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Federal Government Scholarship Board education.gov.ng 2022 Application

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Federal Government Scholarship Board

The Federal Government of Nigeria is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students into their Federal Government Scholarship Board for students. It is a well-funded scholarship for all students.

Federal Government Scholarship Board education.gov.ng 2021 Application

The Federal Government of Nigeria is aware of that. As such, it has set up a structure. And this structure is aimed at facilitating your dream for educational excellence.

Also, this is within and outside the borders of the Giant of Africa. And it’s called the Federal Scholarship Board of Nigeria. Doesn’t that sound great? Now, let’s see what the organization is all about and what the scholarship process is like.

About Federal Government Scholarship Board

The Federal Government Scholarship Board is a department established by the Federal Ministry of Education. Also, it performs various functions.

For example, it devises plans for efficient utilization of foreign and local scholarships for educational aspirants like you.

Also, it collects, collates and analyses students’ data and information, scholarship and fellowship awards. Furthermore, it ensures that deserving Nigerian students are awarded foreign and local scholarships.

Also, it’s saddled with the responsibility of fulfilling commitments to the Multilateral Education Agreement and Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA).

Additionally, it’s in charge of the supervision and monitoring of Scholars of the Federal Tertiary Institutions.

The Four (4) Divisions of the Board

The Board carries out its jurisdiction through 4 divisions. Namely:

1. Bilateral Education Agreement.

2. Nigerian Awards.

3. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan.

4. General Duties.

Federal Scholarship Board Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship

What is the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA)? BEA is the division concerned with disbursing scholarship awards between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Government of other non – English speaking Countries.

However, these Governments of other non – English speaking Countries must have signed this BEA. Would you like to know the countries? They are the following:

➢ Algeria, China, Cuba and Egypt.

➢ Also, Hungary, Japan and Mexico.

➢ Furthermore, Morocco, Romania, Russia and Serbia.

➢ Additionally, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Requirements for Federal Scholarship Board BEA Scholarship

Board BEA Scholarship

There are requirements to be met for this scholarship. For instance, if you’re seeking for a Postgraduate (Masters or Ph.D) scholarship, here is what you should have:

1. You must have a Master’s Degree or a First Degree. And this is with First Class or Second Class Upper (2:1).

2. Also, you must have been employed for at least 2 years.

3. Additionally, you must complete your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Or you must have obtained your exemption letter.

4. More so, you must not be more than 35 years old for Masters or above 40 for Ph.D.

5. Also, your certificate must not be more than 5 years.

If you are seeking an Undergraduate scholarship, here is what you should have:

1. You must have a minimum of 5 As and Bs in your WAEC May/June as well as your English and Mathematics in just one seating. And this is with subjects relevant to your chosen field of study.

2. However, for African countries, your certificate must not be more than one year. And for European countries, your certificate must not be more than two years.

3. Also, you should be between 18 to 20 years old.


➢ John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship

➢ IVHQ Medical Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

➢ 10Beasts Internet Marketing Scholarship

Federal Scholarship Board BEA Courses to Study

The Federal Government BEA scholarship courses are listed below;

➢ Natural sciences, Technology and Engineering.

➢ Also, Information Technology, Medicine and Medicine related courses.

➢ Additionally, Environmental science, Geology and Petroleum related courses.

➢ Furthermore, Social science, Law, International Relations, Languages, etc.

How to Apply for Federal Scholarship Board BEA Scholarship

FSB BEA scholarship application forms are to be completed online as follows:

➢ Visit Federal Scholarship Board BEA Portal and Complete the online form.

➢ Furthermore, submit and print a copy.

➢ Additionally, attach a photocopy of the following documents to the Printed Copy:

➢ Letter of Admission to the Institution.

➢ Also, Current Course Registration Form. Additionally, CGPA results of years 1, 2, 3, etc.

➢ Furthermore, Current School’s Identity Card.

➢ Also, a Letter of Identification from your State/Local Government.

➢ Lastly, Two (2) passport size photographs with your name written at the back and duly signed by you.

Also, please note. Candidates nominated by the federal ministry of education scholarship board will be required to submit to the Board the following:

➢ Authenticated copies of academic certificates.

➢ Also, the data page of the current International passport.

➢ Furthermore, specified Medical Reports from Government hospitals.

➢ Additionally, National Identification Number (NIN).

➢ Lastly, Police Clearance Certificate where necessary.

How to Check For BEA Scholarship Results

For now, results have not to be pasted. However, if the results are out, an SMS will be sent to you. Also, they could be released on http://www.education.gov.ng.

How to Contact Federal Scholarship Board

What are you waiting for? You can take the pain and complete the requirements now so that you can reap the benefits of a standard educational path later.

 Federal Scholarship Board

Here is how you can reach out to the federal government scholarship board

Scholarship Website: http://fsb.nemis.gov.ng/

Address: Nnamdi Azikwe Expy, Wuse, Abuja

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 08077884417/09094268637

Federal Scholarship Board in Nigeria, 2022-2023

The Federal Government Scholarship Board for 2022/2023 is provided by the Federal Scholarship Board. Also, it covers undergraduate courses. And the number of awards varies. Also, this award can be taken in Nigeria.

Eligibility for Federal Scholarship Board in Nigeria

The eligible countries are:

➢ Domestic students can apply for this application.

➢ Also, the acceptable course or subjects are Undergraduate degree courses offered by the university.

➢ Furthermore, all Nigerian students are eligible to apply for this study grant.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, please note:

➢ Candidates must apply through this LINK.

➢ All must provide some supporting documents. In other words, to be considered for this award, applicants must have all previous academic transcripts.

➢ Also, must reach the language requirements. A such, applicants must be able to demonstrate a good command of the English language for the opportunity.

Scholarship Award Benefit

The Federal Scholarship Board provide educational fund. In a nutshell, with the above information, the ball is now in your court. Make good use of it. Good luck.

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