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How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Crazy About You

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– How to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically –

Though many people especially girls will not agree, many of us cannot kiss properly. Once we are able to get the opposite lips touching each other, we consider ourselves to be great kissers. Do you really know how to kiss your boyfriend romantically? Do you wish to know how to kiss your boyfriend romantically?

How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Crazy About You

In truth, not many people will agree to the fact that kissing is far beyond what is described above. Interestingly, there are ways we could kiss and make what it should be; a romantic adventure into the worlds of love and passion. In learning how to kiss your boyfriend romantically, you have to keep a very sincere mind and be open to changes.

What does kissing your boyfriend romantically really entail? Are there some special techniques and skills required? Thus, these queries and some others are what will be discussed in the sections below. I do really hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have known how to kiss your boyfriend romantically. Also, I wish that you will be better positioned to enjoy the romance of kissing.

Things to do when you want to kiss your boyfriend romantically

Things to do when you want to kiss your boyfriend romantically

When planning to have that amazing romantic experience of kissing you need to do some prep work.  To give your boyfriend that unforgettable kissing experience, a little preparation is not out of place. It is not just about knowing how to kiss your boyfriend romantically; you also need to put other things into consideration. Let us take a look at some of these things.

1. Keep your Lips in the Right Tone

Some level of preparation is necessary before you kiss. This is not about learning expert kissing techniques but rather ensuring that your lips are kissable. No one would enjoy kissing Chapped lips. So, it is all about looking enticing and sensual.

2. It’s all about preparation

Kissable lips are important in having a wonderful kiss. Make use of lip balms and glosses not only on the day you are expecting the kiss but also as a daily routine. This will make your lips smooth, supple, and succulent. It is understandable that you want to look like a diva but a wrong shade of red lipstick can transform you into a clown.

3. You should Kiss in a Private Place

Intimacy is a private thing. You should, therefore, look for a comfortable spot. Avoid restaurants, playgrounds, or any other crowded place. Though you may not have planned for it, if you find yourself in a public place, look for a spot where no one can see you.

Thus, kissing in public is not only offensive to some onlookers, but also uncomfortable for you. The onlookers might disrupt the breathtaking moment or even hurl some funny comments that would embarrass both of you.

4. Check and Confirm that you have a Fresh Breath

Whether it is your first, second or thirtieth time, you should always think about your breath. Ensure you have some breath mints at hand. Also, keep at bay any spicy flavors like ginger, garlic, or onions. Nothing will make you more confident than having fresh and sweet breath. It would be such an unpleasant experience if your boyfriend to-be avoids you because of bad breath. Make sure to brush your teeth properly too.

5. It’s better to sit down when Kissing

The best position for a romantic kiss, especially if you have intentions of making out, is when you are seated in a relaxed position as opposed to standing. Standing can weaken your knees if the intimacy continues for long or it may be awkward if you have a significant height difference. However, don’t be discouraged to kiss while in a standing position if you find it more romantic.

6. Let your Expressions do the Talking

When you experience a kiss with a guy, you don’t have to talk. Start by getting closer to him. This will let him know that you are comfortable with him. It can also be a discreet way of arousing him. However, do not be quick but wait for things to happen naturally. It is of utmost importance that both of you have the same pace. It would be very awkward if you try to kiss him when he isn’t interested.

7. Pay Attention to Body Language

As you speak to him, don’t focus too much on his eyes. Concentrate more on the movements of his lips. A good way to create a hint is to take intentional glances towards his mouth and then look directly into his eyes. Once he has an idea of what you want, his body language and expressions will let you know if he wants to kiss you too.

Things to Avoid on your Lips when you Want to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

Things to Avoid on your Lips when you Want to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

Generally, Kissing is about the lips first. All other parts are secondary and subsidiary to the lips. Thus, the major organ of kissing is the lips. Whether it is the lips meeting another set of lips or other parts of the body, the lips must be involved. So let us see what we should avoid on lips when kissing.

1. Do not wear the wrong shade

2. Never decorate your teeth with lipstick

3. Do not make your lips too dark

4. Shun the funky glitters

5. Never apply lipstick outside the lip borders

6. Do not use a dark lip liner with light lipstick

Important Things Know About How to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

Important Things Know About How to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

It might be unwise to delve into a kiss without keeping some things in mind. So you can get the most out of the kiss and so you don’t come out disappointed, you should know these:

1. If it is the First Time, it Might be Awkward

It is advisable to inject a sense of humor to make it more comfortable. Like any other activity, it can never be perfect for the very first time. You don’t have to be embarrassed if you are kissing a man who has had a lot of experiences with women. Even if you have never kissed anyone before, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

2. It May Turn out to be the Most Special Moment in your Life

Or, it might also feel like nothing. Kissing someone doesn’t have to be your best moment in life. Only kiss him because you feel like doing it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t force yourself. Do it because you feel connected to him. Similarly, don’t force him to do it if he doesn’t want to.

