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Immigration Portal Check Latest Update

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– Immigration Portal –

Are you aware that the Nigerian Immigration Service is looking for new employees? They have, however, developed the Immigration portal to accommodate many applications. If you answered yes, this post is for you.

Immigration Portal Check Latest Update

In this article, you shall be provided with details on the Nigeria Immigration recruitment portal. Also, you shall get information regarded the requirements needed to apply.

Additionally, you shall get details concerning the educational qualification and application guidelines. However, letā€™s enlighten you with what the Nigeria Immigration Service does.

What Do Nigerian Immigration Services Do?

The principal reason that gave birth to Nigerian Immigration Services was the need to regulate and control the movement of individuals entering and leaving the country, through:

1. Issuance of travel documents to registered citizens of Nigeria dwelling within and outside of the country.

2. Also, issuance of a resident permits to foreigners who wish to visit the country.

3. Surveillance and patrol of the countryā€™s border.

4. Furthermore, regulation and enforcement of laws with which it has been directly charged with

Vision StatementĀ 

To be a modern, effective Immigration Service, manned by a well trained and motivated workforce


To strengthen the security of Nigeria through proactive and efficient border security and migration management.

Salary StructureĀ 

Just like most government agencies, the salary structure of Nigerian Immigration Services is not made available to public domains, however here are speculated salary structures based on their ranks.

The first rank ā€œPassport Officersā€ gets the least salary ranging from N30,000 and above, while ā€œController General Immigration Serviceā€ which is the highest rank get up to three million naira per annum.

On an average scale, the current salary of the Nigerian Immigration Service is about two million nairas.

The Immigration Portal

You can theĀ Nigeria Immigration portalĀ via the following links:

Click Here

Also, Login Here

Additionally, Visit HereĀ 

Furthermore,Ā Click Here

Also,Visit this linkĀ 

Click HereĀ 

Immigration Recruitment 2021 Requirement

1. Applicants for the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment 2022 must be Nigerian by birth.

2. Also, applicants must be medically fit and present a certificate of medical fitness from a government hospital.

3. Additionally, the applicant must be free from financial embarrassment.

4. Furthermore, applicants for the Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment 2022 must be between the ages of 18-30 years.

5. Additionally, the applicantā€™s height must not be less than 1.65m for males and 1.60m for females.

6. Also, the applicantā€™s chest measurement of not less than 0.87m for men.

Applicants with any of the following Physical Challenges Need not Apply:

1. Impediment in speech (stammer/dumb).

2. Also, gross malformation of teeth.

3. Knocked knees.

4. Also, bent knees.

5. Bowlegs

6. K-legs

7. Additionally, flat foot

8. Limb legs

9. Bent arms/deformed hands/fracture

10. Defective eyesight(squint-eyed, crossed eye, one-eyed and total blindness)

11. Additionally, amputation of any part of the physical body

12. Hearing-impaired(deaf)

13. Also, hunched back

14. Obesity

15. Medical challenges

16. Also, any physical deformity not mentioned.


āž¢ DSS Nigeria Recruitment

āž¢ DSS Nigeria Recruitment Portal

āž¢ DSS Recruitment

Important Update on the Recruitment on the Immigration Portal

There are a lot of things you should take into consideration when applying for the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2022.

Getting the right information at the right time is very important, which means you need to be visiting NIS Portal regularly.

Note the following information if you wish to be successful in getting employed by the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Have all the necessary credentials.

Also, scan and Upload your Credentials on this link.

Furthermore, NIS Shortlisted Candidates will be published shortly after.

Do not pay anyone who claims he can help you get a Job in Nigeria Immigration Service.

Applying for the Recruitment on the Immigration Portal

Interested and qualified candidates should visit:Ā

Method of Application for the Immigration Recruitment on the Immigration Portal

The method of Nigerian immigration service recruitment is usually through its online portal. Moreso, they expect applicants to access the recruitment portal.

Also, applicants are advised to ensure they print out referees and security clearance forms, which must be filled and made available for submission during screening.

Additionally, applicants are usually advised to make a submission online within four (4) weeks of the publication of the job notice.

This is as applications after this said date or breach of the application procedure will certainly not be welcomed.

Shortlisting of Candidates

Upon registration and verification of applicants, they usually inform successful candidates of their application status through:

Registered E-mail address,

Also, phone numbers.

Additionally, their names.


It would require a successful candidate to pass a medical fitness test, conducted from a government or military hospital.

This is to be sure of their physical and health stability before the final selection process. More so, the candidate would be required to be free from bankruptcy cases, theft and must not be involved in unresolved criminal cases.

CLICK HERE to see the shortlisted list.

There is usually a computer-based test conducted for shortlisted candidates, and they usually communicate the time and date for the test to such individuals privately prior to the exam date.

Just like most government agencies, Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment is completely and absolutely free. And its method of application is strictly online through its official website as stated.

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