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The University of Wollongong (UOW) awards a range of scholarships. And they are both domestic and international students. Also, they cover the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Available UOW Scholarships 2022

Scholarships come and go but one has to always stay updated to be able to tell which scholarship is available and which is currently closed.

That’s the point of an update, isn’t it? that’s why I’m going to let you in on which UOW scholarships is currently open for you to apply.

The following Scholarships below are currently open for application;

1. Engineering and Information Sciences Scholars and Advanced Scholarship

Faculty Scholarships recognize students’ high achievement in study areas pertaining to the degree they want to pursue at UOW.

Along with financial support, recipients will fulfil an ambassadorial role for the faculty by participating in events.


$500 per annum


Students must enrol in the Dean’s Scholar, Scholar, or Advanced programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences to be eligible for this scholarship.

Application Process

No application is necessary, as students are automatically considered by UOW based on information received directly from UAC.


Open from 20/Jul/2020 to 28/Feb/2021

Application Criteria

Recipients must enrol in a Dean’s Scholar, Scholar, or Advanced course in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences; Scholarship recipients will be expected to maintain a weighted average mark of 75+ each session.

Apply Here and Get More info Here

2. Australian Maritime Safety Authority Excellence in Maritime Policy Postgraduate Scholarship

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is Australia’s national agency responsible for maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, and maritime aviation search and rescue.

We are motivated by our vision of Safe and clean seas, saving lives. As Australia’s national regulatory body, we promote the safety and protection of our marine environment and combat ship-sourced pollution.

We provide the infrastructure for the safety of navigation in Australian waters and maintain a national search and rescue service for the maritime and aviation sectors.

The AMSA Excellence in Maritime Policy Postgraduate Scholarship will be awarded to a student undertaking the Master of Maritime Policy to analyze the legal, political.

Also, operational factors contribute to the development of the law of the sea and maritime policy, with the aim of devising solutions to gaps in legal and policy frameworks.




Open from 16/Oct/2021 to 21/Feb/2022

Application Criteria

➢ Applicants must be enrolled in, or intend to enrol in, full-time or part-time in Masters of Maritime Policy at the University of Wollongong in 2022 (A research project or minor thesis aligned with the work of AMSA will be highly regarded)

➢ Applicants must be Australian Citizens or Australian Permanent residents.

➢ The recipient must be willing to complete a pre and post-survey aimed at monitoring the impact of the AMSA scholarship.

➢Applicants must demonstrate prior academic excellence and leadership potential, with the intention of pursuing a career in a maritime or related field;

➢ Also, applicants must have career aspirations aligned with AMSA¿s vision and mission

➢ Applicants must demonstrate the attributes of the AMSA Values of Professional, Collaborative, Dedicated, and Accountable

➢ Applicants must be willing to engage with an AMSA-appointed mentor throughout the duration of the scholarship, with a commitment to four mentoring sessions per semester.

Apply Here and Get More info Here

3. Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And they are designed specifically for high school graduates. However, they must be passionate about technology.

And they must be eager to explore its potential for good. The application deadline is 07/Dec/2022.

Furthermore, it has a monetary value of $5,000 per year. And this spans for over three years to really inspire students’ thinking.

Also, this scholarship helps you develop into a stronger leader. And this is through the Disruptive Leaders program.

Also, best of all, you’ll become a lifelong member of the Westpac 100 Scholars Network. This is an inclusive group of the brightest young minds in Australia.

However, applicants will need to provide a written statement demonstrating their love of learning and more.

TO APPLY VISIT: uow.info/westpac-yts

4. Tom Maguire Memorial Scholarship for Law

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And it recognizes Tom Maguire’s significant contributions to the legal profession. And also recognizes his connection to the Illawarra region.

Also, the scholarship specifically targets UOW Law students experiencing financial needs. And this designation follows the experience of Tom Maguire who himself faced significant barriers in his legal studies.

However, he went on to become a highly regarded legal professional.

To be eligible, applicants must submit an application via UAC Equity Scholarships. And also submit a UOW scholarship application to be considered for this scholarship.

The closing date is 22/Jun/2022.

However, for more information, CLICK HERE.

5. Graduate Medicine Phase 4 Rural Placement Scholarship

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And it aims to address the critical shortage of medical practitioners in regional, rural, and remote Australia.

Also, it will support students of the MD. However, they have to demonstrate a strong commitment to rural and/or remote medicine.

Also, the aim is that students will get significant experience in a rural or remote setting. Furthermore, it will support existing students of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) in undertaking Phase 4 clinical placement. And this is in rural or remote Australia.

However, preference will be given to students who are not engaged as an Assistant in Medicine (AIM). Also, students must complete a UAC Equity Scholarship application and a UOW scholarship application.

The closing date is 14/Jun/2022.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

6. Zonta Club of Wollongong Community Scholarship

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And it provides 2 female undergraduate students with $1,000. This is towards the costs of their studies at the University of Wollongong.

However, an eligible student must currently reside in the Illawarra region. Also, the eligible student must have completed his/her schooling in the area.

Furthermore, the selection will be based on application and interview.

The closing date is 05/Aug/2022.

However, for more information, CLICK HERE.

7. Graduate Medicine Phase 4 Clarence Valley Placement Scholarship

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And this scholarship is an opportunity for students commencing Phase 4 of the UOW Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the UOW.

Also, it is supporting a training continuum that extends from undergraduate medical training to vocational training. Medical students on placement in this region should note. They will gain exposure to a diverse range of clinical presentations.

Also, they will gain professional learning. And this is through participation in multi-disciplinary education and team approaches to patient care.

The closing date is 14/Jun/2022.

However, for more information, CLICK HERE.

8. CSIRO Indigenous STEM Scholarship

This is one of the UOW Scholarships 2022. And it supports further engagement with the sciences amongst Indigenous Australians. And this is by supporting two (2) UOW Indigenous undergraduate students.

Furthermore, the scholarship supports work placement support. Also, it supports extra-curricular academic tutoring. And it supports other learning tools such as textbooks.

Additionally, this scholarship is also an opportunity to engage with the CSIRO.

However, applicants are asked to include a short personal statement. In which they will be discussing their future aspirations.

However, this will be in relation to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

The closing date is 08/Jun/2022.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

9. UOW Equity Scholarship

This is one of the UOW scholarships. And it is available for students who are experiencing financial disadvantage. Also, it is for those experiencing other educational disadvantages.

The closing date is 14/Jul/2022.

However, for more information CLICK HERE.

The above are UOW scholarships. However, as you apply, ensure you meet the requirements. Als0, share with family and friends to all social platforms.

CSN Team.

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