3. It Is Normal to Get Nervous but do not Forget to Breathe

It is normal to get nervous but do not forget to breathe. Try to relax and enjoy the sensational moment. The first time is not a determinant of how subsequent kisses will be. If it turns out badly, do not beat yourself up. With time and experience, you will improve. If your guy rejects your kiss, it is okay. Just move on and eventually, you will find another man who really wants to get intimate with you.

4. Simply Enjoy This Romantic Moment

A kiss helps two people understand each other way of showing intimacy and romance. It is the first step in building an intimate connection between two lovers. A kiss that doesn’t feel right leaves two people in doubt because they might question if there is chemistry between them. Rather than being anxious about how you will kiss him, take it easy and learn from this experience.

5. It doesn’t have to be Perfect

The moment of intimacy with a new guy is always tricky regardless of whether you have been with another man before or not. Know that the two of you will have different perceptions of what a perfect kiss is. But still, try not to worry too much about making everything perfect. Make sure that you leave a lasting impression after your mouths part. 

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How do you kiss a Guy Perfectly?

There isn’t one specific way to kiss a guy that makes it perfect. Each kiss is different and is a very personal thing.

There are all sorts of kissing techniques he will find pleasurable, but to kiss a guy perfectly is to kiss him in a way where you both feel comfortable.

1. Breathe on his Neck and Move your Hands

Before he makes the first move, breathe on his neck a little and pull away. This builds anticipation and can be a clear indication that you are able to control yourself around him. You may put your hands on his face as you breathe down his neck. Notice how his skin smells but don’t be too fast.

2. Let Him Take the Lead

When it comes to intimacy, it is always a good idea to let the guy take the lead. Unless you like to dominate in everything, it is better to follow the guy’s lead when kiss. If you feel a little dryness in your lips, lick them so that they become softer and delicate. Close your eyes, wait for him to touch your lips, and press your lips against his. You can then reciprocate by parting your lips to make them accessible.

3. Endeavor to Gasp

Guys like to know they are giving you something new and exciting kissing you. So, a way to show him that he’s succeeding and motivate him to give you a great kiss is to let out a small gasp right before you lock lips.

4. Keep it Quite Short

This icebreaker should not take too long. It is best to keep it short and simple unless the two of you are extremely aroused. If you think that you are infatuated, do not push it too far. Actually, the most romantic kiss lasts for a few seconds with two mouths grazing softly on each other. 

5. Do more than just Kissing

Kisses are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t stop at just kissing. To leave your new man wanting more, you have to make extra romantic movements. Remember that sweet kisses and touches are precursors to wonderful intimacy. A little body contact feels good and intimate, and it will turn him on without sending a message that you are too easy. As you kiss and move closer to him, he will definitely do the same.

6. Allow Some Body Contact

Let your chests brush against each other every moment you move to kiss. Use your hands to caress his back and chest. This will get you closer to him and he will want to do the same for you. You need to enjoy the sensual touches while your bodies touch.

However, if he goes beyond your expectations, you can clasp his arms and move them to other areas where you are more comfortable with his touches. A good guy will understand this and he will know that you must approve his every move.

7. Keep your Head Flexible 

Some ladies don’t know that they can be kissed on other parts apart from their lips. It is fine to tilt your head to different sides to get more comfortable. You will start enjoying more than you ever imagined by doing so.

Remember that he too has another side of the face and once in a while, you should switch the position of your head. Your face needs to be flexible as you kiss. You should turn sideways when necessary and move up your chin so that he can kiss your neck, forehead, or cheeks. A plain kiss without another move can be boring.

8. Pay Attention to his Movements

Naturally, people like to do things that they most enjoy. As such, you should be keen on what your partner is doing as he kisses you. Take note of his style and techniques. How hard does he press his lips against yours? Find out if he closes his mouth or goes for a French kiss. Does he like to nibble?

If you get to understand what he gives, then you will be in a position to return the gesture. He most likely wants you to kiss him the same way he does with you. This intimate communication is vital in finding the deepest pleasures awaiting in your relationship.

