5 Proven Ways to Overcome Social Media Addiction

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Technological advancement gave us a gift that ironically feels like a curse, Social Media. It has gradually disconnected people from one another in the guise of connecting them. It first started as a way to connect with friends and family, but has since evolved into what we call social media addiction.

We spend more time on phones and seldom go out to meet people in the real world. Some people get so addicted to Social Media that they lose touch with reality.

It’s not strange to see someone even as young as 7 years old, glued to a phone in their hands, and at that moment, you try to reminisce on your 7-year-old days, playing in the park with your friends, completely oblivious to information technology.

This technology has replaced traditional forms of socializing, not only with children and teens but with adults too.

Letting go of your smartphone even after hours of social media scrolling can be very difficult. And if you find yourself in this position, just know that you’re not alone.

So, here are five proven ways to get over your social media addiction.

Five Ways to Overcome Social Media Addiction

There are over 210 million of you, but you can choose to not be among them by following these simple steps to rid yourself of this toxic addiction.

You could even become a coach and help others get out of this addiction. Here we go.

1. Delete or Uninstall Your Social Media Apps

This sounds like a tall order on the surface, it seems and feels like it is impossible but it isn’t.

It is very possible to do this with determination, so find some more determination if you aren’t determined enough.

Uninstall all the social media apps and take a stand to prevent yourself from installing them during a particular period.

2. Spend More Time with Your Friends and Family

Now that the apps are out, it’s time to pay attention to physically present people and family is where it all begins. Use the real world to connect with your friends and family rather than through a screen.

Go on trips with them or plan some casual night outs. You can even stay in for a ‘pizza and movie’ kind of night, or play some fun board games.

If not either of these, have a fun chit-chat session with them, catching up on all life’s happenings.

Chances are you won’t even have to attend to calls because the people who usually call you are right in front of you. So you won’t have your phone.

3. Social Media Detox

We already hinted at the first step to be taken. But on a more serious note, set yourself a fixed period, i.e. 15 days or 30 days, to pay no attention to social media.

Delete all the apps from your phone and only use your phone for emergencies or calls earlier.

It still sounds difficult but when you complete the detox, the realization will automatically dawn that you don’t need social media to survive, and you’re just as well happy without it.

You can also use this time to think about why you cannot stop scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook.

4. Learn a New Hobby

During a detox, you will need to get your mind occupied with something other than pictures of people you barely know. Try learning something new because It’s always exciting to learn something new.

This could be anything, from baking to painting to even a new sport. And don’t stop learning. If what you learned has different levels,

Try to accomplish all those and become an expert at whatever it is. Do that and you will put your time to good use.

5. Read a Book

Reading is as therapeutic as it can get, and you can just as easily form an addiction to reading a good book as you are to social media.

When you read, your mind converts the words into a picture for you to relate to. This helps you develop your mind and vocabulary, as well as improve your creative ability.

So, ask your friends for a couple of suggestions, or pick out a book for yourself. Once you find yourself completely immersed in reading, you will no longer feel the urge to check your phone.

There you have it, Social Media addiction will only remain a problem if you want it to. Share this information with friends and leave comments below.

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