Some Explanatory Essay Topics: Examples for Students

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 – Some Explanatory Essay Topics –

Some Explanatory Essay Topics may appear to be a difficult undertaking. However, take note. You’ll feel considerably better in a flash if you have a superb essay topic! Prepare to read some explanation essay themes in this section. And they will teach you how to produce an excellent essay.

Some Explanatory Essay Topics for Students

Explanatory Essay Topics on Business

Below are some explanatory essay topics under business:

1. How do employers ensure the physical and mental health of their employees?

2. Discrimination against older job applicants vis-à-vis younger job searchers (ageism).

3. How do office politics work? And how does an individual handle it?

4. Compare and contrast business organisations.

5. How do businesses benefit from behavioural tracking and marketing strategies?

6. Compare and contrast business plans from the feasibility studies.

7. How can businesses affect the environment?

8. Sexual harassment/gender discrimination in the workforce and its impacts.

9. How do businesses use social media to promote their goods and services?

History and Politics Explanatory Essay Topics

Below are some explanatory essay under topics history and politics:

1. How did the Israel and Palestine conflict ensue?

2. Compare and contrast realism, liberalism, globalism/Marxism, and constructivism.

3. How are the laws implemented in a state?

4. Compare and contrast the three waves of feminism.

5. How is diplomacy used in foreign policy to prevent or de-escalate the war?

6. Discuss the history of the Atlantic slave trade and its impacts.

7. The role of geography in a state (Ex: United States).

8. An expository essay on the history, functions, and role of the United Nations.

9. Religion and politics: Explain the role of religion in the political sphere of state/states.

The Internet and Technology Related Explanatory Essay Topics

Below are some explanatory essay topics under internet and technology:

1. An explanatory essay on states and cybersecurity.

2. The deep web and human trafficking/terrorism.

3. How do computer viruses and malware form and spread?

4. The dangers of leaving a digital footprint.

5. How can social media shape an individual’s perception of beauty?

6. Internet monitoring or censorship in states?

7. How can modern technologies benefit students and their education?

8. Compare and contrast WhatsApp and Viber.

Explanatory Essay Topics Related to Science

Even the engineering and science majors do get explanatory essay assignments! Below are some amazing topics under science:

1. How are astronauts sent into space?

2. A discussion on the water cycle.

3. How does the brain impact a person’s decision-making process?

4. The development of the periodic table of the elements.

5 How do technology and scientific advances curb infectious diseases?

6. Compare and contrast the animal cells from the plant cells.

7. The connection between physical and mental health.

8. How does the body maintain homeostasis?

9. An explanatory essay on the nervous system.

10. How does a sedentary lifestyle affect an individual’s health?

More Science Topics

Identify several examples of why nuclear power may or may not be safe.

Explain why GMOs (genetically modified organisms) may or may not be safe for consumers.

What are the causes and effects of a polar vortex?

Explain how to make a cloud in a bottle or how to make a mini volcano in your kitchen.

Literature Explanatory Essay Topics

Below are some topics under literature:

1. What are the three key symbols in Romeo and Juliet?

2. Compare the American Dream of Willy Lomani and Death of a Salesman to today’s American Dream.

3. Identify several gender roles in A Doll’s House. And compare those roles to gender roles today.

4. Explain the most prominent theme of Macbeth.

An Explanatory Essay Topic: Other Topics

1. How video games are being developed and designed.

2. Stress management in a college/high school environment.

3. Compare and contrast American, Australian, and British English.

4. Explain the relationship between overpopulation and poverty.

5. How are the books being made? A historical explanatory essay.

6. The youth bulge theory and violence.

7. How can a person remain optimistic amidst negativity and hardships?

8. An explanatory essay on the issue of modern slavery.

9. How can we identify genuine news/information from the bogus reports?

10. What are the key causes of the Vietnam War?

11. Compare and contrast the Great Depression to today’s economic conditions.

12. What are the causes of the Civil Rights Movement?

An Explanatory Essay Topic: Bonus Topics

1. How did the British invasion and rule of India affect India and its citizens?

2. What are the key causes of poverty?

3. How do child beauty pageants affect children?

4. What are the effects of health or nutrition education on children?

5. How can noise pollution affect society or individuals?

6. Identify several potential health benefits of drinking red wine.

7. How can college students avoid gaining weight?

8. Explain the positive and negative effects of the Affordable Care Act.

9. How can music influence someone’s mood?

10. What are the positive and negative affects of technology in the classroom?

With the above explanatory essay topics, you can begin a wonderful essay. Furthermore, the information above is rich to guide you on your essay writing. While absorbing the information, share it with your friends and family.

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