Yahoo Plus Rituals 2020: Interesting Fact You Did Not Know

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Yahoo Plus Rituals 2020: Interesting Fact You Did Not Know.

Yahoo Plus Rituals: The bible has clearly stated that the love for money is the root of all evil. It is seen these days that anyone can do just about anything because of money in this case, the yahoo boys.

Yahoo Plus


The yahoo business i.e. internet fraud has become rampant among youths in the country. They engage in many ungodly acts you might not have known about, just to gain money. Some of these acts include:

1. Eating Human Faeces.

Yahoo plus boys eat feces with bread as a sandwich. It was reported that a lady overheard her ex-boyfriend discussing with a friend on call, narrating this experience which was one of the things he had to do to get money.  

2. Barking Once in a Month.

This is part of the money ritual; it involves the person barking like a dog. There is a video of a yahoo boy barking like a dog, in front of his friends while they laughed and hailed him saying ‘owo de’ meaning money is coming.

3.Oshole’, the Power of Compulsion.

This ritual enables a yahoo boy to command his victims to do as he says. The victims will not be able to object and this is the most commonly used means.

4. Wiping a Lady’s Private Part with a Towel After Sleeping with her

This ritual involves using females; wiping the moisture off their private parts after being slept with and the material is used for the ritual.

5. Killing one’s Nephew

This is an extreme part of the money ritual, which involves a life. An image of a Tunde Owolabi who was captured and cuffed crouched beside the lifeless body of a boy reportedly 7 years of age was shared Odueko Olumide John.

6. Becoming Mad for a Certain Period

This ritual involves the yahoo boy in-person to pretend to be mad for a certain period and after that, money starts coming in.

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