Study Abroad in French Programs for International Students

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The study abroad in French is specifically meant for international students who have a keen interest in the French language and by extension, the culture of the French-speaking nations.

Study Abroad in French

For the student interested in learning French, a French Intensive Language Study Abroad Program may be an exciting way either to begin the process or refine your speaking, writing, and reading skills.

French study abroad programs improve your fluency in record time. You’ll find that when you study French abroad all those tricky vowels are so much simpler.

As the fourth most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union, French is the official language of France; also widely spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Africa, and some parts of Canada.

While you are likely to get different regional accents, an Intensive French Language Program may help you gain fluency and confidence.

Study Abroad in French Programs for International Students

Here are some of the study abroad programs in French for international students:

1. API in Paris, France: Intensive Month (ICP)

The intensive month session provides a general overview of French language study for all levels for those who wish to study abroad in Paris for a short-term or January term.

Students attend French language classes as well as 2 workshops in oral French, phonetics, written French, and grammar, according to their level and ability.

Overnight excursions are not included in the cost of the intensive month session but can be added for an extra fee when available.

This program is for students at all levels. Classes are taught at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. A student’s French level is based on a placement test administered by the ICP.

2. ISA Study Abroad in Meknes, Morocco

Students take courses at the ISA Meknes Study Center, which is located in the central and dynamic district of Hamra.

The study center offers exceptional academic programs taught by highly qualified local and visiting professors from around the world.

Students can take courses focusing on language, politics, religion, international relations, and more. Local NGOs are also based at the same facility, which offers program participants the unique opportunity to interact with organizations working to promote economic and social development in the area.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a U.S. transcript from Carroll College in Montana.

3. University of Minnesota

This program appeals to students who are interested in completing an intermediate or advanced French language course during a short-term summer program.

Here, you will take one language course over three weeks and receive four undergraduate credits. The syllabus focuses on language skill development and daily oral practice.

You can also participate in this program as a language pre-session for the MSID Senegal program.

4. Temple University in France: French Language at the Sorbonne

Temple University’s program allows you to further your study of the French language and culture with intensive in-class language instruction while exploring life in the great city of Paris.

Outside of the classroom, you will have ample time to explore Paris, using your French in a variety of real-life settings.

Sorbonne language courses are designed to fit individual needs; whether you are a student with basic French or a student with more experience, you will enroll in a course appropriate for your language level.

The course includes a phonetics laboratory component that will guide you in honing your speaking skills.

As a supplement to classroom instruction, you will have the opportunity to attend optional lectures on various aspects of French life.

5. École Québec Monde

This program offers 20 20-hour week group classes formed with a maximum of 8 students.

The objective of the Français intensif Program is to enable students to develop and master oral and written production and comprehension skills, allowing them to communicate in French in situations of everyday life.

You will also offer French courses in a completely French environment.

6. International Language Camps

Holidays and vacations are offered here with a multitude of activities and a complete language teaching program, all in the heart of the French Alps.

Children can develop their linguistic skills and discover new activities and cultures. Language programs here not only offer an opportunity to learn a foreign language but also encourage campers to discover new cultures,

to make new friends from around the world, to value different activities, to get involved with an international community, and, most importantly, to blossom with this success.

‘Multiple intelligence’ is used in teaching methods, exploring the different ways children learn to get the best out of each child.

Linguistic camps here do not only feature foreign language study, but also encourage participants to discover new cultures, make new friends from all over the world, invest in themselves within an international community, and explore their talents.

7. Africa Consultants International’s Baobab Center

Students are provided with a variety of enriching opportunities such as language classes (French, Wolof, Pulaar, Mandinka, Sereer, Portuguese, Creole, English, etc.

Other national and West African languages), cross-cultural learning, and various service learning/internship options are accessible.

8. American University Center of Provence

This advanced-level French immersion program draws on the exceptional resources of Marseille for a better understanding of Franco-North African Relations, Islam, and the Middle East.

An all-French-language environment and ongoing training in cross-cultural mediation are combined with profound cultural and linguistic integration and include one week of on-site study in Fez, Morocco.

Here, you have the opportunity to make record progress in both French, and Arabic, and intercultural communication.

9. AAA Europa Language School

This program is split into 10 levels, from complete beginners to advanced; you can start at your level, to be assessed by our free-of-charge level test.

The student may choose between small groups of a maximum of 7 students or private lessons.

A non-profit making organization is specialized to make you speak from the first moment with university-trained native teachers, ensuring the Best Quality / Price ratio.

Morning Intensive (3 hours/day), twice-weekly mornings (3 hours/day), afternoons or evenings (2 hours/day), and Saturday morning (3 hours/day) classes are offered in this program.

Private lessons have a tailor-made program and timetable to suit the student’s needs.

10. The American University of Paris – French Immersion

AUP offers carefully crafted, three-week, intensive French programs. Taught by native-speaking professors in small classes, the program offers an excellent opportunity to students.

AUP offers carefully crafted, three-week, intensive French programs, taught by native-speaking professors in small classes, the program offers an excellent opportunity to refine your pronunciation, build your vocabulary, and improve your grammar.

11. Global Student Experience (GSE)

Courses taught at La Sorbonne focus on French language and culture study and are open to students of any ability, from beginner to nearly fluent.

Students wanting to enroll in courses taught in English have the opportunity to study at the American Business School of Paris or École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE).

In addition to your university enrollment, all GSE study abroad programs in Paris also include housing in apartments, excursions to places like Brussels, home of the European Union headquarters, or Bordeaux for wine tasting, health insurance, cultural events, cell phone, onsite director, and much more.

12.   CEC Séjours Linguistiques

This program is designed to develop French reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills through a complete linguistic immersion experience in Quebec City.

The Intensive French in Quebec City program is offered in the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment.

As the “cradle of francophone culture in the Americas”, Quebec City offers an unparalleled opportunity for French immersion.

In summary, French study abroad programs will not only do wonders for your language skills, but you will also experience French culture firsthand and come home with a touch of sophistication.

Choose from the variety of sponsored listings and decide whether you want to learn Parisian French in France, or take language courses in another country.

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