9. Kiss his Other Erogenous Zones

When most women hear about kissing a man, they think only about the lips. Instead on focusing on the mouth, try exploring other parts of his body. The cheek, for instance, is a pleasurable spot. He will appreciate this. Don’t just stop there. Go on to his neck and ears and start licking and nibbling them.

10. Find the Right Balance Between a Slow Kiss and an Aggressive Kiss

It is normal to feel awkward every time you try or do something new. This should not be a cause of panic. After a while, the new thing becomes familiar. Kissing your guy should neither be too slow nor too aggressive. You don’t need heavy tongue probing to start. Nevertheless, a sloppy kiss is boring. You want his body to shiver from your moist lips, forceful tongue, and groping hands.

11. Be Slow but Steady

Kissing slowly and softly is the right way to go. When he moves to kiss you, move in and respond slowly. Purse your lips gently as you massage his lips with yours. The lower lip is always the best to start with and then you can continue to the upper one.

After the gentle massage is over, you can shake things up a bit. Start kissing him in an aggressive manner. Squeeze his lips between yours but be careful not to crush his mouth. Use reasonable pressure to express passion.

You can also use the teeth but don’t bite too hard! Be as gentle as possible. You don’t want to hurt your guy accidentally. Softly nibble his lips and push his lower and bottom lips between your teeth. Slowly run your teeth over his lips to bring a distinctive sensation.

12. Make an Impression

If the moment feels right, do not hesitate to showcase your kissing prowess as you enjoy the romantic bliss. Kissing is very exciting but if you don’t show your guy that you are interested with a great kiss, he might not come back for another round.

To create an impression, you must balance between subtle and aggressive. Find a sweet spot between an innocent kiss and a sensual kiss. This can be achieved with lots of practice.

13. Cap off your Kiss with a Final Move

Kissing him one last time shows him that you had a great moment. It is also a good way of showing that you will miss him. I should wrap this intimate and memorable moment that you shared up with a soft hug. A smile too, is a great way to end it.

Man and Wife

Where do Men like to be kissed?

There aren’t many places guys don’t enjoy being kissed! Both men and women have the same zones, so when you kiss your boyfriend this way, you’re also showing him creative places to kiss you. One caution is that some guys will find these areas to be too sensitive or ticklish, so always watch your boyfriends’ response for cues that he likes how you are kissing him.

• Ears: Kissing or licking the earlobes is pleasurable for most guys. You can also whisper or breathe softly in your boyfriend’s ear while kissing.

• Fingers: Try kissing fingers on your boyfriend’s hands. There are tons of nerve endings here and he’ll likely respond positively.

• Stomach: The navel area is also a turn-on when kissed, especially the belly button.

• Arms: Gentle kisses near the armpits, or in the crook of the arm can be a turn-on.

• Feet: For some people, kissing or touching the feet is very sensual.

Accordingly, if you want to get him all hot and bothered, then you should kiss his other erogenous zones. However, you need to be sure you want to proceed to higher ground before you begin kissing him in some places.

Still, be sure to check with the guy to see if he has any problem areas first. Many men have preferred spots they would want to be kissed. Others can get embarrassed when kissed in some way. Thus, it is wise to find out what his preferences are.


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Girl Kissing a Guy

Things to do When you want to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

While Kissing your boyfriend, it should not just finish with your lips going over him. Interestingly, there are a couple of fun things you can also bring to spice up the whole experience. So, while the kiss is going on, you might love to add these:

1. Eye Contact

This oozes passion. Hold his face and make eye contact. You don t even need to look sexy. It s the sensuousness in your eyes that drives him crazy to kiss you more. Keep repeating this in intervals.

2. Speed Variation

You may start with a slow smooch or an aggressive one. But slow down in between for some soft kissing where you just feel his lips and move yours on them. You can even move your tongue softly. Increase the speed and intensity gradually and see how it drives him crazy

3. Use your hands

While your lips are busy, your hands can do some work to turn him on further. Guys love it when you run your fingers through their hair. You can move then around his neck and ears and then slide them down to his chest and arms or back. If you can reach his waistline, move your fingers there but don’t reach his pants.

4. Change Positions

Don’t let him be on top all the time. He will get tired of it eventually. So shake things up a little, and climb on top of him when you start making out!

5. Suck on Him

The lower lip is juicy so suck it gently and pay full attention to it. If he gives you his tongue, suck that too. Don t bite but nibble on his upper lip and try sucking it. Keep it gentle. You don t want him to go back with swollen lips.

