Free Scholarship in Canada 2021/2022 Latest Portal Updates

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Free Scholarship in Canada 2021/2022 Latest Portal Updates
Free Scholarship in Canada: Looking for scholarships in Canada 2020/2021? There are great opportunities. They range from but not limited to scholarships for undergraduates. Thus, this article presents one of the free scholarships in Canada.

Outstanding Free Scholarship in Canada

University of British Columbia MasterCard Foundation Scholarships 2021/2022 for African Students

This scholarship is by The University of British Columbia. And it partners with the MasterCard foundation Scholars Programme. Also, it grants $25M Scholarships. And this is to African students. Also, it’s offered offered annually yes.

And, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is a $500 million initiative. Also, it’s to inspire young people. Particularly from Africa. This is to lead change through education.

Eligible Countries

African countries.

Host Country

The host nation is Canada.

Application Process

The University of British Columbia, Canada is pleased to partner with The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. And it’s to provide comprehensive scholarships to students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Program provides access to education for academically talented, yet economically marginalized young people.

Also, more than 110 students from Africa will receive comprehensive scholarships to live and learn at the University of British Columbia thanks to a $25 million grant from the MasterCard Foundation. Over the next 10 years, UBC expects to welcome 77 undergraduate and 35 master’s degree students through the Program.

UBC is among the first Canadian universities to join The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program and one of 15 institutions in the world participating in the $500 million global education initiative.

Scholarship Type


Number of Scholarships

110 students over the next 10 years

Value of Scholarship

Selected students will receive a scholarship equivalent to the costs related to attaining a degree, including travel, tuition, textbooks, housing, food, and living expenses.

You will also receive financial, academic, social, and post-graduation support which will enable you to build experiences and competencies critical for academic success.

Duration of Scholarship

Full period of study


  • You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Also, must be a citizen of and have lived a significant part of their life in a Sub-Saharan African country.
  • And must present economically disadvantaged financial circumstances. Also, must be able to show lack of financial means from family. Or other sources to pursue graduate education in their home country or elsewhere.
  • And must have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances. Also, must show leadership qualities or potential;
  • And must demonstrate an interest in and commitment to giving back to his/her home community in ways that enhance the economic growth and social development of Africa, through engagement in activities in their current profession, university or community;
  • Also, must be applying for a Master’s degree in one of the following Faculties and programs at UBC’s Vancouver campus (see below)
  • And must be a person who requires a Canadian study permit to study in Canada;
  • Also, must be committed to returning to Africa immediately after graduation from UBC in order to apply their training and skills to the betterment of others.

Eligible Fields of Study

Interested candidates must be applying for a Master’s degree in one of the following Faculties and programs at UBC’s Vancouver campus;

    • Faculty of Arts
        • Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs
    • Faculty of Education
        • Master of Educational Administration and Leadership (M.Ed)
        • And Master of Higher Education (M.Ed)
        • Master of Education in Science Education (M.Ed)
    • Faculty of Forestry
        • Master of Science (MSc)
        • And Master of Applied Science (MASc)
        • Master of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM)
        • Also, Master of International Forestry (MIF)
        • Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management (MGEM)
    • Faculty of Land and Food Systems
        • Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE)
        • And, Master of Food Science (MFS)
        • Master of Land and Water Systems (MLWS)
    • Faculty of Medicine
        • Master of Public Health (MPH)
    • Faculty of Science
        • Master of Data Science
    • Sauder School of Business
        • Full-Time MBA Program

Application Deadlines

Step 1: Admissibility Submission: November 6, 2021.

Also, Step 2: Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Application December 13, 2021.

Step 3: UBC Faculty Applications:

    • Arts: January 2, 2021
    • Education:
      • Masters in Science Education (SCED) – December 1, 2021*
      • Also, Masters of Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL) – January 2, 2021.
      • Masters of Higher Education (HIED) – January 2, 2021
    • *Forestry: January 13, 2021*
    • Land and Food Systems: January 2, 2021
    • Medicine: January 2, 2021
    • Science: January 2, 2021
    • Sauder School of Business: January 2, 2021

These dates may vary from those posted on faculty websites. Please note that if you are applying for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UBC, you must submit all your documents (including your reference letters) by the dates requested above.


When students are confirmed for nomination, their  high school or recognized non-profit organization must use the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program nomination package. Find the Nomination package in the link below.


MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme (MFSP)

If you are a student looking to further your studies, then the above scholarship can be of help. However, there are a lot of them. Thus, you can do more research.

Also, feel free to share this information. And you can always visit this page for more updates.

CSN Team.

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