What are the Limitations of the Airtel Night Plan?

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What are the limitations of the airtel night plan? If you are worried about the limitation of one of the biggest networks in Nigeria then I will help you solve your problem. Let’s explore how this limitation affects its users.

What are the Limitations of the Airtel Night Plan?

Airtel is one of the top telecom companies in Nigeria, that provides its customers with a variety of data plans.

It has millions of subscribers and has high-speed connectivity when it comes to browsing.

Airtel Nigeria provides its customers with a data subscription plan called The Airtel night plan, this plan enables its customers to use the internet at a cheaper rate during off-peak hours.

Although the Airtel night plan offers certain advantages for some customers, it also has some limitations which we have listed below.

What are the Limitations of the Airtel Night Plan?

If you are new to The Airtel night plan, it is pertinent to note that the plan is only accessible during off-peak hours.

Often between 12 am and 6 am. You are only eligible to browse the internet within these hours.

In case you want to keep browsing the internet after this hour, you will have to purchase other data plans.

The Airtel night plan only offers a limited amount of data consumption.

Airtel now has two different night plans: the 250MB plan for N25 and the 1.5GB plan for N200.

While some users might find these plans very convenient, others could find them to be too constrained.

Especially if they often download or stream high-quality files.

Sadly, the Airtel night plan is only available for prepaid customers.

Consequently, postpaid customers who frequently purchase high data consumption will be unable to have access to this plan.

Another limitation to look out for is that the Airtel night plan is that it is only available for customers who have been using the Airtel network for at least three months.

This implies that new customers will find it difficult to access this tariff plan, no matter how much you need for it.

Lastly, not all areas provide the Airtel night plan despite Airtel’s extensive network.

There may be certain regions where the night plan is not offered owing to network coverage challenges.

The Airtel night plan allows those who want to use the internet during off-peak hours to do so affordably without any form of inconvenience.

However, its limitations may prevent some customers from using it,

Because of the fact that it is only available to prepaid consumers, and network coverage concerns.

It is important to consider the advantages and the limitations before purchasing the Airtel night plan.

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