6. Lightly Scratch His Scalp While Kissing Him

Often I get asked, “What should I do with my hands while kissing my man?” The easiest answer is to just embrace your man by wrapping your hands around him. But this can get a bit boring after a while. A much more passionate way to use your hands is to massage and gently scratch his scalp, especially at the back of his head.

It’s super sensitive and feels wonderful to have rubbed, caressed, massaged, and scratched. So the next time you are kissing him try it, your man will love it.

7. Grab His Thighs

While both of you are busy feeling each others’ lips, slide your hand from his back all the way to his thighs to feel them. Slide your hands up and down on his thighs or simply grab them tightly, notice what he likes better and continue with it.

Kissing in the Rain

Some Amazing Times to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically

Kissing has its setting and mood. You can’t compare a kiss you had on some shabby circumstance to the one you get in some really thrilling moment. Memorable is what I call these kinds of kisses. Strangely, depending on the setting and the environment, some kisses tend to be grand than others. Here below are some splendid moments you should steal to kiss your boyfriend romantically.

1. Surprise kisses

Grab your boyfriend and kiss him passionately when he is least expecting it, such as when you’re stopped at a red light or when he is leaving for school or work.

2. Kissing in the Rain

Toss away the umbrella and try kissing your boyfriend in the rain. The rain running down your faces adds to an amazing sensation.

3. Kiss Against a Wall

The next time you are kissing your man where there is a wall (e.g. your room), try pushing your man back up against it and leaning him to keep him pressed against it.

This is a pretty dominant move that will turn him on a whole lot more…especially if it’s not something you would normally do. So if you are looking to be a bit more aggressive than usual, then try kissing him against a wall, after pushing him into it.

4. Kiss Him While He’s Lying Down

Annoyingly though, it can be difficult being the one who initiates the kiss with a guy if he is taller than you.

Thankfully there is a really simple way to make kissing him much easier and more natural. The next time you are both lying down together, position yourself so that you are lying on your man’s chest. From here it is really simple and natural to move to being on top and facing him. Then all you need to do is just lean in to kiss him.


How to Kiss your Boyfriend Romantically with Different Kinds of Kisses

Categorically, not all kisses are the same. Just like most other things, kisses are divided into different types. In learning how to kiss your boyfriend romantically, you should also bear in mind the type of kiss you want to execute. Let us look at some of the prevalent types of kisses.

1. French Kiss

One of the most passionate ways to kiss, a French kiss tops the list of kisses! An intimate and erotic move, it is sure to set your partner’s mood for some romance. Start by tilting in and locking your partner’s lips with yours. Remember to go with the flow, rushing through this divine moment can ruin the feel of it. Slowly extend your tongue and reach out for your partner’s tongue. Just feel the moment and you’d nail your ‘perfect kiss’!

2. Single Lip Kiss

Twee and romantic, single lip kisses are the best way to tell your partner ‘I love you. Start by leaning closer and reaching out for one of their lips. Start sucking the lip gently in a romantic manner. DON’T BITE. Biting during a single lip kiss to show your wild side is a big NO! Just sandwich one of their lips between yours and keep sucking to send a strong romantic message!

3. Lizzy Kiss

Have you ever seen how a lizard sticks out its tongue? This is a similar type of kiss wherein both the partners stick out their tongues and kiss each other without the use of their lips. For some, it might be a little dirty but for those who share a high level of intimacy, it can prove to be really amorous!

4. American Kiss

An American kiss, just like a French kiss, involves deep kissing but without the use of the tongue. Hold your lady close by her waist and pin her closer to your body kissing her hard. Bend her a little giving support to her with your hand on her back and get lost in the romantic moment! It is sure to give both of you an erotic rush.

5. Ice Kiss

Try this ice-kiss that is sure to send chills down your and your partner’s spine! Just hold a cube of ice between your lips and start kissing your partner. Kiss them passionately till the ice melts completely in your mouth. Try this variation of kissing that would give your partner goosebumps.

6. Nibble Kiss

Truly, nibble kisses are cute and at the same time very sensual. Just grab your partner’s lower lip and bite it gently. Do not be too harsh as it would cause pain and ruin your intimate moment. It makes your make-out session a lot more thrilling and would set the base for a lot extra!

7. Lip Trace Kiss

As playful and flirty as it can get, a lip trace kiss is the sweetest of all! Trace your partner’s lips with your tongue gently kissing them in between. It would definitely add spice to your ‘moment’ and leave your partner craving for a lot more.

