How to Reset My Taxify Driver Account Password

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Reset your Taxify account password by following the discourse presented in the subsequent headings of this page. The procedure is simple, kindly read carefully.

Reset Your Taxify Account Password

To reset your account password as a Taxify driver, you have the option to update your account password to a memorable number of your choice. But there’s more, so tag along.

The core aim of Taxify is to make city transport a better and quicker experience, five years ago we started with a strong mission of tackling this problem. 

Since then, it has expanded into a much broader transportation platform; the range of our services includes not only traditional ride-hailing but also offering cars and motorbikes’ hire, as well as access to scooters for sharing.

Steps to Reset Your Taxify Account Password

To reset your Taxify (now known as Bolt) driver account password, follow these steps:

1. Choose the Bolt Driver app on your mobile phone, and then, tap on the “Forgot Password?” or “Reset Password” on the login page when asked to.

2. Insert your email address previously registered with the driver account or the phone number. As per the instructions, you will receive your reset email or SMS on your email or phone.

3. Go with a new password and after that, confirm the password then fill in the correct login page on your Taxify/Bolt driver account and submit the new password to access your account.

Having done all this, your account will be safely tucked back into your reach and you are advised to choose a code that is known to just you to prevent hackers or fraudulent acts. 

Can I Use My Taxify Driver Account Without the Password?

No, you will not be able to log in to Taxify (Bolt) with your driver account if you’ve forgotten your password.

The password is a critical safety factor that helps to keep your account from being accessed unlawfully, as well as serves to safeguard your information on personal and financial issues.

Without the proper password, you can’t log in to your Pro account or make a connection to the Bolt Driver app.

If you happen to forget your password, you shall reset it by submitting the “Forgot Password?” or “Reset Password” subconscious the login screen.

The restoration of access usually involves the issuing of a secret code and disclosing it to a verifier via email or SMS and then changing your password to get entry to your account.

It’s extremely important to keep your password safe by not disclosing it to anyone else to ensure your personal information and funds remain safe.

Guidelines for Taxify Drivers

Yes. Among other things, these guidelines from Taxify (now called Bolt) help to ensure that the safety, quality of service, and compliance with local rules of the driver are at a good level.

These guidelines are:

1. Requirements

Here, drivers have to be at least 25 years old, without any driving infraction that can risk the safety on the road,

Bolt also has strict vehicle standards and safety procedures for the driver.

2. Safety Standards

Elements included are cleanliness, full and safe maintenance of the vehicle, following traffic laws, and safety of the passengers.

Safety standards are guidelines that you just need to adhere to.

3. Service Quality

They have to render a function that is characterized by high cultural respectfulness and a good rating.

Also, address customer concerns efficiently.

4. App Usage

Ride as a Bolt Driver only with your app right and with this, you can accept rides, and follow location instructions.

5. Payment and Commission

You must also follow the Bolt payment and commission policies as stipulated by their Guidelines. No violations of their payment commission is allowed.

This is one of the guidelines you should not ignore.

6. Feedback and Ratings

It is greatly advised to pay attention to passenger comments, reverence for track records and diligently proceed with any criticism in a professional manner.

If followed by taxi drivers, Taxify/ Bolt will create a good reputation for themselves and ensure the satisfaction of passengers as well as the revenues from the increased demand.

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