Master of Drug Discovery Scholarship 2023 Application Update

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Master of Drug Discovery Scholarship, which is fully funded by Victoria University of Wellington is presently accepting applications from eligible students.

The Master of Drug Discovery Scholarship

The Drug Discovery & Development (DDD) Master of Science program presents students with the chance to comprehensively comprehend, assess, and participate in the complete journey of drug discovery and development.

This exceptional program delivers the rigorous scientific and technical education essential for triumph in the intricate and diverse domain of drug discovery.

It also exposes students to a wide range of potential career paths.

This experience facilitates a seamless transition into a rewarding and fruitful profession within various sectors such as biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, nonprofit foundations, government agencies, or academic institutions.

Value of Scholarship



Benefits of Scholarship

1. This program is designed to be accessible, fast-paced, cost-effective, career-oriented, and adaptable.

2. You can complete a non-thesis Master’s degree program in as little as one year.

3. Gain a competitive edge in the job market with enhanced qualifications.

4. Empower working professionals to broaden their job scope, assume greater responsibilities, and advance their careers.

5. Enhance your professional network and gain a competitive advantage through capstone research and an industrial internship.

Eligibility for Scholarship

1. International students are eligible to apply only.

2. Prospective applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or a related life science discipline, such as Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, or a similar field, with a minimum average grade of B+ in 300-level Chemistry courses.

3. Applicants must demonstrate their earnest commitment to enrolling in the Master of Drug Discovery and Development program at Victoria University of Wellington.


Application Deadline

Currently Unavailable.

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