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Complete Guide on How to Setup a Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria 2021

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Setup a Bulk SMS Platform: Bulk SMS services have been around for many years and countless people have been using them for their business services and personal use. While you might have heard of bulk SMS services around and you might have read about it, what exactly is bulk SMS?

Complete Guide on How to Setup a Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria 2021

What Bulk SMS is All About?

Bulk SMS is basically sending many short messages, SMS, or text messages which have been customized via the internet to phone numbers of persons or groups all at the same time with the goal of sending information about activities, programs, to market services or products e.t.c

With Bulk SMS, you have the ability to send SMS or text messages to phone numbers from any part of the world.  

After reading the above, you might have been interested in how you can begin your own bulk SMS platform in Nigeria and you can start reselling SMS in bulk whether from your home or anywhere right from the comfort of your internet-enabled device.

 Over the years countless people have continued demanding for bulk SMS which has been customized for uniqueness.

Bulk SMS has an advantage in the sense that customers can unlimited number of text messages to people they want anywhere in the world by simply clicking a few buttons on their laptops or smartphones.

 Nowadays, people use bulk SMS to send messages informing their friends and family members about events, to send out festive period greetings to them, and countless others informing them about anything they wish to.

Even organizations such as churches, mosques, and established businesses now reach out to their clients and members were respective to send out special messages and publicize important events.  

Also, persons who are running for political positions utilize bulk SMS to campaign and reach out to voters to make them know about their aspirations.

With the above stated, you would realize bulk SMS would continue to be relevant in Nigeria. It is also a very profitable business venture to go into where the capital required to begin it isn’t much.

With the bulk SMS platform, you can resell to customers as many times as you want to. With bulk SMS retailing, you just have to buy custom SMS units in bulk and resell them to clients at a rate that is a little higher.

Example of such would be you buying, let’s say, 15,000 units for $150 ( at the rate of $0.01 per unit) and then resell to clients at $0.02 per unit which would be you gaining 100 % profit on it when you sell all of the 15,000 units of SMS.

To set up a bulk SMS platform you don’t need any special skills other knowing how to operate a laptop, desktop, or even smartphone, having access to a durable and strong internet connection and just a little amount to purchase the custom SMS units to retail.

Immediately you have arranged all of these things together, then the next step would be you following the procedures on how to set up or start your own bulk SMS platform in Nigeria.

How to Setup a Bulk SMS Platform

1. Sign Up With and Purchase From a Bulk SMS Wholesaler

Your main aim is to purchase and retail custom SMS units, you’d have a need to sign up with a custom bulk SMS wholesaler who would sell custom bulk SMS units to you.

Most bulk SMS wholesalers would provide you with your own bulk SMS retail platform, which will serve as the platform from which your customers can buy bulk SMS units from your business and send the bulk SMS too.

You will most likely be charged a fee for the SMS reselling platform set up for you by the wholesaler, and this fee varies among wholesalers. Be sure to search the web for reviews about any wholesaler before choosing them.

2. Purchase Customized Bulk SMS Units

After signing up with a retailer account with a bulk SMS wholesaler, you’d need to purchase a certain amount or number of customized SMS units at first, to begin with.

You can commence with 10,000 units. The wholesaler will then top up your account with the number of units you bought and paid for and forward guidelines to you for setting up a bulk SMS retail platform. 

3. Customize Your Bulk SMS Retail Platform

When purchased, your bulk SMS retailing website would be an exact copy of the wholesaler’s website. To make yours look unique, you would have to change the settings to become what you like.

You will add your own bulk SMS business name, slogan, logo, and other things you require to it.

And you will add your contact information so that potential customers can reach you easily. Although you can do the tweaking yourself, as it requires no technical skills, you may hire a professional to help you come up with a fascinating design.

4. Promote Your Business

You’d never attract customers if no one knows your business exists. So, you will need to promote your business through various platforms; online and offline.

Print flyers and handbills advertising your bulk SMS retailing business. Spread word of your business on social media.

Collaborate with owners of blogs and websites that your potential customers visit regularly, and promote your business. You can also consider paid adverts on online platforms.

5. Pitch Potential Customers

Another proven strategy for landing big value customers is to pitch them. This includes sending them proposals explaining how custom bulk SMS can help them.

As for businesses, you can let them know how bulk SMS can help boost their interaction with customers and ultimately help them grow.

You have the option of sending messages to organizations or groups that have hundreds to thousands of members.  The key thing is that you should inform and convince them of the advantages of patronizing your business.

You can only make a substantial profit from bulk SMS reselling by targeting big value customers. Aside from that, they will order huge numbers of SMS units, they will patronize you for the long term, as long as they remain satisfied with your services.

So, landing 6-12 big value customers is far better than attracting 60-110 individual customers who buy little quantities of SMS units at scanty intervals.

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