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Access Bank Salary Structure 2022: Complete Details on Salary Structure

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  – Access Bank Salary Structure –

Are you searching for, or are you wondering, how much you will earn as a staff in Access Bank Nigeria? Oh, worry less! 

Access Bank Salary Structure 2021: Complete Details on Salary Structure

In this article, you will know how much Access Bank Plc Nigeria pays its employees (Graduate Trainee, Executive Trainee, and Entry Level Staff).

This article will come in handy if you want to work with Access Bank. We will take a look at how much, on a monthly basis, Access Bank pays its employees. The salary is based on the experience, skills, and qualifications one has

What Access Bank is all About

Access Bank PLC had been a customer-friendly bank for Nigerians and a decent financial institution in the country to work for.

Inside their establishment, they give graduates work openings and recruiting opportunities. The compensation structure of Access Bank for its workers, however, depends on the position and degree achieved in the organization.

What to Wear to an Access Bank Interview?

For an employee in the corporate world, especially in banks, professional dressing is mandatory.

The staff presents themselves in a way that shows that they are competent and skilled people when handling cash.

How they dress to work signifies their level of professionalism, attention to detail, and client concern.

Dressing professionally is a must for an employee involved in the corporate world. especially in banks and similar organizations.

Failure to dress properly may cost an individual his/ her job.

An individual should always wear professional attire while getting interviewed, be it for a part-time/full-time job or an internship. Your interview attire suggests a lot about you to your employer.

What is the Access Bank Salary Structure?

1. Access Bank Contract workers, first entry earn ₦70,000

2. Access Bank Graduate Trainee Salary is ₦43,000 monthly and ₦516,000 annually.

3. Access Bank Executive Trainees’ salary is ₦230,000 and ₦2,760,000 annually.

4. Access Bank Entry Level Staff Salary is ₦237,000 and ₦2,844,000 annually.

5. Access Bank Loan Officer’s Salary is still unconfirmed.

6. Access Bank Credit Analyst’s Salary is still unconfirmed.

7. Access Bank Manager’s Salary is ₦800,000 monthly and ₦9,600,000 annually

Categories of Access Bank Salary Structure

Access Bank’s salary structure is categorised into three:

1. Graduate Trainee Salary

Once employed in the bank as a graduate, you undergo the graduate training program for four (4) months, which will enable you to have knowledge about the banking sector.

Access Bank PLC pays its graduate trainees N43, 000 per month. After the training program, if successful, they will pay you N101, 000 per month after being offered employment.

2. Executive Trainee Salary

Access Bank pays their Executive Trainee’s an income of N230, 000 per month, unlike the graduate trainees.

3. Entry Level Staff Salary

Lots of people seek an entry-level job at Access Bank because they pay their entry-level staff about N237, 000 monthly.

The entry-level staff salary is high compared to other levels in the banking sector. Besides salary, there are other benefits like insurance, leave, and allowances.

With this Salary Structure, you can see that Access Bank is one of the highest paying banks in Nigeria but cannot be compared to oil companies which are the top-paying companies in Nigeria.

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