What is the Biggest Animal in the World?

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What is the biggest animal in the World that has ever lived? Animals come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Read on to satisfy your curiosity.

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

Check out this list of the biggest animals in the world.

1. The Blue Whale

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus ssp. Intermedia) is the biggest animal on the planet, weighing up to 400,000 pounds (approximately 33 elephants) and reaching up to 98 feet in length.

The whale has a heart the size of a small car, and during the main feeding season, it consumes around 7936 pounds of krill per day.

It is the loudest animal on Earth, even louder than a jet engine its calls reach 188 decibels while a jet reaches 140 decibels.

The whales’ low-frequency whistle can be heard for hundreds of miles and is probably used to attract other blue whales.

2. African Bush Elephant

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

The African bush elephant (Loxodonta Africana), is one of two species of African elephants (the other being the African forest elephant)

This is the largest animal on land and may reach heights of 4.5 meters at the shoulder, lengths of six meters, and weights of up to 6,000 kg.

3. Ostrich

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

The ostrich (Struthio camelus) is the largest bird in the world. This bird can sprint for great distances at speeds of up to 70 km/h (43 mph), but it is too large and heavy to fly.

Males can weigh up to 346 pounds (156.8 kg), which is equivalent to two persons, and grow to heights of over 9 feet (2.8 m).

Typically, females are shorter and rarely reach heights of more than 6 feet 7 inches (2 meters).

4. Polar Bear

polar bear

Botanical name (Ursus maritimus), male adults typically weigh 700 kg and have a height of 3 meters while standing on their hind legs.

Although they are born on land, polar bears spend the majority of their lives on sea ice, searching for seals both there and in the northern waters.

5. Saltwater Crocodile

Salt water crocodile

The saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is the largest species of living reptile.

This lizard has a maximum length of almost 7 meters and a maximum weight of 500 kg.

They have a healthy population that is dispersed throughout areas of Asia, Australia, and India that have salt and brackish waters.

Females are considerably shorter and rarely exceed 9.8 feet in length (3 m).

6. Giant Anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

The enormous anaconda is the world’s largest snake in terms of overall mass.

Some members of this enormous species have been measured at up to 30 feet (9.1 m) in length and have been known to weigh as much as 550 pounds (250 kg).

That is longer than a double-decker bus in London. They have plenty of room to consume a variety of prey, including huge mammals like deer, fish, alligators, birds

And anything else they can catch because they can grow to be up to 3 feet around the midsection.

Anacondas may lay almost entirely submerged while waiting for prey, with their eyes and nose on top of their heads. Because of their size, they can easily defeat wild pigs, deer, and even jaguars.

7. Capybara

What is the Biggest Animal in the World

Have you ever seen a rodent weighing 80 kilograms? The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is the largest rodent in the world and is native to the wetlands of South America.

It is around 60 cm tall and 1.2 meters long, and it resembles a guinea pig on steroids.

The capybara is a rodent that lacks a tail and has webbed feet to assist it to navigate its preferred aquatic habitat.

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