KUST Post UTME Past Questions 2023 & Answers PDF Download

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Download KUST Post UTME Past Questions: Do you aspire to be a KUST candidate? or are you looking for how to get KUST Post UTME Past Questions to prepare?

KUST Post UTME Past Questions 2021 & Answers PDF Download

Good news! KUST Post UTME past questions and answers are now available for download to all candidates that are about to write the screening examination.

We have highly accurate post UTME past questions and answers for the Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST). Apparently, we got this to aid your preparations for the upcoming Post UTME screening examination

Indeed, they are all you need to scale through the post UTME screening exercise with flying colors.

KUST Post UTME Past Questions Benefits

Note that, KUST is a highly selective institution. Only a small percentage of students who seek for admission to the university get accepted. The aggregate scores of candidates are the key to selecting successful students.

However, studying with Past Questions and Answers is the secret of students who made it to the entrance list. Hence, the fact that you had a high score in JAMB does not guarantee that your admission into KUST is secured.

You still have the Post UTME exam to write. It won’t be wise to stop studying until the Post UTME forms are released and the date for your Post UTME exams is getting closer.

For this reason, we have made available Post UTME past questions to help you get prepared for the forthcoming examinations.

Note Also:

Interestingly, a candidate may have a high jamb score of 350 but end up with a low Post UTME .  He/She may not gain admission into Kano University of Science and Technology. 

However, a candidate with a JAMB score not below the cutoff mark and with high Post UTME can gain admission.

Therefore, even if you score high in JAMB, don’t relax thinking your admission is sure. That being the case, you have to buckle up too in your post UTME to stand a chance of gaining admission into KUST. 

However, scoring  290 in your JAMB doesn’t mean you should relax. And, then 10 days to exams you prepare for the screening test. The reality is, you will get a bad result. 

Hence, the best choice is to get the complete set of the Post UTME past questions.  Also start studying immediately after your UTME exams are concluded.

Other Reasons Why you need the Past Questions

‣ It gives you useful insights into the nature of questions to expect and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

‣ In addition, it will be easy for you to recognize repeated questions and answer them with ease and speed.

‣ Similarly, gives you knowledge on the number of questions given and allocated time.

‣ Equally important, it gives exposure to the marking scheme.

‣ Also, it helps you think fast and beyond your capacity. You won’t also feel intimidated by the crowd or questions because you’ll be prepared for it.

‣ Additionally, it guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

‣ Also, It enlightens you on the scope of the exam

Furthermore, scoring  290 in your JAMB doesn’t mean you should relax. And, then 10 days to exams you prepare for the screening test. The reality is, you will get a bad result.

However, the best choice is to get the complete set of the Post UTME past questions and start studying immediately after your UTME exams are concluded.

KUST Available Courses

We have put together a complete list of all the courses offered currently at the Kano University of Science and Technology.

‣ Agricultural Engineering

‣ Agricultural Science and Education

‣ Agriculture

‣ Architecture

‣ Automotive Enginnering

‣ Biochemistry

‣ Biology

‣ Chemistry

‣ Civil Engineering

‣ Computer Science

‣ Education and Biology

‣ Education and Chemistry

‣ Education and Geography

‣ Education and Mathematics

‣ Education and Physics

‣ Electrical Engineering

‣ Environmental Engineering

‣ Food Science and Technology

‣ Geography

‣ Geology

‣ Health Education

‣ Information and CommunicationTechnology

‣ Library and Information Science

‣ Mathematics

‣ Mechanical Engineering

‣ Mechatronics Engineering

‣ Microbiology

‣ Physics

‣ Science Laboratory Technology

‣ Statistics

‣ Urban and Regional Planning

‣ Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Guidelines on Writing the Examination

1. Firstly, do not spend too much time on any questions. Thus, answer first, those possible questions which you know well as quickly as you can.

2. Also, always read a question carefully. Make sure that you understand exactly what is required before setting out to answer it

3. Furthermore, listen to all the instructions given by the Supervisor of the examination. And do exactly what he tells you to do. Also, start when he tells you to start and stop when he tells you to stop,

4. Also, plan how to answer questions as quickly and carefully as you can.

5. Furthermore, mark (or shade) your answers clearly on the answer sheet. If you find out you have made a mistake, erase your first mark completely then make a new mark.

