What is the Validity Period of the Airtel Night Plan?

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What is the validity period of the Airtel night plan, and how can I renew it? If you are an Airtel user in Nigeria, you might be wondering about the validity period of the Airtel night plan and how to renew it. I will quickly help you with the steps to go through it.

What is the Validity Period of the Airtel Night Plan?

Are you new to the internet world and you are looking for a night plan to enjoy your browsing?

Airtel Nigeria has offered its customers a tariff plan that allows them to browse the internet with very little charge.

Customers who wish to browse the internet at night conveniently do so with the help of the Airtel night plan, a unique data package that provides inexpensive internet access.

What is the Validity Period of the Airtel Night Plan?

The Airtel night plan is only valid for one night, and you can only use it between the hours of 12 am to 5 am.

If you are subscribing to this night plan, it is crucial to note that this plan lasts for that particular night, so you can’t use it the next day.

If you want to utilize the Airtel night plan consistently, you may need to subscribe to it every night.

The Airtel night plan comes in different varieties, and the validity period is the same for all of them.

These are the available plans and prices:

  • 250MB for N50
  • 500MB for N100
  • 1.5GB for N200

How Can I Renew the Airtel Night Plan?

Renewing your airtel night plan is very simple and straightforward.

You need to wait till after midnight to renew your Airtel night plan.

With your mobile phone dial *312# and then you follow the on-screen instructions, to sign up for the Airtel night plan.

As soon as you sign up, you will be notified that the data plan is activated. Now you can start enjoying your browsing on the internet.

It’s crucial to note that only Airtel customers who are on the SmartTRYBE price plan have access to the Airtel night plan.

You must switch to this tariff plan if you aren’t already on it by dialling *312# and choosing option 1 from the drop-down menu.

If you want to browse the internet at night or you want to stream and download at night, the Airtel night plan is an excellent way to save money on internet data.

The Airtel night plan has a one-night maximum validity duration, but you may extend it by renewing your subscription each night.

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