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How to Sign-Up for Yandex.Mail Account 2021 Updates

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How to Sign-Up for Yandex.Mail Account: In this article, I’ll guide you through the registration process for account creating procedures.

Also, it explains how to sign up for Yandex.Mail. Creating a Yandex. Mail account with a new email address and plenty of online storage is easy and free.

How to Sign-Up for Yandex.Mail Account 2021 Updates

The mail Account registration process is not different from most registration processes done via the internet. Follow my lead while I show you how to Sign-Up Yandex.Mail account.

About Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail began operations on June 26, 2000. In 2009, it was launched a free service, Yandex.Mail for domain, where users can create up to a thousand email accounts in one domain.

In 2010, individual spam filters were added. An email translator was added in 2011; initially, only English and Ukrainian were available. Since 2016, 40 languages are available. 

In 2012, Yandex.Mail was the fastest growing and one of the five most popular email services in Europe and received 25 thousand unique visitors a month.

In 2013, Email templates were added to Yandex.Mail. Since June 2013, the service has an «email marker» that differentiates incoming mails by their types.

In September 2020, Yandex.Mail 360 replaced Yandex.Mail for domain. It combines several Yandex services: Mail, Disk, Calendar, Messenger, Contacts, and Notes, and provides users with 20 GB of free space.

How to Sign Up Yandex.Mail Account

  • Use your Browser and Open the Yandex Mail Registration page, by clicking HERE. The Yandex Mail Sign Up looks like this;
  • Enter your name and surname.
  • Create or select a unique username, which you will use to log into Mail and other Yandex services.
  • Create and remember a password for accessing your account. Your password should be secure in order to prevent intruders from accessing your personal data.
  • Provide your cell phone number. You can use this number to restore your password and get notifications or as an additional username. You can add your phone number later, on the Phone Numbers page.
  • If you do not want to specify a phone number, click I don’t have a phone and select a security question. Fill in the field marked Answer to the security question. These details are required for password recovery.
  • Enter characters from the picture (this is to protect against automatic registration).
  • Click Register.

Please note that you can’t change your username after registration.

Yandex.Mail Login – How to Access Yandex Mail

Follow the steps below to login to your Yandex Mail Account detail which is your Username and password.

  • Kindly go Here
  • Enter your username and password in the right field
  • Click the login button to access your Yandex Mail account.

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