6. Additionally, remember to fill in the details required on your answer sheet. And these are the examination, year, your name, your index number, and the subject.

 Also, If you do not write your name or your index number you will not receive any credit for the work done.

7. Also, if you have more answer spaces than you need, just leave the extra spaces blank.

8. Additionally, when you have finished one page, go on straight to the next page without wasting time or waiting to be told.

9. Also, keep calm on the examination day. Your chance of doing well is high if you keep calm than if you are worried and restless.

Guidelines to Help You Study

Also, here are a few guidelines to help you when studying for the Post UTME examinations

1. First, study Post UTME past questions.

2. Secondly, take a Practice Test.

3. Also, learn how to use a computer.

4. Furthermore, take advantage of tutorials.

5. Additionally, attempt to answer questions without using a calculator.

6. Also, make sure your O’level results are good.

7. Lastly, make an effort to pass.


KUST Post-UTME Screening Examination Format

The KUST usually sets questions on just three(3) subjects which are Mathematics, English Language, and Current Affairs irrespective of your course of study or program.

‣ English Language = 20 Questions

‣ Maths = 10 Questions

‣ Current Affairs =10 Questions

‣ Total = 40 Questions

‣ Time to take Test = 30 Minutes.

‣ Total Post-UTME Score = 100 Marks

Sample of Screening Past Questions and Answers

Use of English

In the questions below, choose the word(s) or phrase which best fills the gap(s).

1. Jubril found that thieves had entered his house in his absence. He went to the police to report the…

(A) break out

(B) break up


(D) break into

Ans: C

2. After the accused was found guilty by the court, his counsel… before the sentence was passed

(A) begged for mercy

(B)made a plea for mitigation

(C) made an ovation

(D) made a plea for litigation

Ans: B

3. The officer was compelled to… the suspect’s car.


(B) cease

(C) size

(D) sease

Ans: A

4. If you are going to the market, may I… please?

(A) follow you

(B)come with you

(C) come by you

(D) come as your second

Ans: B

5. Thank you for the party, we really…

(A) enjoyed ourselves


(C) enjoyed very much

(D) enjoyed too much.

Ans: B


1. The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression are 21 and 567 respectively find the first term and the common ratio of the progression.

(A) 3, 7

(B) 7, 3

(C) -7, 3

(D) -3, 7

Ans: B

2. Tunse bought a house for N1,250,000 and spent N350,000.00 to renovate it. He then sold the house for N2,000,000.00. What is the percentage gain?

(A) 40%

(B) 65%

(C) 35%

(D) 32%

Ans: D

3. List the integral values of which satisfy the inequality -2 < 7 – 3x≤ 10

(A) -1, 0, 1, 2

(B) -2, 0, 1

(C) 1, 2, 3

(D) 0, 1,2

Ans: A

4. In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak French. How many speak English but not French.

(A) 45

(B) 50

(C) 55

(D) 60

Ans: C

5. The lengths of the sides of a right-angled triangle are ym, (3y – 1)m and (3y + 1)m, find y.

(A) 12

(B) 9

(C) 8

(D) 4

Ans: A


How to Download KUST Post UTME Past Questions

Note that the cost of the newly updated KUST Past Questions and Answers is two thousand naira (2,000) only for the subject’s combination.

In order to get the material delivered to your mailbox, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) @ TMLT PRO SERVICES with Account Number 1022564031.

See the Payment Detail:                                    

Account Name: TMLT PRO Services

Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Account No.: 1022564031

Payment Procedure for the KUST Post UTME Past Questions

1. Payment to the following bank account sent to your SMS or Whatsapp Number, either by bank deposits slip or online transfer

2. Also after payment, the candidate is expected to:

Send FULL NAME ON TELLER or BANK ACCOUNT which the payment was made from + AMOUNT PAID + PAST QUESTION IN DEMAND + FACULTY + COURSE, as mail to or SMS to 08082284439.


1. Name on Teller or Bank Account You Transferred From.- Frank Andrews

2. School e.g: UNIZIK

3. Faculty or Course E.g: Agriculture

4. Email Address or Whatsapp Number

The PDF Past Question and Answers will be sent to your email address once payment is confirmed. You can reach out to our customer care service before placing an order.


It is important to keep in mind that success in post-UTME requires planning and commitment. You can easily pass the exam with the right amount of effort and dedication.

CSN Team.

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