What is the Highest Paying Job in AI?

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Knowing how artificial intelligence has been of much help to humanity, you may wonder: what is the highest-paying job in AI that you can opt for?

What is the Highest Paying Job in AI?

AI has finally come to stay. In fact, there are more sophisticated AI innovations that a substantial fear grips humanity.

This fear arises from the seeming gradual extinction of human intelligence as initiated by AI. 

Whereas the same AI still depend on human intelligence and labour to function well.

Are you still curious to know the Highest Paying Job in AI? Below is a list of high-paying jobs in AI.

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in AI?

As a result of depending on humans, AI in turn creates jobs for those who can make it do its job well.

Such jobs pay highly and they include:

1. Machine Learning Engineer

Professionals in this field command high pay. This is owing to the technological nature of their employment

They are mostly in charge of ensuring that machine learning models and projects run smoothly.

Strong mathematical and programming skills and experience in machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and cloud applications.

 A machine learning engineer earns at least $​​1,31,000 as a salary.

2. Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers build and maintain AI-powered robots.

Advanced degrees in engineering, computer science, or similar are the required qualifications for the job.

Expertise in CAD/CAM, 2D/3D vision systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is required. 

With experience and specialization, the salary of a robotics engineer can rise up to $130,000, monthly.

3. Automation Engineer

The job of an automation engineer is to design, develop and maintain automated machines.

Besides that, an automation engineer determines the best way to implement automation. 

Moreso, to land an automation engineering job, acquire a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or computer science and have experience in manufacturing and automation.  

4. Computer Vision Engineer

A computer vision engineer applies deep learning algorithms in order to solve the image-related problems of AI. 

In the broad field of AI, computer vision is a vital part that is centred on the “seeing” ability of the machines. They earn a minimum of  US$134,346.

5. Natural Language Engineer

A natural language engineer specializes in human language, including spoken and written information.

They work on voice assistants, speech recognition, document processing, etc., and make effective use of NLP technology

A natural language engineer’s earn is about $100,000.

6. Deep Learning Engineer

Tasks involving data engineering, modelling, and deployment are performed by deep learning engineers.

Deep learning engineering experts showcase expertise in science and engineering as they write both prototyping and production code.

However, this kind of job requires qualifications in computer science, semantic extraction techniques, data structures, modelling, n-grams, sentiment analysis, etc. A deep learning engineer earns up to $120,000.

7. Predictive Analytics Engineer

A predictive analytics engineer is in control of modelling data.

They are skilled at the use of Excel, SQL code, and analytics tools to perform ad-hoc analyses and forecasting. A predictive analytics engineer earns  $121,182.

Finally, working in any of the aforementioned fields of AIs guarantees you high pay. So, you should be making a choice already of the highest-paying jobs in AI.

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