How Many Essays is the Coca-cola Scholarship?

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The Coca-Cola Scholarship requires how many essays? Continue reading for a quick overview of the Coca-Cola Scholarship, followed by some application tips and strategies you can use!

How Many Essays is the Coca-cola Scholarship?

It’s an extremely generous award. And preparing an application is worthy of a spot on your scholarship application to-do list!

The Coca-Cola Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company.

It is given to 150 graduating high school seniors each year who have demonstrated “their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities,” according to the Foundation.

Over 6,300 students have benefited from the Coca-Cola Scholarship to date!

How Many Essays is the Coca-cola Scholarship?

Unlike many scholarship applications, the Coca Cola Scholars application does not have an essay requirement in the first round.

Any application that does not require writing an essay must be simple, right?

In reality, the Coca-Cola Scholarship application is more difficult than most because it does not allow you to explain your academic performance or participation in extracurricular activities.

Essentially, you can’t use your passions, well-roundedness, intelligence, or commitment to service to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other first-round applicants.

The only thing you can do is demonstrate how you embody the qualities that the Coca-Cola Scholarship values in its award recipients through your grades and participation in various activities.

Eligibility Requirements for the Coca-Cola Scholarship

“This sounds great!” you may be thinking. I’d like to apply!” Let’s just make sure you’re eligible.

To be eligible to apply for the Coca-Cola Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria, according to the most recent requirements:

1. Be a current high school (or home-schooled) student attending a school in the United States.

2. Graduate and receive a high school diploma during the same academic year as the scholarship application deadline.

3. Be a US Citizen, US National, US Permanent Resident, Refugee, Asylee, Cuban-Haitian Entrant, or Humanitarian Parolee.

4. Plan to pursue a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States

You must not also be:

1. The child or grandchild of a Coca-Cola bottling company, Coca-Cola company, Company divisions or subsidiaries employee, officer, or owner.

2. A student from another country.

Coca-Cola Scholarship Application Timeline

Okay, if you’re eligible and hoping to claim that $20,000, you’re probably wondering:

  • How Many Essays is the Coca-cola Scholarship?
  • When is the Coca-Cola Scholarship deadline? 
  • When are the Coca-Cola Scholarship winners announced? 

In that case, we’ve got your back! Let’s take a look at what to expect when applying for the Coca-Cola Scholarship, from start to finish.

The Coca-Cola Scholarship application period begins in August.

The application closes at the end of October.

In November, 2,000 semi-finalists are chosen to advance.

In addition to all submissions, semi-finalists must submit additional scholarship application materials in December.

January: The semi-finalists are reduced to 250 applications.

February: Regional interviews are held for the remaining semi-finalists.

150 Coca-Cola Scholarship winners are announced in March.

Scholarship winners are invited to attend Scholars Weekend in Atlanta in late March/early April.

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