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Are you one of the people that wrote NECO? Please pay attention if you responded yes. The NECO result may now be viewed on the NECO result checking portal. As a consequence, all applicants who took the exam may now verify their results right away. Continue reading to learn more.

The release of the result is good news to those who have been anticipating it. However, many candidates do not have any or enough knowledge on how to check it. If you are one of them, then note.

Don’t go too far. This article contains detailed information on how to check your result. Also, if you have not checked your grades, or if you have encountered problems with checking your result, keep on reading.

We will shed more light on every unclear aspect of checking your NECO result.

Requirements to Check NECO Results

Have you ever thought about this question: What are the things that will be needed before you can have any thoughts of checking your NECO results using your phone online?

Well, the answer is: You need only two things. And they have been explained below.

1. NECO Result Token

This token is required to give you access to your results. It contains your PIN. Also, you must input your PIN to check your result. Furthermore, you can purchase the Token online.

Do not worry; you will know more about this later.

However, please note that NECO no longer uses scratch cards for checking results. The National Examination Council Results can only be checked using a NECO token.

2. Examination Number

This is a very important key to checking your NECO results. Thus, if you provide a wrong examination number, it might bring someone else’s result. And you will have to purchase another token to check your own result.

As such, you are thereby advised to ensure they correctly fill your details in before submitting them for checking.

The Online Process of NECO Result Checking Portal

Presently, there is only one way to check your result. And this is using the online result checker portal. But there is something you need to do before proceeding to check it. Follow this procedure:

1. Access the NECO Website via 

2. Also, input the e-mail address/phone number and the password you used for your registration.

3. Furthermore, tap on “Log in”.

4. Also, Click on “Purchase Token”.

5. Additionally, then click on “Proceed to pay”. This is to make payment of three hundred Naira (N300) only, for the token.

6. The next step after getting your token is to proceed to the result checker page.

7. Also, access the result checker portal via

8. Furthermore, select the exam that is June/July.

9. Also, select the examination year.

10. Additionally, input the PIN number. That is the token you have purchased.

11. Also, enter your examination number. And crosscheck your details well.

12. Additionally, click on “Check my Result”. And then wait for the result window to come up.

13. Print your result.

FAQs About NECO Result Checking Portal

Below are some frequently asked questions about NECO result checking portal 2021:

1. Can I Check My Result without My Exam Number?

No. You cannot check your result without your examination number. If you’ve forgotten your examination number, you can check your NECO Photocard for it.

Also, if you have misplaced that too, you can also go to the school you wrote your exam, and tell them about it. They’ll find your details for you. 

2. Can I Use One Token to check two Results?

No. After purchasing a result token using your email, and using it to check your result once, you can no longer use it to check someone else’s result.

3. Where will I get My NECO Certificate?

You can get your NECO Result Certificate at the school where you wrote the examination.

Also, you can go directly to any NECO office close to your house. The Certificates can only be collected after two years.

4. I have checked my results, and I don’t like the grades, how can I upgrade them?

Don’t get deceived by anyone who promises you about result upgrading. No result can be upgraded. Whatever grade you got in your result is final and cannot be changed. So be careful.

If peradventure you get caught in upgrading result, you and the person promising to help you are liable to prosecution.

The above is vital information you need about the NECO result checking portal. Still, having problems checking your result? Go through this article again.

Also, always ask us questions concerning the NECO Result Checker. We’ll reply as soon as possible. You can also share this article with others who you think will need it.

CSN Team.

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