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Best Steps to Follow-up Call After Interview 2021 Update

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Follow-up Call: A phone call is a quick and easy way to follow up on an already existing issue. You’re connecting personally with the person who may be making the decision to hire you, or who will at least have some influence on that decision.

At the least, it reminds the interviewer of your candidacy. At best, it can help you secure a second interview, or even a job offer, read through carefully for follow up tips. 

Best Steps to Follow-up Call After Interview 2021 Update

The hours and days after a job interview can feel like they’re moving in slow motion when you’re waiting on “The Call.”

Traditionally, job seekers were advised that their only recourse after an interview was to sit tight and stay within an arm’s length of the telephone.

Today, however, some experts are advising a more proactive approach in the post-interview process. In addition, it’s more personal than a thank-you email message or a thank-you note, even though those also work well.

After you’ve successfully completed a job interview, it is natural to wonder when you’ll receive a follow-up call regarding future employment with the company.

It’s common for several days (or even weeks) to pass without hearing back from the interviewer.

Best Steps to Follow-up Call After an interview

At what point do you take the initiative to pick up the phone and inquire about your interview? In this article, you will learn how to best approach a follow-up phone call after you’ve completed an interview read through carefully.

1. Know when you should call after an interview

You may be excited about your new job prospect, but it’s important to allow an appropriate amount of time to pass before dialing the interviewer’s number.

Calling back too soon after an interview could be taken as a sign of impatience. Remember that you are likely one of many who interviewed for the job and that the interviewer still has a job to do outside of hiring new employees.

2. Don’t apply the hard sell

If you find out that the hiring manager is still in the midst of the decision-making process, avoid diving in with a long laundry list of reasons why you’re perfect for the position.

Instead, express your continued interest in the position and your enthusiasm for the company in a straightforward, polite, and—most importantly—brief manner.

3. React on their initial Verdict

If they hire you, ask about the next steps. Perhaps you should go to the company to sign a new job contract, or there is a training day you have to pass (or a drug test) before you can officially start working in the company.

If their verdict is negative, try to make the most from the phone call. Ask them to give you some feedback on your interviewing skills–what you could do better, why they chose someone else, etc.

If you have a good feeling from the person on the other end, you can ask also about other job openings in the company–perhaps you researched other offers on their careers’ website, or on your favorite job board. Show them that you are interested in.

4. Don’t let Gatekeepers intercept your call

If possible, try to avoid being re-routed to anybody who was not present at your interview.

If the receptionist tries to take a message or redirects your call to an unfamiliar HR staff member, your follow-up objectives will not be accomplished. If this happens, politely ask when your interviewer will be available for a brief phone chat.

5. Ask if the Position has been Taken

Once you’ve got your interviewer on the phone, begin by politely refreshing their memory and introducing yourself. After you’ve ensured that the interviewer has a few moments to talk, ask whether the position has been filled.

If it hasn’t, follow up by asking whether you are still under consideration for the job.

6. Apply the Virtue of Silence

To remain silent on the call is a great sales technique, and you can use it also in the follow-up of your interview.

You have already introduced yourself, and told them what you need and want to know. Remain silent and let them talk.

The longer you remain silent, the more information you will get. Don’t forget to grab a pen and paper and note down everything they say. Just let them talk, and don’t interrupt.

7. Know when to end the call

There’s nothing more to say or do. Wish them good luck, and hang up. Try to stay positive and friendly, end the call on a high note.

You never know what can happen in the future. Perhaps you can benefit from this particular connection with the recruiter/HR manager, from having their number.

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