Marketing Scholarships Application Portal 2023 for Aspiring Student

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Marketing Scholarships 2023 offer aspiring students the opportunity to pursue their passion for marketing while easing the financial burden. These scholarships provide valuable support and recognition for promising marketing enthusiasts.

Marketing Scholarships 2023

The Marketing Scholarships 2023

Looking to kickstart your marketing career? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of exciting Marketing Scholarships 2023 that can help you pursue your dreams.

From prestigious institutions to industry-specific programs, discover the perfect scholarship to fuel your marketing ambitions.

1. FSF Case Study Scholarship

The Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) supports ambitious and diverse young students in the fashion industry. The FSF Case Study Scholarship program offers financial support to college students who are currently enrolled in FSF member schools.

Scholarships are awarded to multiple recipients, with the maximum amount being $25,000.

These scholarships encompass various sectors, including design, merchandising, marketing analytics, and business strategy, ensuring comprehensive support for students pursuing their fashion dreams.

2. 10X Digital Marketing Scholarship

The 10X Digital Marketing Scholarship, supported by 10x Digital, a comprehensive digital marketing agency, aims to recognize and empower future marketing professionals.

This annual scholarship awards $2,000 to an exceptional high school senior or undergraduate student majoring in marketing or a related field.

Applicants are required to submit an essay discussing emerging digital marketing trends.

3. Accenture Native American Scholarship Fund

Designed to support students pursuing degrees in engineering, computer science, operations management, finance, marketing, or other business-related fields, this scholarship offers vital financial assistance.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, this scholarship can pave the way for academic and career success.

4. PGSF Full-Time Students Scholarship

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) extends its scholarship opportunity to students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a printing or graphics program at a U.S. postsecondary institution.

As a non-profit, industry-driven organization, PGSF aims to nurture aspiring professionals in printing-related fields, attracting talented youth and bolstering the industry’s workforce.

Each academic year, recipients can receive up to $5,000, with the possibility of renewal for up to four years, provided they maintain basic eligibility criteria.

5. NDS Kildee Graduate School Scholarship

The NDS Kildee Graduate School Scholarship invites applications from outstanding individuals who have achieved top rankings in prestigious competitions.

Specifically, it welcomes applications from the top 25 All-American contestants from the last three National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Contests, as well as the Platinum winners from the previous three National Dairy Challenge Contests.

Eligible students may apply for this scholarship during their junior or senior year at a four-year college. Selection for the scholarship is based on various criteria, including national contest participation, academic performance, leadership qualities, involvement in student activities, future aspirations, and a demonstrated interest in the dairy industry.

Submission of two letters of recommendation is also a mandatory requirement for applicants. Transcripts are to be mailed, while applications are accepted via email.

6. Fukunaga Scholarship

The scholarship opportunity is available to residents of Hawaii who are planning to pursue a business degree at an accredited college or university. It is also open to current college students from Hawaii who are already studying business.

The scholarship is provided by Servco, a company based in Hawaii that specializes in automotive products and services, as well as the distribution of home and commercial products.

Servco is committed to hard work, customer satisfaction, and delivering high-quality products and services.

Through this scholarship program, Servco aims to assist students in their educational endeavors.

Every year, multiple recipients are selected to receive $5,000, which can be used to alleviate the costs of tuition and other expenses.

The scholarship can be renewed up to three times, resulting in a total of $20,000 in financial support throughout a four-year degree program.

7. Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship

The scholarship opportunity is available to postsecondary students who identify as female or non-binary and have a passion for a creative career. Eligible students must be willing to intern at Wunderman Thompson, a global marketing communications agency headquartered in New York.

Wunderman Thompson is dedicated to fostering brand growth and has established this scholarship with the aim of inspiring and empowering historically marginalized voices in the creative industry.

The scholarship is designed to support students in their educational journey and help them enter the creative realm of the advertising industry.


8. The NYWICI Scholarships

The NYWICI Scholarships are provided by New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), an organization dedicated to empowering women in the communications industry at all stages of their careers, helping them unlock their full potential and navigate the dynamic communications landscape.

