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Canadian Universities Offering Scholarships: Have you looked forward to studying abroad, have you thought of how Canada sound as a place to study.

Universities in Canada offer scholarships as well to international students like you who have longed and developed interest to study in Canada.

10 Canadian Universities Offering Scholarships for International Students

Canada has become an education super power and education is a major responsibility in the Canadian constitution, education however is important to Canadians and to this scholarships have been made available to international students.

These Canadian universities offer scholarships to both domestic and international students without segregation and these scholarships have its procedures that you have to follow to acquire them.

1. The University of Waterloo

The university of Waterloo located in the heart of Canada’s technology region, and being one of the leading comprehensive school offers scholarships to international master’s and doctoral program students.

The university of Waterloo has been ranked Canada’ most innovative and creative school. The university of Waterloo has its key point for scholarship seeking international students, these criteria’s include that eligible students must have to enroll full-time in research based degree program and most posses a valid Canadian permit, students must also meet the academic progress requirements of the university and their programs, without outstanding probationary admission requirements.

Most of the Canadian scholarships offered to international student is based on scholastic excellence.


2. The University of Manitoba

The university of Manitoba graduate fellowship (UMGF) is a merit-based scholarship opened to students of various universities who will have to register as full-time students.

The scholarship is opened to graduate students that is masters and PhD students, students with good considerable grade point of (3.75) and above from their previous universities are recognized for this scholarship.

All fields of study exist for students to indulge in with the exception of those in the college of Medicine and in master of business administration.


3. Queen’s university international scholarships

The Queen’s university is one of the oldest degree granting universities, founded by Royal Charter in 1841, the Queen’s is the home of noble prize winner, the Queen’s university ranks the 4th among medical –doctoral universities found in Canada.

The Queen’s university challenges and supports its students. Queen’s university attracts a large number of outstanding student scholars around the globe with different financial aid programs available to assist international students.

An international student is eligible but Canadian citizens and those with dual citizenship are not qualified. Other international award are made available to international students and U.S students


4. The University of Saskatchewan

The university of Saskatchewan offers  merit- based scholarships to international student,  this scholarship is offered to international undergraduate students, the university of Saskatchewan have categories of scholarships ranging from the Guaranteed entrance scholarships to the best and brightest entrance scholarship and from the competitive entrance award to the international student award. Our major interest is on the scholarship made available to international students.

The award for international students is academic excellence based, the award for international students is worth $10,000 and international students are considered automatically for this award based on their academic excellence. There is also an award for international undergraduate students who had been a part of the International School Award


5. The University of Simon Fraser

The university if Simon Fraser offers its scholarship to both domestic and international students studying or planning to study in the Simon Fraser University. Bursaries are as well made available to international student.

To access this bursary, international student’s should attain a minimum of 3.00 in the cumulative grade point average and be enrolled full-time in an approved program and as well have an obvious financial need.

Application for 2019 session is open and the deadline to apply for the Simon Fraser university scholarship is on the 30th of April 2019


6. The Western University Scholarship

Eligibility for the unlimited Western Admission Scholarships is based on successful completion of the secondary school diploma and on the student’s last admission average, as calculated by Western.  Western will decide averages for applicants who are not studying in a Canadian secondary school curriculum based on the following; curriculum, grading practices, and as well grading scale interpretation.

In addition to the unlimited Western Admission Scholarships listed above, admission scholarships are available that are exclusively for international students beginning a full-time first year studies at Western’s main campus.

These other admission scholarships for international students are formed by donors and are distinct in value and criteria.


7. The McGill University

The McGill University make scholarship available to international graduate students, students venturing in the research-based programs are supported financially by McGill funding, newly admitted international undergraduates can apply for McGill entrance scholarship programs.

McGill University recognizes the difficulties faced by international students who are studying away from home; the McGill University offers modest loans and bursaries to students in need of financial assistance


8. The Dalhousie University

The Dalhousie University each year, offer scholarships worth $5illion to its domestic and international students , certain awards are also added , to the scholarships offered scholarships are made available to high school applicants, current undergraduate students excluding some faculties, and to graduate and professional students.

Dalhousie offers about 2,000 entrance award to its first year students and some ether awards which includes bursaries and also award based on the high school attended. Students applying from high school should apply to the General Entrance Award Program. The application for scholarship from the General Entrance Award is on and will end on the 1st of March 2019


9. Carleton University

The Carleton university scholarship is opened to graduate international students, the Carleton university scholarship is based on previous academic grades in the participant’s degree. Recommendation are made by your department for this scholarship, the award is worth $1,000- $12,000.

The Donor-Funded award is also offered to international graduate student, but this is based on academic merit too and is worth $20, 000.


10. The York University

The university is offering a full-tuition scholarship to international students, a certain field of study is open to students such as performance and design, environmental studies, education health engineering liberal art and professional studies, science and art media.

This scholarship is eligible to major international candidates, you have to apply from your high school which you had graduated from, and York University has its selected criteria which include high academic performance, leadership and demonstrated skill.

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