Aviva Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Dundee

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The Aviva Undergraduate Scholarship is one of the many generous deeds that the management of the University of Dundee is known for. They help students by providing financial assistance, however, you still may not benefit until you know more about it. Read on.

Aviva Undergraduate Scholarship

Aviva Undergraduate Scholarship

The Aviva Scholarship program aims to support their customers and children in pursuing higher education in the UK.

The University of Dundee is a public research university in Dundee, Scotland. It gained independent university status in 1967 while retaining much of its ancient heritage and governance structure.

The Aviva Scholarship program aims to support their customers and children in pursuing higher education in the UK.

Scholarship Eligible Criteria

1. The scholarship is open to students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

2. The Undergraduate Aviva Scholarship applies to candidates who fulfill the following conditions:

3. Applying for an undergraduate program in any of our schools, except Medicine, Dentistry, or Nursing & Health Sciences.

4. Designated as Overseas Fee Status by the University of Dundee. This status is indicated in your offer letter, which is also a prerequisite for applying for this scholarship. Offers may be conditional or unconditional when applying to Aviva.

5. Maintain an active insurance policy with Aviva.

6. Please ensure to review the Key Facts Document and Terms and Conditions associated with this scholarship.

7. Applicants whose primary language is not English are typically required to demonstrate proficiency at a level specified by the University.

How to Apply

1. If neither you nor your parents currently have an Aviva policy, it’s important to acquire one.

2. Next, apply for general or direct admission to your preferred university.

3. If you meet the criteria, complete the Aviva application on their website.

4. Ensure accuracy by meticulously filling in details such as your full name as per passport, nationality, country of residence, and contact information.

5. After verifying all information, apply to finalize the process.

Selection Process

The university independently selects scholars for the scholarship, not Aviva.

Typically, students are assessed based on their achievements, aptitude, academic promise, extracurricular involvement, and career aspirations.

Those chosen for the Aviva Scholarship will receive notification and a 20% tuition fee waiver.

Additionally, while in the UK, they will be considered overseas students.

Application Deadline

Unfortunately, this scholarship has closed for 2024, however, if you keep in touch, we will let you know when it reopens.

Scholarships are a great way to scale through school because you will not have to worry about the resources and you will be more focused on academics.

You can check out some other scholarships that may be of interest to you as you will find on this platform.

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