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Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship, which is fully funded by the MPOWER, is presently accepting applications from eligible students.

Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship

The Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship

The MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship provides a wide range of scholarships for international students aspiring to pursue higher education in either the United States or Canada.

This scholarship program, created by MPOWER, is a tribute to the incredible potential of young individuals.

MPOWER recognizes the diverse backgrounds of international students and has established this scholarship program to represent and support that diversity.

It is important to note that applicants are not required to be MPOWER borrowers in order to apply for this grant.

MPOWER works in collaboration with investors and universities to develop an innovative education funding solution for students worldwide.

As a student lender, their primary goal is to assist students in realizing their academic, professional, and financial aspirations.

Eligibility for Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship

1. The applicant must have been accepted or currently enrolled in a full-time degree program at a U.S. or Canadian educational institution supported by MPOWER.

2. The applicant must be an international student who is legally allowed to study in the United States or Canada, depending on the applicable country.


3. For studying in the United States, the applicant must fulfill one of the following criteria:

a. Possess a valid visa that permits studying in the United States.

b. Be protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

c. Hold the status of a U.S. permanent resident (Green Card holder).

4. For studying in Canada, the applicant must fulfill one of the following criteria:

a. Hold the status of a Canadian permanent resident.

b. Possess a valid Canadian study permit.

Selection Criteria

The selection of winners will be solely based on the essays submitted by applicants. MPOWER will evaluate and choose winners according to the following criteria:

1. The essay’s quality: The essay should exhibit clear thinking, present a persuasive vision and goals, and showcase excellent English communication skills.

2. The connection between the applicant’s intended field of study and their goals: There should be a distinct link between the applicant’s chosen area of study and their aspirations for the future.

3. The applicant’s potential as a catalyst for positive change: MPOWER will assess the applicant’s potential as a scientist, entrepreneur, leader, or change-maker who has the capability to make a positive impact.


Application Deadline

July 2023.

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