8. Butterfly Kiss

All you need to do is sit close to your partner, and let your eyelashes touch theirs. And as you kiss, flutter your lashes together like butterfly wings. If you want to do a solo kiss, blink your eyelashes against their cheek and see them blushing. It’s cute, fun, and something different to try out.

9. The Lip Gloss Kiss

It’s going to turn out quite playful. Put a generous amount of a flavored lip gloss, and wildly kiss your partner until their lips are coated with it too. Now, make it more interesting by asking them to guess the flavor. You can also opt for a tinted lip gloss but make sure your partner is comfortable with the act.

10. Spiderman Kiss

Inspired by the movie, this kiss is bound to turn on your partner. To do it, the face of the partner needs to be upside down, so that your upper lip kisses their lower lip, and vice versa. This kissing style is unique, easy to execute, and of course, sensual.

Young Couple

11. Earlobe Kiss

Who says a kiss has to be done just on lips! All you need to do is grab your partner’s ear between your lips and put your tongue to work. Use a gentle sucking motion to seduce them further and don’t forget to tug the earlobe downwards, gently. Since this particular region has nerve endings, your partner is going to love it.


Though not actually a real kiss, hickey is a kind of suckling. Hickey (also called love bite) is a red mark that is left on the skin when your partner sucks the area hard enough. It is advisable to take your partner’s permission for doing it as some might find it pleasurable, and others painful. Also, the place where you do it matters as well as your partner might get embarrassed later if it is visible.

13. Air Kiss

This kissing style is more on formal side and generally done to greet your near and dear ones. All it requires is resting your cheek against the other person’s cheek and make a kissing sound, that’s it.

14. The Sugar Kiss

If your partner and you have a sweet tooth, then a sugar kiss is one of the perfect options for you. Look for food items that you both love to binge on, like ice cream, marshmallow fluff, chocolate, etc, and kiss while they melt in your mouth. Who says snacking can’t be romantic!

15. Underwater Kiss

If your partner and you know how to swim and stay underwater for a few seconds, then this one is going to be your one of best sexual adventures. Here, partners hold their breath and kiss underwater. Or, either one of the partners holds his/her breath underwater and the other one gives them air.

16. Drink Kiss

For this, one of the partners takes a sip of their favorite drink (you can try alcohol too!), and try to pour this drink into your partner’s mouth while kissing. Make sure you take a small sip initially and be prepared if the drink spills. Guess, there’s another way of getting drunk with your partner.

16. Eskimo Kiss

This one is inspired by the way people in Eskimo culture do it. All you need to do is to rub your nose back and forth against your partner’s nose. You can add your own touch by kissing in between. It would be funny but sensual.

18. Vacuum Kiss

As the name suggests, the idea is to suck the air from your partner’s mouth. It is an open-mouthed kiss where both the partners kiss while sucking the air from each other’s mouth and thereby creating a vacuum. It sounds a bit weird but is surely worth a try.

19. Candy Kiss

Here how you can relive your childhood memories in the most sensual way possible. Both of the partners pop in each other favorite candies and exchange them while French kissing. Like, one partner might opt for mint flavor, and the other for orange. We wonder what your mouth would taste by the end of the act.

20. Chin Kiss

This one is quite simple yet erotic. Gently hold your partner’s chin with your middle finger, index finger, and thumb, and tilt it in the right direction. Enjoy the kissing while holding it. It feels a whole lot better that way.

21. Vampire Kiss

Just like vampires do, plant a deep kiss on their neck while sucking the area, and biting it gently. You can go a little raunchy and give a love bite as well. Since it might leave a red mark, make sure you ask your partner before doing it. Also, make sure it is painful in a pleasurable way

22. Jawline Kiss

This one is again another simple kissing style that can drive your partner crazy. To give a jawline kiss to your partner, start kissing them passionately on the bottom of their jaw—the area where their neck meets their face. If they like it, take it to next level by kissing their earlobes and forehead.

23. Wet Kiss

This style might not interest everyone, so be sure about your partner’s preferences before trying it out. A wet kiss is an open-mouthed kiss and can be done with or without using your tongue. A little bit of wetness while kissing can be a turn-on, but doing it excessively can be a messy affair. To spice up it, even more, introduce a few more kissing styles while doing it. Spend a few seconds on close-mouth, single-lip kisses along with a little bit of biting to keep things steamier.


With regard to intimacy and passion, kissing holds very prominent significance. A proper kiss can be a healing balm to an aching heart. It can be all the assurance you need to keep alive and have hope. So, for those wishing to spice things up in their relationships, you start by learning how to kiss your boyfriend romantically.

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