Annually, the NYWICI Scholarships extend financial assistance of up to $10,000 to numerous individuals who are permanent residents of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

These scholarships are specifically intended for students pursuing a degree in a communications-related field within the United States.

9. CME Beef Industry Scholarship

The inception of the Beef Industry Scholarship took place in 1989, facilitated by the Live Cattle Futures Contract of the CME Group. Both the National Cattlemen’s Foundation and CME Group are deeply devoted to ensuring the future prosperity of the cattle industry and continuously acknowledge and assist exceptional young individuals within the beef community.

This enduring tradition endures to this day, as ten scholarships worth $1,500.00 each are granted annually to students who are actively pursuing careers in the beef industry.

Eligible candidates must be either a graduating high school senior or a full-time undergraduate student who has enrolled in a two- or four-year educational institution.

Furthermore, they must have showcased their dedication to a career in the beef industry through coursework, internships, or personal experiences.

10. JSU Alabama Power Scholarship

The Alabama Power Scholarship is granted by the Jacksonville State University Foundation on a yearly basis to Alabama residents who intend to enroll at Jacksonville State University.

This scholarship program was established by the Alabama Power Foundation specifically for deserving students who are legal residents of Alabama and are pursuing studies in the College of Business and Industry.

Through collaborative partnerships with individuals, corporations, foundations, and various organizations, the JSU Foundation strives to create opportunities that offer additional support to the students, programs, services, and educational community of Jacksonville State University.

The Foundation aims to fulfill its mission by enhancing the university’s image, efficiently managing its assets, engaging in entrepreneurial endeavors, and conducting development activities.

11. George Snow High School Scholarship

To meet the eligibility criteria for the George Snow High School Scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following requirements: they must either be enrolled in a school located in Palm Beach County or attend specific schools in Broward County, namely Blanche Ely High School, Pompano Beach High School, or Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Additionally, students who are homeschooled and reside in Palm Beach County, or those who would be attending high school at Blanche Ely High School, Pompano Beach High School, or Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, are also eligible to apply for these scholarships.

12. Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship

Graduating seniors attending public high schools in Washington state’s King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties can access the Nellie Martin Carman Scholarship.

Additionally, applicants must be US citizens to be eligible for the scholarship.

The application forms for this scholarship are exclusively obtainable through these high schools, and candidates for the scholarship are nominated by their respective schools on an annual basis.

The scholarships awarded can be renewed for up to four years of college education within the state of Washington.

However, it’s important to note that major subject courses such as music, sculpture, drawing, interior decorating, or domestic science are not eligible for consideration.

Additionally, during their college studies, recipients of the scholarship must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

13. WGA Mary Macey Scholarship

The WGA Mary Macey Scholarship is exclusively open to individuals associated with independent grocery retailers and wholesalers, as well as their employees and families.

This includes members of WGA (Western Grocers Association) and NGA (National Grocers Association).

Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher. To be eligible, candidates must be either entering their sophomore year or be continuing students in good academic standing at a two-year associate degree-granting institution, a four-year bachelor degree-granting institution, or a graduate program.

Additionally, applicants must currently be employed in the independent grocery industry.

14. IAEE Helen Brett Scholarship

The Helen Brett Scholarship aims to provide support to students pursuing a four-year degree program focused on the study of exhibition and event management.

By offering financial assistance, the scholarship seeks to promote and attract individuals to the exhibitions and events industry, encouraging their educational pursuit in this field of study.

15. SILA Post Secondary College Scholarship

The primary objective of the SILA Foundation is to establish an educational platform that benefits the general public. The educational content offered by the foundation will revolve around Financial Services, with a particular focus on Securities and/or Insurance.

Its purpose is to enhance individuals’ knowledge and skills related to Financial Services, aiding in their personal development and proficiency in this field.

The foundation’s endeavors may include a diverse range of initiatives, including the provision of educational materials, offering courses, organizing public discussion groups, forums, panels, and lectures.

Furthermore, it fosters avenues for career growth, establishes mentoring programs, facilitates job training, hosts job fairs, and administers additional programs as determined by the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees.

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