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15 Reasons Why You Should Most Likely Go to College

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                                      – Why You Should Go to College –

It is often said that with education comes enlightenment, with enlightenment, comes discovery and with discovery comes the tenets of life. Truth be told, in our world today chances of living the fancy life you desire would not be near possible without education.

15 Reasons Why You Should Go to College

In this article, I’ll be highlighting 15 reasons why you should go to college

1. Better Paying Job

Ever been to look for a job and the manager asks “you’ve got a qualification“? But you don’t and he ends up giving you a job to clean the toilet. Sounds gross but it happened to me before. Am gonna be straight with you, without good college qualifications, chances of getting a good job are zero. The lawyer, doctor, engineer, writer, banker, etc you wanna be won’t be possible if you don’t go to college.

2. Meet Your Mom Expectation

You’ve probably heard your mom say “become a doctor son, make me proud!!!”. my mom says that all the time. Imagine the joy your mom would have when she knows you’re out of college a doctor. She would throw a party, dance, and chant your name all day and she would be proud of telling people you’re her son or daughter. What would happen when you not in college, you probably know the answer. People understand the importance of going to college and the privilege that comes with it, so when you’re out of college with a degree or so, you’ll make everyone proud.

3. Meet Your  Employer’s Expectation

John Williams would say that virtually every job would eventually need a college degree. When he said every Job, he meant every job. Cleaning, sweeping, and  Probably washing too, chances are you won’t do anything without going to college. People want qualification and you just gotta give it to them if you want to get the job

4. Improve Your Social Skills

Before I enrolled in college, I use to be a shy guy. I couldn’t express myself. I could barely talk in front of the crowd and that made me miss a whole lot of opportunities. Ever heard of the saying that college is another world on its own?  You meet different people from different backgrounds with different characters. And as you socialize with them, it builds your confidence and confidence is one rare commodity. And plus you get to make new friends. who knows, one of your friends might turn out to be trump’s son and then boom!!  You’re in entirely different level

5. Increase Your Understanding of the World

Give a person who’s been to college a certain amount to start a business and a person who hasn’t been to college the same amount. The result would be different, the person who’s been to college would grow the business than the other person. The reason is simple, he understands how the market world works, and he uses his understanding to set up a business. The result would a growing business. In today’s world where competition is high, understanding how the world work is crucial

6. Learn from the Masters of Your Field

Imagine how good you’ll be under the tutor of Wole Soyinka??? You’ll probably be good(except maybe you didn’t pay attention to your studies)  college gives you the opportunity to learn from an expert in your field which enhances your knowledge of what you do.

7. A More Secure Future

It is true that unemployment is a big problem but U don’t need to worry about jobs like people who didn’t go college do, I mean with a college degree in your hand you’ve got hope for a better job someday. You can confidently wall up to Any company because you’ve got what it takes

8. Improve Your Discipline

With an everyday assignment,  note-taking, research finding, attending class, reading to pass your exams, etc. you’ll definitely need the discipline to do all this, and believe it or not what you always do, you become. When you live college and you’re working, you sure gonna be that same  disciplined person you were in college

9. Improve Confidence

Daily conversations with classmates, answering questions in class, and engaging in social activities with other people would definitely be a boost to your confidence.

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