Top 20 Law Enforcement Scholarships Portal 2023 for International Student

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Law Enforcement Scholarships provide invaluable opportunities for aspiring law enforcement professionals, offering financial support and recognition for their dedication and commitment.

The Law Enforcement Scholarships

The Law Enforcement Scholarships aim to support and recognize the dedication and commitment of aspiring law enforcement professionals who seek to make a positive impact on their communities.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of 20 remarkable scholarship opportunities specifically tailored for individuals pursuing a career in law enforcement.

1. Law Enforcement Career Scholarship Program

The eligibility criteria for the program state that students must be U.S. citizens enrolled in an accredited college or university offering a Law Enforcement or Police Administration course.

Applicants must have completed at least one year of college or be pursuing an advanced degree in the same field. Multiple family members may apply, but only one scholarship will be awarded per family.

2. Harris Cotton Memorial Scholarship

The Law Enforcement Scholarships provide annual grants of $2,500 directly to recipients, with the possibility of reapplication in subsequent years.

Eligibility requires New Jersey residency, admission to a law school, and a focus on Domestic Violence and Hate Crimes prosecutions.

Demonstrating financial need is necessary, and applications must be postmarked by June 15th. Finalists will undergo personal interviews, and the Trustees’ decision will be communicated to applicants in August.

3. The Brooking Industries Scholarship

Brooking is delighted to present an educational scholarship program exclusively available to dependent high school and college students of active, full-time commissioned Law Enforcement officers and qualified First Responders.

The scholarship is designed for students pursuing degrees that align with careers in Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, or First Responder fields.

It is applicable for study at accredited colleges and universities, covering expenses such as room and board, tuition, library fees, textbooks, and institution-imposed fees.

The awarded funds will be disbursed directly to the designated higher education institution on behalf of the student, not to the student directly. The top video submission will receive a one-time award of $10,000.

4. Detective LaVern Brann Scholarship

The primary objective of the Fund is to offer scholarships to individuals who are underrepresented minorities in the police officer profession.

Specifically, the scholarship is open to graduating seniors and graduates from the Battle Creek area, aiming to pursue educational opportunities at the Kellogg Community College Police Academy for their path to becoming police officers.

Applicants should exhibit potential for success in the police academy program.

Moreover, factors such as financial need, character, volunteer engagement, leadership qualities, and dedication to the community will also be taken into account during the selection process.

5. Ed and Flora Pellegri Scholarship

The Ed and Flora Pellegrini Scholarship is designed to provide assistance to students from Massachusetts and Connecticut who are embarking on careers in teaching, law enforcement, or nursing.

Eligible applicants include high school seniors and undergraduate students who are studying nursing, law enforcement, or teaching in either of the two states.

To apply for the scholarship, candidates are required to reflect on the challenges they have overcome and explain how those experiences have influenced their chosen career paths.

6. Metadata Matters Scholarship

The Digital Forensics Scholarship is exclusively created for high school seniors and undergraduates who are presently enrolled or planning to pursue a four-year undergraduate degree in Digital Forensics.

Applicants are required to submit an essay detailing their motivations for entering the digital forensics field, expressing their primary areas of interest within the discipline, and explaining how they initially became acquainted with and developed an interest in this field of study.

7. Mike Braem Memorial Scholarship

The objective of this scholarship is to pay tribute to Mike’s memory and uphold his lasting impact by providing assistance to students who are dedicated to pursuing a transformative law enforcement career.

8. The Harold Johnson Law Enforcement Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must be either a high school senior or a current undergraduate student at the time of application.

Additionally, they must have officially declared their intention to pursue a program of study in law enforcement, criminal justice, administration of justice, or police science.

9. Steven Garfinkel Scholarship Program

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student in an accredited college or university.

They can either be a full-time student or a part-time student who is concurrently employed in a security-related role, dedicating at least 10 percent of their time, in either a commercial company, the U.S. Government, or the U.S. military.

10. American Association of State Troopers Scholarship

To qualify, applicants must be either high school or college students who are dependents of trooper members through natural birth, legal adoption, step-child status, or legal guardianship.


Additionally, they must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at an accredited educational institution.

11. Law Enforcement Family Member Scholarship

The scholarship will be granted to a student, whether in an undergraduate or graduate program, who is currently enrolled at an accredited law school or university.

The student must have a family connection, such as a parent, spouse, or sibling, who has served or is currently serving as an active duty member of law enforcement.

This includes reserve officers, retired officers, as well as those who are deceased or disabled due to their service.

12. Grace Lynn Ross Memorial Scholarship

Applications are open to high school seniors and undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree in criminal justice or child psychology/grief counseling.

Individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to violence or murder are particularly encouraged to apply.

13. Alpha Chi Omega Foundation Scholarships

Alpha Chi Omega holds a deep appreciation for the academic endeavors of its members and aims to support them through scholarship opportunities.

These scholarships alleviate some of the financial strain associated with education, assisting members in their pursuit of knowledge.

Our scholarships are exclusively designated for collegiate and alumna members, offering merit-based assistance for their educational pursuits.

It is important to note that these funds cannot be utilized for chapter fees.

The specific amounts of the scholarships are determined annually by the Board of Trustees, based on established criteria and through a voting process.

To be eligible, applicants must be full-time students and lifetime members of Alpha Chi Omega, maintaining good standing within the organization.

14. Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship

The ATHENA Scholarship, offered by the Grand Rapids Chamber, is exclusively available to female applicants who will be 30 years of age or older at the beginning of the semester for which the scholarship is awarded.

It is required that the selected institution be an accredited vocational, technical, or four-year college situated within a 20-mile radius of Grand Rapids.

Additionally, applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

15. Toptal Scholarships for Women

Toptal is offering a remarkable opportunity for five aspiring female leaders to receive $10,000 along with a year of mentorship to fuel their ambitions of making a meaningful impact on the world.

Candidates are invited to vividly portray their envisioned future, outlining how they plan to effect change after completing their education.

They must articulate a detailed strategy for achieving their goals, highlighting the specific type of mentorship that would prove most influential in realizing their desired outcomes.

As part of the application process, individuals are required to publish a 1,000-word blog post on their personal blog, delving into their unique idea for transforming the world.

16. Mary Macey Scholarship Program

To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must be college sophomores, juniors, or seniors at the time of application.

Additionally, they must identify as women and have intentions to pursue a career in the food retail industry.

It is required that applicants possess prior work experience in a grocery store or another food retail establishment.

17. AAUW Honolulu Branch Education Funds

Female students seeking eligibility for this opportunity must be currently enrolled in accredited, not-for-profit, four-year institutions located in Hawaii.

In addition, applicants must be residents of Hawaii and possess a minimum GPA of 3.0.

18. National Pathfinder Scholarship

To qualify for the scholarship, candidates must be either college sophomores, juniors, seniors, or master’s students.

Individuals who have recently graduated from high school or are in their first year of college are not eligible to apply. Furthermore, applicants must identify as female.

19. Financial Women International Scholarship

To be considered for this award, all applicants must provide evidence of financial need and exhibit good moral character.

Recipients will receive notification of their selection after the scholarship selection committees convene, with this process taking place anytime from May to August.

20. ESA Foundation Esports Scholarship

To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must be either women or minority students actively participating in esports as members of a collegiate team.

They must also be enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States.

Additionally, applicants must be U.S. citizens and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher.

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