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Canvasser Job Description 2021 See Detailed Updates

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– Canvasser Job Description –

Most people do not know what canvassers do and their responsibilities. Below is a comprehensive Canvasser Job Description, skills, requirements, responsibilities, etc. Read through carefully.

Canvasser Job Description 2021 See Detailed Updates

Jobs as a Canvasser is quite low in several countries due to the invention of technology and social media platforms.

Yet still, most people do not know Canvasser job descriptions.

Canvassers are hired by a wide variety of organizations and often have minimal educational requirements or prior experience needed.

Taking a job as a canvasser can be a good way of getting involved in an organization you admire.


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Who are Canvassers

Canvassers are sales-oriented people who approach the public in order to gather information, make sales, or influence actions for a company or organization.

Canvassers knock door-to-door in residential neighbourhoods and places of business in order to sell ideas, services, and products to the general public.

Their duties may also include gathering signatures or swaying opinions.

This is a travel-based profession, and canvassers mainly work outside and in their vehicles in all weather conditions, during daytime and evening hours, both on weekdays and weekends.

Many different industries hire canvassers, such as political associations and candidates, sales-based corporations, and service-oriented businesses.

Canvassers find full- and part-time work opportunities, though they may also work on an independent contractor basis.

Canvassers typically report to field directors and other assigned supervisors.

Canvasser Job Description

“We are looking for an enthusiastic Canvasser to talk to the public about our new range of products.” This is one of the many ways Canvasser job advert goes.

As a canvasser, you will be responsible for approaching people in malls, at home, and on the street, and telling them about our product(s) and its uses.

We may also require you to sell our products first-hand and attend events, such as county fairs and expos, where our product(s) will be displayed.

To ensure success as a canvasser, you should have excellent interpersonal skills, a strong background in sales, and the ability to provide information on a range of products.

Ultimately, a top-notch Canvasser is someone who can intimately relate to people face-to-face and sell the company products or ideas without coming across as aggressive.

Canvasser Responsibilities

  1. Memorizing and reciting sales scripts or statements prepared by the employer.
  2. Driving to Canvassing locations.
  3. Approaching and talking to people in malls, on the street, and in their homes about the company or organization.
  4. Displaying knowledge of the product or organization and attempting to sway opinions.
  5. Obtaining signatures and personal information for electoral parties and businesses.
  6. Making cold calls from the office.
  7. Answering questions about the company product, party leader or organization.
  8. Attending rallies, shows, fairs, and other industry-related events.
  9. Maintaining a professional appearance.
  10. Meeting quotas set out by the company or organization.
  11. Recruiting and training new Canvassers.

Canvasser Requirements

  1. High school diploma or West African School Certificate (WAEC) or National Examination Council Certificates (NECO)
  2. Possession of B.Sc, HNDNCE, OND concerning the applied position from a recognized institution.
  3. Any added certificate either postgraduate or professional certification will be of advantage.
  4. Previous work experience as a canvasser.
  5. NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate.
  6. Sales experience preferable.
  7. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  8. Ability to work with basic computer applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.).
  9. Ability to sell ideas or products and sway opinions.
  10. Ability to work after-hours and on weekends.
  11. Ability to travel extensively.
  12. Ability to work outdoors.
  13. Ability to walk and stand for long periods.

Successful canvassers have good people skills and the ability to relay information in a persuasive way.

Canvassers seeking employment are much more likely to find work if they also display the following abilities desired by employers:

  1. Conversation skills – canvassers must come across as friendly, trustworthy, and highly knowledgeable individuals, and they must know how to talk to anyone, so being a good conversationalist is an essential element of this job
  2. Salesmanship – canvassers are primarily attempting to promote a person, business, or product, which means strong salesmanship is required
  3. Physical stamina – canvassers stand and walk for hours at a time, so anyone seeking this job must have the physical ability to do this
  4. Time management – because canvassers must fulfil quotas, people in this profession must know how to manage their time well in order to talk to as many people as possible in a single day
  5. Adaptability – canvassers work both as part of a team and independently, so people seeking this job must be adaptable

Is Canvassing An Indoor or Outdoor Job?

Canvassing is primarily an outdoor job, as canvassers frequently walk door to door.

However, there are some positions where they use a car to travel between homes. Individuals should be prepared to work in inclement conditions.

What Sort Of Organizations Hire Canvassers?

Canvassers are hired by any organization that feels direct, face to face communication is the best method to get their message across.

Home improvement companies and political organizations will often rely on this sort of marketing.

Please note that canvassing for political campaigns may be a volunteer position.

Do I Have To Be A People Person To Work As A Canvasser?

It certainly helps! Canvassers spend most of the working hours speaking to members of the public about their organization’s products, services, or causes.

Organizations that hire canvassers often say they are looking for people with energetic personalities. Canvassing is a job built for ‘people persons!’

What Sort Of Equipment Do I Need To Be A Canvasser?

Flyers, petitions, brochures, and other paperwork should be provided by the hiring organization.

Canvassers should bring comfortable walking shoes, in addition to other professional and weather-appropriate attire.

Depending on your distance from the area you are canvassing, you may also need a car or access to public transit.

What Other Jobs Are Similar To Canvasser?

Telemarketers and retail workers are both similar positions to that of canvassers.

Telemarketers perform many of the same functions as canvassers, although they work by calling people rather than going door to door.

Retail workers sell items, as do many canvassers, but retail workers operate out of a single location rather than going door to door.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Canvassers

Frequently Asked Questions About Canvassers

What makes a good Canvasser?

  1. A good Canvasser is someone who has a passion for the cause they work for.
  2. They have a personable nature that allows them to connect with members of the public and encourages members of the public to listen to what they have to say.
  3. They also enjoy being physically active as their job requires them to stand and walk for multiple hours at a time.
  4. Further, a good Canvasser remains courteous and positive, even when they experience negative interactions with the public.

What are the daily duties of a Canvasser?

  1. On a typical day, a Canvasser starts by participating in one or more meetings about the goals for the day, tasks to complete and assignment locations.
  2. They work in groups or by themselves, walking through residential neighbourhoods to leave flyers and talk with residents.
  3. They return to their employer’s office once they achieve they meet or exceed their quota.
  4. Canvassers complete cold calls in the office to help obtain further information from constituents.
  5. They also enter data into spreadsheets for their employer to use in future research.

What should you look for on a Canvasser resume?

  1. When reviewing resumes for a Canvasser position, you should look at a candidate’s previous work experience and relevant qualities to determine if they’re suitable for the job.
  2. For example, a resume that highlights a candidate’s previous work experience as a Sales Representative, Salesperson or Brand Ambassador can indicate that they have the right background to engage with the public and persuade them to support a project or cause.
  3. It also means that they have a strong personality that enables them to keep going, even after they face rejection.

Who does a Canvasser report to?

  1. Canvassers typically report to Canvassing Managers.
  2. These professionals work as part of political campaigns and corporations to oversee canvassing initiatives.
  3. Canvassing Managers help train Canvassers by providing them with sales tactics and scripts to use.
  4. They also assign Canvassers to residential areas or public places and hold them accountable for meeting particular quotas.
  5. These may include reaching a certain number of signatures, donations or sales.

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