Pitch Your Idea Scholarship 2021/2022 Application Portal Updates

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Pitch Your Idea Scholarship 2021: If you are Searching for Pitch Your Idea Scholarship and its application guide this page is all you need. Explore.

The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is a new grant sponsored by the Scholarship Fellow Institute. The Institute is looking for brilliant students from all around the world, studying any discipline to award 15 grants every month. Student who have an idea but need some financial help to get it rolling, are eligible to win a scholarship from the US$10,000 prize money.

Pitch Your Idea Scholarship Scholarship Description

Award Value

The winning entry will receive the first award of US$2000, the second award US$1500, the third US$1000 and 12 more students will receive prize money of US$450 respectively.

Level and Area of Studies

Master degree in any field.

Place of Study: Any.

Eligibility and Criteria

The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is open to all enrolled students from first grade to Master Degree students from any discipline.

Applicants’ Nationality

There is no nationality requirement.

Application Instruction

Interested candidates must submit an essay describing their idea, its expected impact and how the scholarship will help them achieve this impact.

Submission Deadline

Entries can be submitted anytime. 15 Awardees will be selected at the 30th of every month. Successful awardees will be contacted via email.

Scholarship Eligibility

The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is open to all enrolled students from first grade to Master Degree students from any discipline. The scholarship is ongoing and 15 entries will be awarded every month. Students may submit only one entry. Essays submitted once may not be re-submitted in subsequent months. The student may apply for other upcoming scholarships from the Scholarship Fellow Institute. You have only got one chance to pitch for this particular grant. Make your entry count. Contest entries must be original and previously unpublished work written by the entrant. Entries which make it into the next round after screening process will be forwarded to relevant industries or companies for further evaluation and final top 15 winners will be contacted by email.

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Have a brilliant idea? Write it down and submit it to the Scholarship Fellow Institute for a chance to bring your idea to life. Explore this unique opportunity to make your dreams come true.

If you have an idea that could have a very good impact, why not write it down, apply for this grant and get maximum exposure at the same time?

Find out what the world has to offer you if your idea is impact full. Explore your hidden powers and ideas, work on them, elaborate them in writing according to the rules and in the format explained below and submit it. We will select the candidates with the best pitch and award 15 with financial support from our US$10,000 prize money every month.

How to Apply for Pitch Your Idea Scholarship

he Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to students based on an essay about their idea. To participate, students must write an essay about their idea, then submit their entry via our web and await the selection committee’s decision.

The essay should be about your idea, describing what it is and its expected impact, and submitted to Scholarship Fellow via the web based editor.

  • Word count of maximum 5000 words;
  • Written in Times New Roman font style, size 12;
  • Contain your own work without any portion which you might have copied from any other source without providing reference
  • Have your credentials, including your phone, name, email address and phone number;
  • Include references of all sources which you have used in your essay

The content of Pitch your idea scholarship entry must include the following sections:

  • Title of the idea;
  • Included along with your contact information.
  • Category of the idea;
  • The discipline or sector the idea applies to, or may be used in.
  • Introduction and explanation of the idea;
  • Describe the most important aspects of the idea. What is the idea?
  • Describe the key points of the idea. You may even reference similar ideas or relevant information.
  • In what way is it unique? How is it different from other ideas?
  • Explain the expected short-term impact of the idea;
  • Who or what does the idea target? How will it impact the target on the short-term? Include any relevant references.
  • Explain the expected long-term impact of the idea;
  • Discuss the benefits the realization of the idea will bring on the long-term. Include any relevant references.
  • Describe how the scholarship will help turn the idea to reality;
  • How will this particular scholarship help you and your idea?

Deadline: Entries can be submitted anytime. 15 Awardees will be selected every month during 2021. Successful awardees will be contacted via email.

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