Top 17 Gabon Scholarships in USA 2021/2022 Application Portal Updates

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Top 17 Gabon Scholarships in USA 2021/2022 Application Portal Updates.

Scholarships for Gabon Students 2021: These scholarship opportunities are offered to Gabonese students for them to upgrade their educational level.

Hereby, we provide information regarding available international awards for Gabon students.

Below is the list of  Scholarships for Gabon Students. Stay focus and read through it.

1. Randy Pausch Scholarships

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), founded in 1996, started Randy Pausch Scholarships. The program aims to honor the memory of Randy Pausch, who is not only a professor of computer science. But also the co-founder of the entertainment center

Level / Field: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students from various subject areas.

Scholarship value: The scholarship is worth $ 2,500 and is given to two winning applicants.

Scholarship deadline: The completed application form should be submitted by June 30.

Scholarship website link

Click here to download the scholarship application form.

2. Jackie Robinson Scholarships

The Jackie Robinson Foundation, founded in 1973, is an American non-profit organization founded on the desire to inherit Jackie Robinson’s legacy by providing the underprivileged opportunity to access higher education.

They are supporters of the Jackie Robinson scholarship. They provide this scholarship to meet the financial needs of minority university students and also provide a full range of counseling services using 42 of the strategies for success.

Level / Field: This scholarship is for outstanding minorities, high school students, with the intention of continuing their undergraduate studies in an accredited higher education institution.

Scholarship value: The recipient received a $ 30,000 invitation to join a four-year accredited college or university.

Scholarship deadline: Application submissions will begin in November 2019 for scholarships 2019-2020.

Scholarship website link

3. National Pioneer Scholarships

National pioneer scholarship platform The fund started in 1985 in honor of the First Lady Nancy Reagan, sponsored by the Republican Women’s Organization, founded in 1938.

Level / Field: For women who are currently studying at undergraduate or graduate level Undergraduate students, juniors, seniors, including students in a master’s degree program, can apply

Scholarship value: This scholarship is partially funded, given three times a year and is valued at $ 2,500.

Scholarship deadline: June 15.

Scholarship website link

4. General Henry Hap Arnold bestowed

The Air Force Assistance Society (AFAS) is the official charitable organization of the US Air Force.

It was founded in 1942 as a non-profit organization with the objective to manage the financial suffering of Air Force members and their families and To help them fund their education , General Hap Arnold Grant is an important part of AFAS education support.

Level / Field: High school and college students who are sons and daughters of the Air Force are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Scholarship value: Selected applicants are awarded with prizes ranging from $ 500 to $ 4,000. The scholarship awards are often used for the purposes of tuition, books, fees and necessary study materials.

Scholarship deadline: April 30.

Scholarship website link

5. Scholars Program LEDA

The leadership organization platform for the Diverse America Scholarship Program (LEDA) provides scholarships to students from low-income households and communities, often ignoring academic recruiting efforts.

Level / Field: Open for high school students in public high schools (grade 11). In the event that you do not have the right to apply because of your level, you can go to Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships Master’s degree scholarships and PhD scholarships

Scholarship value: The amount of prizes will vary from year to year. But because of their appearance, many students have the opportunity to attend the most selective colleges and universities.

Scholarship deadline: December 12 every year.

Scholarship website link

6. Scholarships to Create a Greeting Card

Platform to create a scholarship greeting Backed by a thoughtful publishing company. Their gallery collection is a leading publisher of personalized greeting cards for mail orders for Christmas holidays and all occasions in the United States.

Level / Field: All high school, college, and university students enrolled in the second semester of 2019 in an educational program with a format that will end with a diploma or degree are welcome to seize this opportunity with an open arm.

Scholarship value:  Qualified applicants will receive cash prizes of up to $ 10,000 and a $ 1,000 prize given to their school. If the winner is registered at the institution, $ 10,000 will be paid directly to the institution as necessary to cover the tuition fees, books and educational materials.

Scholarship deadline: Contest Begins May 31, 2021 and Ends March 1, 2021

Scholarship website link

7. Daniels Scholarship

The Daniels Fund, founded by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, is a private charitable foundation that supports. Daniel’s Scholarship Program The objective is to provide students with a four-year university education in an accredited or non-profit university in the United States of America.

Level / Field: This scholarship is for high school students that graduated from a school in Utah, Wyoming or Colorado.

Scholarship value: The amount varies from year to year and is not the same for each applicant. This is the full college scholarship that covers tuition, food and accommodation, books and equipment, and miscellaneous education expenses.

Scholarship deadline: The application starts in September and ends in November of every year.

Scholarship website link

8. Siemens Competition for High School Students

The Siemens Mathematics and Science Contest is the most important research in the country for high school students. It encourages students to participate in individual research projects or as a team that promotes excellence.

Level / Field: Siemens competition Open for high school students wishing to apply for university studies

Scholarship value: The winner will receive a cash prize of approximately $ 1,000 to $ 100,000.

Scholarship deadline: September 19.

Scholarship website link

9. NASCAR Chevrolet Diversity Scholarship

Annual NASCAR and Chevrolet sponsors NASCAR Chevrolet Diversity Scholarships.

The contest. By doing this, their long-standing commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and promoting opportunities for students who seek a technology career also. Will continue The contest allows students to identify technology or innovation in NASCAR and to explain how STEM professionals design their designs in the second video of 90s.

