The Impact of Instagram on Consumer Buying Decisions

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The Impact of Instagram on Consumer Buying Decisions.


This research is an attempt to find out if Instagram influences consumer buying behavior using Aun Undergraduate students who were enrolled into the spring 2018 academic session.

To find out the number of students registered for the spring 2018 session, Mr Yakubu Ayuba was contacted in order to get a concise and accurate number.

In response to this request, the registrar confirmed that a total number of 976 undergraduates were registered and based on the Taro Yamane Formula, the confidence level; the sample size and the margin of error were derived.

The problem statement of this research is to find out how conversant consumers use Instagram and if it influences its buying decisions.


Background of Study

In an article published by Cara Salpini in August 23, 2017, it was reported that Instagram was responsible for 72% purchase decisions on its consumers (Salpini, 2017).

Instagram has continued to evolve and has become a very effective tool for marketing as such those influencers, marketers and business persons use it as promotional tool to reach other to millions of consumers from around the world.

With the emergence of digital technology, it is faster for information to travel and reach a larger target audience and with the help of Smartphones and Internets have made it easier to get updated on Instagram activities.

Instagram has amazing features like insta-stories, filters and promotional tools that help marketers, brands and even organizations to express their creativity as a drive to deliver offers, boost sales and create brand awareness (Digital Impact of Instagram On Purchasing Decisions, 2017).

The rapid development of technology and several communication channels, the tradition way of marketing seems to be dying off as consumers started using more of online sources to get information on products and services that they want to use (Madni, 2014).

This study is an attempt to examine how Instagram has impacted on consumer buying decision using AUN Students as a case study.


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