A Full Selection of Animal Farm Essay Topics to Inspire Your Writing

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As you should know by now, this book focuses on historical events. And it tells the story of how Stalin rose to totalitarian power in the Soviet Union. However, putting up great Animal Farm essay topics can be so demanding.

A Full Selection of Animal Farm Essay Topics to Inspire Your Writing

It is pertinent, as it determines the flow of the essay. Thus, to ease this challenge, this article suffices. It highlights some unique Animal Farm essay topics. Thus, feel free to use any of the topics or change it to your taste.

Unique Animal Farm Topics to Inspire Your Essay Writing

These topics are group into categories. However, this is to give you a better knowledge of what you are writing on. Also, it is to help you choose which area you want to write on. Thus, let us consider the categories:

Animal Farm Intelligence Essay Topics

Animal Farm intelligence topics relate to the topics that delve into the history and politics of the novel. Below are some Animal Farm essay topics on intelligence:

  1. Relate the events in Animal Farm to the Russian revolution
  2. Can the windmill be said to be symbolic for the spread of communism
  3. How is the invasion of Russia by Hitler illustrated in Animal Farm?
  4. Discuss the Animal Farm from a Marxist perspective
  5. How do the names of the character symbolically illustrate? Also, highlight their personalities?
  6. Discuss the themes that you believe to be the most prominent?
  7. What is the literary symbolism represented by any of the main characters?
  8. The Animal Farm, as a whole, is a symbolism of human civilization. Discuss.
  9. How is the language utilized persuasively by the pigs to control the other animals?
  10. What is the inherent irony in the novel?
  11. How does George Orwell explore the issue of rhetoric in Animal Farm?
  12. What is the symbolism of the windmill in the novel?
  13. How is the language used figuratively in Animal Farm?

Most Sought After Animal Farm Essay Topics

Below are some of the most sought after Animal Farm essay topics:

  1. What is the use and function of the use of fables in the novel
  2. Discuss the farmhouse as a vital setting in the novel. And what are the activities of the animals in the house?
  3. How is the theme of greed represented in the story “Animal Farm”?
  4. Discuss the types and effectiveness of propaganda in “Animal Farm”?
  5. Can “Animal Farm” be considered an allegory of the Soviet Union?
  6. Discuss how people’s ignorance can influence their social and political oppression.
  7. How did Orwell use allegory in the story of “Animal Farm”?
  8. Discuss the characters of Clover and Boxer in “Animal Farm.” Who do they represent?
  9. What is fear in “Animal Farm”?
  10. Discuss how the story could end if Snowball had run off with Napoleon.

Compare and Contrast Topics

A Full Selection of Animal Farm Essay Topics to Inspire Your Writing

  1. Contrast and compare two novellas: “Animal Farm” and “Heart of Darkness”.
  2. Are there any similarities between “Equilibrium” and “Animal Farm”?
  3. Compare and contrast “The Crucible” and “Animal Farm.”
  4. What are the differences between the main themes in “Looking Backward” and “Animal Farm”?
  5. Compare and contrast the theme of self-deception in “Mrs. Dalloway” and “Animal Farm”.
  6. What is the difference between the political techniques of Snowball and Napoleon?

Argumentative Literary Essay Topics

  1. How is power represented in the book “Animal Farm”?
  2. Explain the influence of Napoleon’s actions on the animals. Why do the animals follow those laws?
  3. Find similarities and differences between Harrison Bergeron and “Animal Farm.”
  4. How has Orwell’s beliefs and life story influenced his novella “Animal Farm”?
  5. Describe how the animals have lost their freedom in “Animal Farm.”
  6. How can the book “Animal Farm” be related to the Russian Revolution?
  7. Describe how propaganda and irony are depicted in the novella “Animal Farm.”
  8. How do Napoleon and Squealer use fear for manipulation in the novella “Animal Farm”?

Inspiring Argumentative Animal Farm Topics

  1. What major historical figures do major characters represent?
  2. How does satire contribute to the overall story? What is the role of satire in the book “Animal Farm”?
  3. Describe what or who is the cause of the events in the book “Animal Farm.”
  4. How is social avoidance depicted in the book “Animal Farm”?
  5. Explain how Mollie and Benjamin illuminate the main theme in the novella “Animal Farm.”
  6. Explain whether the power of one leader is positive or negative according to “Animal Farm.”

After reading this, note. You should have a concrete idea on an outstanding Animal Farm essay topic. Also, it is important that you do not rush your brain to pop out the best topic. Thus, take your time to go through all the processes.

However, as you do, jot down the topics that come to your mind. As you get set to submit the topic, note. You can evaluate each of the topics. And decide which will be best to write an impressive essay on. You can do it!

Hence, for writing an inspiring essay, note. The above topics are recommended. Also, you can try framing your topics too by following the above sample topics pattern. Furthermore, always feel free to share this article with others.

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