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Check out 6 Things Switzerland is Famous for in 2022

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– Switzerland is famous for –

You can say the country is not very rich but you cannot say it is not famous. Amidst the lakes, rivers, mountains, and the aesthetic beauty of nature is situated Europe’s most beautiful country, Switzerland.

Switzerland is famous for

There are many things Switzerland is famous for, like swiss watches, war history, red cross, chocolate, etc. Make Switzerland a place to want to be.

The country is bound by the diversity of languages and religions.

Red Cross

Check out 6 Things Switzerland is Famous For in 2021

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), for protecting and assisting victims of war was first established in Geneva in 1863 by the effects of a Swiss entrepreneur Henry Dunant’s book A Memoire of Solferino.

Since then the Red Cross Society has been working for the welfare of the war victims worldwide. And Educating young people on the need for peace and protection of International treaties through International law competitions organized in different countries by the Organization.

Swiss Watches

Switzerland is famous for

Swiss Watches dominate the Watchmaking industry. These watches are an excellent combination of both aesthetics and technology.

Anyone’s personality shoots up to a dozen measures by these watches. Swiss Watches are known for their accuracy and wide range.

Most of the well-known watch brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Rado, Omega, etc are all from Switzerland.


War Contribution

Check out 6 Things Switzerland is Famous For in 2021

Switzerland maintained a no-interference policy during the World Wars and has been Famous for that. They have stood as a neutral nation for the longest time. Interesting fact- Switzerland has not been at war since 1505.

Even in the World Wars, they provided a safe passage for both the warring sides. This neutral stand has appreciably helped Switzerland in keeping a stable economy at all times.

Swiss Banks

Swiss banks are famous for their privacy policy. They do not disclose the account holder’s name even to the government except in extreme cases like criminal or terrorist activities.

Contrary to the popular belief, the Swiss banks are not only for tax evasion and money laundering by politicians, criminals, etc but they are also popular among the commoners.

With the best banking strategy and most stable economy in the past years, Switzerland has emerged as the best option for banking services.


Swiss Chocolate

This is one of the easiest things to get in Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for the art of chocolate making. They have the world’s best milk chocolate made of the finest milk and cream.

Once tasted, it is hard to resist this delicious to the core Swiss Chocolate.

Swiss Alps

Switzerland is famous for

Also known as the Central Alps, the Swiss Alps in the region of Alpine mountain ranges that lie in Switzerland.

Around 65% of Switzerland is covered by the Alps, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges. No doubt, Switzerland is the place where one can find the highest peaks and glaciers. Skiing and hiking are ways of Swiss life.

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