Funny Fantasy Football Names: 2022 Top List

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Funny Fantasy Football Names are available on this page, you will get to see a whole lot of funny names.  Check out these Fantastically Funny fantasy football team names in 2022.

Funny Fantasy Football Names

Football fantasy is challenging. It’s even harder to win a fantasy championship. Even naming their team is a significant challenge for many, but it’s something you can control.

Fantasy Football Names

This is a significant choice that will determine the culture of your team, whether you want to smack talk your friends, support your favorite team, or just embrace a great player name pun.

However, it’s imperative to nail it with a great team name no matter which path you choose.


Funny Fantasy Football Names

You asked for it! Here you have it!

1. Bad JuJu

2. TaylorMade

3. Can You Diggs It?

4. Hooked on a Thielen

5. London Bridge

6. Too Good to Be Trubisky

7. Tua-nd a Half Men

8. Armed Rodgery

9. Baby Chark DooDooDoDoDooDoo

10. Post Mahomes

11. Roar and Destroy

12. Chief of the Green

13. Billing Lucky

14. Raiden the Field

15. WhoDey and the Blowfish

16. Bad Boyds For Life

17. Believers

18. The Millennium Eagle

19. Not Joshin’ Around

Best Fantasy Football Team Name

funny Fantasy Football  Names

 Every team needs the best name to stand out!

20. Baby Got Dak

21. Working From Mahomes

22. Rubba Chubb Chubb

23. How I Kmet Your Mother

24. Boydz II Men

25. Candid Kamara

26. Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

27. Kittle Miracles

28. Run CMC

29. Murray Up and Wait

30. Thank Evans!

31. White Pickett Fence

32. The Jefferson Memorial

33. Olave Garden

34. Baskin Dobbins

35. Chase-ing a Title

36. Too Many Cooks

37. Mooney River

38. The Tagovailorian

39. What Can Brown Do for You?

40. Ridder Me This

41. Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy

42. Olave Garden

43. London Calling

44. Slim Pickens

Clever Fantasy Football Team Names

Check out these clever names for the fantasy teams.

45. Jahan Solo

46. The Wan’Dale Chooses The Wizard

47. Lawrence & Order

48. Sacks in the City

49. My Kupp Runneth Over

50. Tua Much, Tua Little, Tua Late

51. Conner Among Thieves

52. That’s Amari!

53. Hurts So Good

54. Fresh Prince of Helaire

55. Lamarvel Cinematic Universe

56. Can You Smell What Dalvin’s Cooking?

57. School of Dawson Knox

58. Can’t Fight This Thielen

59. Silence of the Lamb

60. Fresh Prince of Helaire

61. Oh Saquon You See

62. 7th Evans

63. That’s Amari

64. Keke, Do You Love Me?

65. Attempted Carson

66. On/Goff Switch

67. Obi-Wan Jakobi

68. Murray-Up Offense

69. Zeke and Destroy

70. Fields of Dreams

71. The Adams Family

72. Country Road, Take Mahomes

Cool Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny fantasy football names

Some cool names for your team members.

73. Dakstreet’s Back!

74. Pitts Creek

75. RusselMania

76. Hot Chubb Time Machine

77. Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker

78. San Francisco 4th and 9ers

79. Cards Against Humanity

80. Leader of the Packers

81. Men of Steel

82. Pink Panthers

83. Remember the Titans

84. Troop Buffalo Bills

85. We Aint Lion

86. Raiders of the Lost Ark

87. Eagle Guardian

88. The Greatest Show on Paper

89. The King of the North

90. Game of Jones

91. WaddleVision

92. Run CMC

93. Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

94. Carr-dee B

95. Raiders of the Lost Yards

96. Up to Noah Good

97. It’s Always Darkest Before Deshaun

98. From Wentz, You Came

99. Moore Money Moore Problems

100. McLaurin F1

101. My Kupp Runneth Over

What are Some Cool Football Names?

The list goes on and on for funny fantasy football names

102. Blue Badgers

103. Cheetah Colonels

104. Phantom Bulls

105. Crashing Amigos

106. Bengal Bisons

107. Dashing Devils

108. Dazzling Balls

109. Flying Squirrels

How do You Pick a Good Fantasy Football Team Name?

In order to get the best out of your Fantasy Football team name, here are the five components that make up the best name.

1. Play on Words

2. Setting an Agenda

3. Effective Use of Nickname

4. Innuendo

5. The Ex

What is the Best Team Name Ever?

1. The Elite Team

2. Dominatrix

Big Shots

Unstoppable Force

Crew X.

Rule Breakers.

The Squad

United Army

When Should you Start your Fantasy League?

Labor Day Weekend (Sept 3-5) is by far the best time to hold a fantasy draft. Everyone’s off, chilling out, with no stresses in the world.

The preseason has been sorted through and you more or less know who is healthy for the year and who left August unscathed.

What are the Coolest Names?

1. Game of inches

2. Victorious Secret

3. Any Given Sunday

4. No Guts, No Glory.

5. The Dirty Dozen Fantasy Football League

6. Fantasy Field of Dreams

7. The Professionals

8. The Statement in the Basement


Forming a team is a thing, and giving a name to the team is another thing. We’ve made your selection a bit easier for you and your team.

Please let us know which of these fantasy football player names you think is best in the comments section below, or if you have any more great ones to share.

If you have any funny fantasy football league names to share, we’d love to hear them!

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