Level / Field: Open to students who apply to college only.

Scholarship value: Four (4) winners and each guest will receive a VIP trip to the Texas Motor Speedway for the Texas 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on November 6, 2019.The retail price of the trip is $ 2,000 per visit.

In addition, the first prize winner will receive a $ 10,000 college scholarship. The second, third and fourth prize winners will receive a $ 5,000, $ 2500 and $ 2,500 college scholarship respectively.

Scholarship deadline: July 25 – October 15.

Scholarship website link

10. APIASF Scholarship Program

The APIASF Scholarship Program platform was established in partnership with AANAPISI and the communities in which they offered scholarships, institutional capacity and mobilize local resources to promote developmental economies.

Level / Field: Open for students to join annually on the APIASF AANAPISI Campus Partners.

Scholarship value: Scholarships range from $ 2,500 to a multi-year budget of $ 5,000.

Scholarship deadline: Online Applications begin on September 21, and will close on November 7, at 17: 00 EST.

Scholarship website link

11. Activia’s annual training receives a scholarship award

Training Activia presents this. The annual Activia Training Scholarship Award, for the purpose of helping such hardworking students, recipients be able to maximize their scholarships in ways that are most beneficial to their studies.

Level / Field: This award is open to all students applying to high school, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the university, college or trade school.

Scholarship value: The award is divided into two scholarships, $ 750 per year from May to November.

Scholarship deadline: July 31.

Scholarship website link

12. Walmart Scholarship Program

The Walmart Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for people to live better lives.

Walmart is committed to helping people live better through community needs and improve educational opportunities, labor, environmental and health sustainability, and Well-being Walmart also supports disaster relief, veterans and military families, disabled and disadvantaged.

Level / Field: Accepting GED graduates or high school graduates intending to enroll in a college or university after graduation

Scholarship value: The value of scholarships is divided as follows:

Funding limits per Walmart, fiscal year (Feb 1 – Jan 31)

  • Certificate course (Bachelor’s degree or higher): up to $ 1,500 within one year of Walmart account
  • Associate level: Up to $ 3,000 within a single Walmart fiscal year.
  • Graduate: Up to $ 2,000 within a one year Walmart account.

Scholarship deadline: May 1 – June 1, every year at 11: 59 pm CT.

Scholarship website link

13. Blair Hanson Scholarships

Allegheny College, founded in 1815, is one of the oldest 1% of colleges and universities and is the oldest of the 32 universities in the United States. They offer Blair Hanson scholarships. In honor of Mr. Blair Hanson, French professor and president of the Department of Modern Languages

Level / Field: Open to students for full-time language courses at the university.

Scholarship value: Awarded annually in the spring for international students who have outstanding work and look after the expenses incurred from studying abroad in the next academic year.

Scholarship deadline: April 7.

Scholarship website link

14. Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarships

The platform requires a scholarship. Animation Animation is a non-rotating one year program. (ACR).

Level / Field: This scholarship covers undergraduate programs in various fields such as

  • Electronic art
  • Electronic media
  • Art entertainment
  • film
  • Game animation
  • Art games
  • Game design
  • Game development
  • Game management
  • Game production
  • Graphic design
  • 3D graphics
  • Computer animation
  • Digital media and related fields

Scholarship value: The winner receives $ 1,000.

Scholarship deadline:  June 1.

Scholarship website link

15. International Scholarship Alumni Association 2020

The University of Maryland system is pleased to offer international scholarships to alumni associations. International scholarships, this alumni association Open for international students.

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize exemplary students from Maryland enrolled in educational institutions in the University of Maryland system.

The AA-I Scholarship Platform. The board will review all applications and select the final recipients. AA-I scholarships will be given to students from Salisbury University that demonstrate academic success, service commitment. Community and leadership abilities

Level / Field

Scholarships are open for degree students.

Scholarship value: The scholarship is worth $ 2,500.

Scholarship deadline: The deadline for all applications is April 1.

Scholarship website link

16. Indiana University Rising Star Scholarships

Indiana University grants the Rising Star Scholarship in honor of Yaolin Wang. To be eligible, applicants must identify themselves as international non-immigrant students, new students, second or second year students at the time of register

Scholarships recognize students that build their future through their involvement and commitment. At Indian University you will receive a world-class education in a diverse and safe community that provides incredible opportunities for entertainment outside of the classroom.

Level / Field: Scholarships are open for undergraduate students.

Scholarship value: This scholarship is a one-time scholarship of $ 3,000 which has been saved in student savings accounts during the fall of 2019.

Scholarship deadline: The deadline is February 28.

Scholarship website link

17. East Tennessee State University, Sister Cities University, International Scholarships

The Sister Cities International Scholarship Platform is open through East Tennessee State University. And to promote peace with mutual respect, understanding and cooperation “and to create scholarships for international students that deserve to study in ETS.

The selection committee chosen by the International Program and Services will award educational awards. The committee will decide on the number of prizes and the value of each prize based on available funds.

Level / Field: The scholarships are open for undergraduate and graduate students of all branches of the university.

Scholarship value: This will depend on the availability of funds but will not exceed $ 500 per prize.

Scholarship deadline: The deadline is March 1.

Scholarship website link

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