WAEC GCE Geography Questions 2021 Objective and Theory Update

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WAEC GCE Geography Questions 2021: Before one sits for the WAEC GCE exam, it is good he/she has an idea of what the questions will look like. This is why in this article we’ve made available past WAEC GCE Geography random repeated questions and answers for free.

Geography WAEC GCE expo questions are out now on our website. Here, you will also get to understand how the examination questions are set and many more examination details. Continue reading to see below.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), for University and Jamb entry examination in West Africa countries. In a year, over three million candidates registered for the exams coordinated by WAEC.

Common WAEC GCE Geography Questions and Answers 2021



Theory (Essay) Question and Answers:

1. Write a geographical account of rail transport under the following headings:
(a) economic importance;
(b) problems;
(c) solutions.

ANS: (b) Problems of rail transportation included:
– slow speed in developing countries;
– derailment due to flooding;
– poor time schedule;
– poor standard coaches;
– competition from other modes of transportation e.g. road and air;
– high cost of construction affected by steep gradient/terrain;
– high cost of spare parts, etc.

(c) The solutions to those problems included:
– wider gauges to increase speed;
– faster engines and coaches;
– proper planning and timing of movement schedules;
– improved management techniques;
– loans from banks;
– internal manufacturing of spare parts, etc.

2. (a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:
i) village;
ii) town.
b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.

3. (a) Define the following population terms:
i) census;
ii) mortality rate;
(b) family planning.Outline any three problems confronting a country that is overpopulated.
(c) Highlight any three ways by which the problem of overpopulation can be solved.

4. (a) Highlight any five factors that have accounted for the world’s rapid population growth.
(b) Outline any five problems of rapid population growth.

ANS: (a) The factors that have accounted for the world’s rapid population growth include:
– polygamy;
– early marriage;
– advancement in science and technology;
– improved medical care;
– low mortality rate;
– industrialization
– poor family planning.

5. (a) State four reasons for the concentration of manufacturing industries in the capital cities of Tropical African Countries.
(b) Give three reasons for the predominance of consumer oriented industries in Tropical Africa.
(c) Describe three contributions of manufacturing industries to the economic development of Tropical African Countries.

6. Draw an outline map of Nigeria. On the map, mark and name
(a) Two areas of low population density;
(b) Two areas of high population density;
(c) One town in one of the high population density areas shown in a (ii) above.
(d) Highlight any three problems associated with high population density in Nigeria.
(e) Explain the ways of solving any two of the problems  of population density highlighted in 6(b) above.

7. (a) Describe any three causes of air pollution.
(b) Outline three major effects of air pollution.
(c) Suggest two ways of controlling air pollution.

ANS: The candidates were expected to describe the following causes of air pollution:
–  odour as a result of improper disposal
– emission of smoke from domestic sources
–  fumes from exhaust of vehicles and aeroplanes
–  industrial waste and fumes
– dust from explosion of bombs and other dangerous weapons
– artificial cloud seeding
– chloroflouro carbon (CFC) from cooling system and sprays
–  noise from loud speakers and aeroplanes.

8. (a) Draw an outline map of West Africa.On it locate and name:
(i) one area of dense population;
(ii) one area of sparse population;
(iii) an important town in each area;
(iv) the River Niger.
(b) Explain four factors that have led to the high population in the area shown on your map.
(c) Highlight two problems of sparse population density.

9. Describe the savannah belt of Africa under the following headings:
(a) location;
(b) vegetation characteristics;
(c) uses.

DISCLAIMER! These are not real WAEC GCE Geography questions but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidate understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every questions provided on this page.

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