Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship 2023 for Students in Developing Countries

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Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship, which is fully funded by Well Mountain Initiative (WMI), is presently accepting applications from eligible students.

Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship

The Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship

The WMI Scholars Program presents a fiercely contested scholarship chance aimed at students from developing nations. These scholarships provide assistance to students pursuing their initial certificate, diploma, or bachelor’s degree.

Scholarship Amount

WMI scholarships encompass a yearly range of $300 USD to $3,000 USD and accompany the recipient throughout their undergraduate education.

However, it is uncommon for them to award the maximum amount of $3,000 USD. On average, the scholarship amount is $1,500 USD.

Eligibility for Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship

An ideal candidate for the scholarship is a student, irrespective of gender, hailing from a developing country who meets the following criteria:

1. Achieved successful completion of secondary education with grades ranging from good to excellent.

2. Age 35 or below as of March 1, 2023.

3. Intends to pursue studies either in their home country or another developing nation.

4. Aspires to attain their first bachelor’s degree or diploma.

5. Enrolls in a program of study that contributes to the growth and progress of their home country or benefits the community.

6. Plans to return to and work in their home country after graduation.

7. Demonstrates a commitment to giving back through prior volunteer experiences.

8. May possess some financial resources for education but requires financial assistance to pursue higher education.


Requirements for Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship

Selected applicants who are awarded the scholarship will have the following responsibilities:

1. Sustain a commendable academic performance throughout their university studies.

2. Act as a representative for community service and actively engage in such initiatives.

3. Carry out, document, and maintain a record of 100 hours of community service activities annually.

4. Fulfill the requirements of submitting the Academic Semester Report and Community Service Report specifically designed for WMI Scholars.

5. Provide official transcripts of their academic progress twice a year.

6. Maintain open communication with the Student Scholar Coordinator, sharing updates and discussing any relevant student-related matters.

Required Documents

In order to finalize your application, you are required to submit the following documentation:

1. A recent, identifiable photograph of yourself.

2. An essay (with the topic specified on the application form).

3. The completed application form for the year 2023.

4. A personal statement essay.

5. Two letters of recommendation.

6. An official transcript of your grades from secondary school.

7. An official grading key that explains the interpretation of your secondary school grades.

8. If applicable, an official transcript of your grades from tertiary studies.

9. An official grading key that explains the interpretation of your tertiary grades.

10. Official results from your national exam.

12. An official grading key that provides an explanation of the scores achieved on your national exam.

Application Deadline

Currently Unavailable.

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