and locations.

Depending on the number of hours you want to be involved in volunteering and the availability of the NGO, you have the flexibility to build your daily schedule, and to make it as intensive or more vacation as you desire.

Setting Description: Volunteer sites differ greatly depending on what kind of experience you are seeking. It has a wide variety of Xploreo volunteer hosts.

In the USA, there are Environmental programs and Community programs.

Cost: The  Xploreo volunteering goes for 1000/week USD. Costs vary depending on the non-profit organization. By connecting directly with them, you are able to minimize your costs while maximizing your learning.

6. UWP Global Education Program – Volunteer Program

Location: Berlin, Germany; Washington, United States

Program Type: Volunteer Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Work Types: Arts, Education, Social Services

Duration: 4-6 months, 1 year.

Program Description: Unique multi-country semester abroad program that combines volunteer service opportunities, cultural immersion, a robust experiential learning program, performing arts experience, and a multi-cultural student environment.

Semester and year programs are available starting in January & July each year. Excellent English immersion opportunity for international students.

Opportunities to enhance your experience through enrollment in our Academic Program to earn college credit and through participation in 6 – 8-week internships. You can join its network of 20,000+ alumni all around the world.

For more than 40 years, UWP has been offering unique global education opportunities that aim at making a difference in the communities it visits and for the students who travel.

The unique combination of international travel, education, service-learning, leadership, and performing arts offers students an unparalleled educational experience.

Setting Description: A multi-country program at its best! Tours kick start in January and July of each year and every semester the Up with People tour reaches 20+ communities in at least two distinct continents/cultural regions of the world, such as the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe or Asia. Contact UWP today to ask about our upcoming tour schedules!

Cost: The program fee for January 2013 is USD $16,950 for one semester or $24,950 for two semesters/year option when the deposit is paid in advance.

The program fee effective July 2013 is $17,450 for one semester or $26,450 USD for two semesters/year option when the deposit is paid in advance.

Small increases in the program fee can be expected annually. The fee includes housing, meals, excursions, enrollment processing, and all in-program travel.

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