Physical Therapy Assistant Programs Online

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– Physical Therapy Assistant Programs Online –

Find out more information about physical therapy assistant programs online. Physical therapy assistants are essential to the treatment of patients, encourage patients while they perform activities, and monitor their progress as they heal from illnesses and injuries.

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs Online

PTAs assist patients by massaging, stretching, and helping with exercises while monitoring them and reporting what they see to the PT in charge.


In order to help patients move more freely, they could provide them with mobility-improving devices like canes or walkers.

Last but not least, PTAs inform families on what to do after therapy. It’s simple to get started with online physical therapy assistant programs.

The knowledge required to begin working in a physical therapy practice may be acquired in approximately two years.

Top Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

We’ve put up a list of the top physical therapy assistant programs available online to help you start your school search.

1. College of Central Florida

The College of Central Florida has one of the best associate programs for physical therapist assistants.

Many of CF’s compulsory courses are available in a flexible hybrid format, making them ideal for working students.

Physical therapy is an exciting, challenging career that frequently involves standing, walking, and light to moderate lifting.

Physical therapists are helpers to people who are temporarily or permanently disabled because of pain, injury, illness, or congenital defects.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 74

Amount: $2,832/year (resident); $10,632/year (non-resident)

Mode: Partially online

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2. Miami Dade College

There are over 80,000 students enrolled in Miami Dade College, a public institution in Florida.

The Miami Dade College provides online and on-campus students with an Associate of Science in Physical Therapy.

Students can select a blended option for a hybrid learning environment when choosing their course delivery method. Full-time students may often earn this associate degree in two to three years.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 74

Amount: $83/credit (resident); $331/credit (nonresident)

Mode: Fully online or Partially online

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3. University of Alaska Anchorage

UAA is a public institution founded in 1954 that today enrolls 15,200 students and provides one of the top associate degrees in physical therapy assistant.

Most PTA associate classes are offered on campus at UAA. The physical therapy in healthcare course and the PTA seminar are two examples of the courses that students may take remotely.

The 15-week clinical rotation also happens outside of college, at a licensed physical therapy facility.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 60

Length: 5 semesters

Amount: $234/credit (resident); $800/credit (nonresident)

Mode: Partially online

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4. Ivy Tech Community College

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program will equip you to work with physically disabled people to help counteract the negative consequences of physical handicaps while being supervised by a physical therapist.

The therapist and assistant collaborate to offer appropriate therapeutic intervention and team communication.

We provide a top-notch education that equips each student to succeed as a PTA and pass board examinations.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 69.5

Amount: $2,243/12 or more credits a semester (resident); $4,389/12 or more credits a semester (non-resident); $150/credit for part-time learners

Mode: Partially Online

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5. Lone Star College System

Houston-based Lone Star College (LSC) is a public university. A hybrid associate of applied science in physical therapy assistant studies is available from the institution.

Both in-person and online prerequisites are completed by students, and general education courses can be taken entirely online.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 66

Amount: $202/credit (resident); $257/credit (non-resident)

Length: 5 semesters

Mode: Partially Online

CLICK HERE to Enroll

6. State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota

SCF, a state university in Bradenton, offers one of the best physical therapist assistant programs.

The college provides PTA students with an associate degree that is primarily online. It offered general education programs and most didactic courses online.

Three on-site clinical experiences in a physical therapy environment are required of students before they may graduate.

At SCF, students must take PTA coursework in human development across the lifetime, physical therapy trends, anatomy and physiology, and applied anatomy and kinesiology.

Program Highlights:

Credits: 74

Cost: $102/credit (resident); $386/credit (nonresident)

Mode: Partially online

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How to Become a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists assist wounded and sick patients in controlling their pain, enhancing their range of motion, and regaining their optimal level of function.

1. Complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree

Students must register in and finish a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program that is accredited.

Pathophysiology, imaging, biomechanics, anatomy, and other didactic courses are the first ones a student is expected to take in DPT degree programs.

2. Get a Bachelor’s in a Related Field

A bachelor’s degree in a subject relating to sports, exercise, or health science is required of all students.

Students might also need to finish particular requirements, such as courses in physics, kinesiology, biology, chemistry, physiology, and anatomy, for various graduate programs.

3. Pass the NPTE

The National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), offered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, is required to become a certified physical therapist (FSBPT).

4. Obtain a Practice License

Each state has a distinct licensing process. Most states demand that practitioners meet extra requirements, such as compliance training, background checks, etc., besides passing the NPTE.

Physical therapists in most states must fulfill continuing education requirements every two years to keep their licenses.

How Difficult is it to Get into PT School?

There are 256 approved physical therapy programs as of 2019 according to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

The average admission rate for each program is 45 students out of 440 applications, or 10.2 percent.

What Bachelor’s Degree Do I Need to Be a Physical Therapist?

The vast majority of recognized PT schools need applicants to have a baccalaureate degree in order to examine their application.

PT programs are graduate-level courses of study that result in a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Do Physical Therapists Make Good Money?

The median annual wage for physical therapists in 2020 was $91,010.

The highest paid quarter earned $106,060 in that year, while the lowest-paid quarter earned $75,360.

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