50 Sad Messages to Help You Cope With Heartbreak

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As you go through some of the sad quotes about love in this piece, you shall discover that they acknowledge your past hurt, and therefore, are designed to get you over the scars of the past. We strongly believe that the love saying helps raise your spirit.

sad quotes about love

Sad Quotes About Love

These sayings fundamentally underscore that, “each person’s situation in life is special,” and that, “we should never equate our hearts’ quality to that of other people.”

Check out these heartbreaking love quotes that we are sure are going to resonate with anyone amongst us who out of the blue just lost his or her most cherished relationship

There are a lot of issues in our love lives from which sad love quotations can be chosen for example; the death of a favorite person, heat, diminishing, helplessness, and frustrations.

Here are sad quotes to help you cope with heartbreak:

1. “Perhaps the one very sad thing about love is there can be no forever after, and the heart pain so rapidly fades.”

2. “At times, any rekindling of pleasure and joy is impossible because one is already self-numbed from the pain.”

3. “The tragedy is, that one’s numbing also fades out these feelings of joy and pleasure.”

3. “For the heart, pain is a little better should it come hand-in-hand with pride.” 

4. It is heartbreaking to watch someone you are acquainted with become merely a memory.”

5. “The most sorrowful thing is that you become a minute for the person while remaining the eternity to you.”

6. “This is the part where everything ends, where l left everything behind, where the ‘normal’ finally departed.” 

7. “The soul has pains that are the most difficult; when tears are running down the face for appearing to smile.”

8. “We feel everyone else is laughing, except the heartbroken him.” 

9. “It’s so sad to see the extent of complacency of people who promised never to repeat the abuses they see.” 

10. “Even with the lack of closure, you can access the closure in the knowledge that you deserve nothing less than the best.”

11. “There is no ordeal that is worse than being in a relationship that is no longer going somewhere” 

12. “That’s a long way to go when you realize that it is not reciprocated as much as you thought it would .” 

13. “Out of the myriad of hard things to do in our lives, surely one of these is to free ourselves from what we used to believe was the real thing.”

14. The hardest thing about letting the person go is when you are suddenly sure that the person will not come after you.”

15. “Heartbreak is that moment which tells the details that the person whom you love (s) similarly feels you.” 

Sad Texts to Help Heal

16. “It’s difficult to see someone you thought was a big part of your life to realize that you were not as important as you thought you were to them.” 

17. “The hardest thing is probably when you’re feeling so down to your bare bones and look around to see that there is no shoulder available.” 

18. “It’s disappointing when you become aware of the fact that the other person’s feelings towards you are like what you naturally have expected.” 

19. “Heartbreak is the tide which surges and goes back leaving you on the shore, devastated, but after some time, goes again.”

20. ‘It’s heartrending when your friend acts like he knew you friend.’ 

21. “You’ll be even more disappointed to find out that people can neglect you for a mere instant when their interest is required.” 

22. “Heartbreak will is not just someone else leaving you. It can be the loss of a part of yourself.” 

23. “So depressed, how people can start total strangers and then friends and then don’t know each other almost.” 

24. “Heartbreak is the time when a person loses the feeling of fullness for one last time.” 

25. “It’s hard when you discover that even the greatest love you may have for someone, because of difference, unmet expectations, time or another reason is not reciprocated.”

26. “The saddest thing when you are feeling down is finding that you have no shoulder to lean on so you are alone and there is no one.” 

27. ‘Love requires you to risk taking the best part of yourself and give it to another.’ 

28. “It’s just unbelievable when one realizes that there are those people who became close friends, then became almost strangers again to me.” 

29. “Love is the awakening of your susceptibility to believe in forever, the heartbreak is the sense of awareness that your dreams came from the lack of correspondence of reality.” 

30. “Unfortunately, one discovers that a person doesn’t matter what amount of love you give, there is no possible way that they will also love you back the way you do.” 

31. “The instant hurt is when you get to notice you were never enough to him/her.”

32. “It’s so saddening to realize that those you cherish turn out to be just some other people you know, but one day.” 

33. “Passion is the breakup with fate and realizing that you dreamed about forever but reality came true now instead.” 

34. “It’s such a sad thing when someone can move from being total strangers to your best friends who could almost be so cold again.”

35. “A great heartbreak and its breakdown is like a wave. A big you become when it comes, but at the end, it will stay.” 

Perfect Relationship Texts

Perfect Relationship Texts

36. “It is (or ‘It’s’) sad when a person you love becomes one of the acquaintances that you always know”. 

37. “The heartbreak ‘is not only the loss of the person you truly loved…the heartbreak is also the loss of a part of yourself’.”

38. ‘It’s sad that you can discover that no matter how much you adore someone, they will never admire you the way you do.’

39. “Heartbreak is a feeling of despair that arises when your utopian fantasies crash by the gravity of the reality.” 

40. “It is rather painful to see the person you love transforming into somebody who is just another friend to you.”

41. ‘Heartbreak is that moment when you remember that you were not enough fit person for someone.’ 

42. “It’s painful to realize how fast people might also slowly turn their backs on you and only turn their heads when they like what they see.” 

43. ‘Heartbreak is like a wave. You get hit on the head but over time you learn to find peace again.’

44. “Yeah, it’s depressing when someone you once loved becomes another fashionista.” 

45. “There is more to heartbreak than losing the one you love, it is just as much breaking down a part of yourself that ties you to another person.”

46. “It doesn’t feel nice when you get to the point that no matter how much you generously give, the one you give your love to doesn’t seem to return it the same way.” 

47. “Heartbreak is when you discover that for some reason your sure hope and joy for a lifetime together turned out to be untrue and impossible.” 

48. “The female artist expresses that experiencing the loss of a loved one is very unsettling and might even make the person who lost feel as if the other person ceased being a part of her life.” 

49. “The moment when you discreetly recognize that at all you have never been good enough for someone is the heartbreak.” 

50. “How muddling is it that people who had your back after everything now only hear from them when they’ve got a new problem.”

It is true that sadness, a familiar part of life that’s mostly associated with tragic events and painful memories, occurs to all of us from time to time.

Give these sad love portions in the form of text the power that they require to encourage you in a time of grief where they can help and also lighten the burden from your shoulders.

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